Person:Michael Harness (2)

Michael Ernst Harness, Sr.
m. 1724
  1. Michael Peter Harness, Jr.abt 1725 - 1763
  2. Elizabeth Harness1727 - 1804
  3. Conrad Harnessabt 1728 - abt 1757
  4. Catherine 'Barbara' Harness1732 - 1820
  5. John Harnessabt 1734 - 1810
  6. Jacob Harnessest 1736 - abt 1758/59
  7. Adam Harnessabt 1737 - 1758/59
  8. Leonard HarnessABT 1738 - BEF 1808
  9. Dorothy Harnessabt 1741 - abt 1796
  10. Peter Harness1742 - bef 1825
  11. George Harnessabt 1743 - 1823
  12. Margeretha 'Kate' Harness1749 - 1792
  13. Jacob Harnessabt 1758 -
Facts and Events
Name Michael Ernst Harness, Sr.
Unknown Michael Ernst Hörner, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1701 Unteröwisheim, Baden, Germany
Marriage 1724 York, Pennsylvania, USAto Maria Elizabetha Dieffenbach
Death[1] 3 March 1785 South Branch, Hardy County, Virginia

Michael Harness was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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About Michael Ernest Harness

Michael Ernst (Hörner) Harness, Sr. (born in 1701 in Unteröwisheim in the Baden region of Germany) arrived in New York Harbor with his father Joachim Ernst Kraft Hörner, an older sister and brother in June, 1710. They were among a group of Palatine German emigrant families. from all along the Rhine river south of Heidelberg. They had travelled from their home in Germany to Rotterdam and sailed from there to London, and finally to America. Source:

Identity of Wife of Michael Harness, Sr.

Many IGI submissions and other sites claim that the wife of Michael Harness, Sr. was Elizabeth Westfall, but this has been proven incorrect by several years of research by Mr. John Tevebaugh. The wife of Michael Harness, Sr. was Maria Elizabetha Dieffenbach, as listed in the following account:

Maria Elizabetha Dieffenbach left Germany for America with her family on May 15, 1709, according to researcher John Tevebaugh. Elizabeth was born sometime before 1705 in Wiesloch, Baden Germany. She was one of three children. She and her mother and siblings were with her father for a few years after their arrival in America, living first in a Palatine settlement along the Scholarie river in New York, near present day Albany. About 1724 they made their way to the Tulpehocken Creek settlement in what was then Chester County, Pennsylvania. She and Michael Ernst (Harness) must have married beween 1720 and 1725 either at the Scholarie river settlement, or more likely, at the Tulpehocken Creek Settlement in Pennsylvania, according to researcher John L.Tevebaugh. [Source:]

Will of Michael Harness

In the Name of God, Amen. I. Michael Ernest. of the South Branch, in the County of Hampshire, State, of Virginia, being in Good health at present, an[d] Considering the uncertenty of Humen Life and that it is Nesessary for all Persons while the[y] have the happeness to Enjoy their Sences & Memory perfect, to Set[t]le and Dispose of their affairs, in Such manner, as may Prevend[t], any Dispute, or Lawsuits after their Death, amongst their Freinds and Relation[s]. I Therefore to prevent the Same as Much as Possible in my own Family And Dispose of my Estate in man[n]er Following, Viz:
First. I Recom[m]ant[d] my Body after my Decise[decease] to the Earth from whence it Came, to be Buriet[d] in a Decent Man[n]er, and my Soul unto my He[a]venly Father, and it is my Disire that all my Funeral Expence and other Lawfull Debts to be paid as Sun[soon] as Convinient Can be Done after my Decise[Decease].
Item I. Give and Devise unto my beloved Wife Elizabeth one Third pard[t] of my Pland[t]ation, Massuage or Tenement Ordgard and all belonging do[to] it. Induring[and during] hir[her] Life, as also Two Slaves, one Negro Man Named Manuel. & one wench Named Rachel to Labour for hir During hir Life. And if Said wench Should Bear any Children, the one halfe of them to be my Wife’s own for hir and hir Heirs for Ever. And after hir Decise[decease], The above Named Manuel & Rachel and the other Halfe Increas[e] of Said Negro[‘]s Childern to be Returned unto My Son, Jacob Harness, to be his own for him and his Heirs for Ever. And I give [and] Devise also to my beloved Wife the one Third of all my other Effects, or Moveables and also hir Thirds in the Mony Left by me, to be hir own for Ever.
Item. I. give Feoff[possession of land] and Devise unto my You[n]gest son Ja[xed out] Jacob Harness my Plantation, DwellingHouse, Baron Ordgard and all utent[s]ials of Husbandry, & all the Household Furniture (my Wifes part Exepptet), the Living Stock
As also my Shlaves, ex[c]ept one for Peter, in Short he is to have Every thing Left by me on the Plantation and he is Like= vice to have one Equel part of the Money Left by me, and This is for the Good Cause, and Reason, that I have Furnishet[d] and Suployed[supplied]my Elder Sons with Land and other Necasaries before in Former Times, all to be his with out any Mollastation for Ever.
Item I Give and Bequeath to my Son John Harness, one Equel Part of the Money Left by me, for him and his Heirs for Ever and no more.
Item I Give and Bequeath to my Son George Harness one Equel part in the money Left by me to be for his Share for Ever and no more.
Item I Give and Bequeath to my Son Leonert[d] Harness one part of the money Left by me to be for his Share for Ever and no more.
Item I Give and Bequeath to my Son Peter Harness one Negro Named Will. as[and] also one Part of the money Left by me for his Share to be his own for him and his Heirs for Ever.
Item I give and Bequeath to my Gran Son Michael Herness and his Sister Elizabeth Robinson one Equel Share of the money Left by me, to be Dividet[d] amongst them for their part and no more.
Item I Give and Bequeath to my beloved Daughters Elizabeth Yoakem & and Barbara Zee & Lickevice and: Dorothea Horn[b]eck & and Margaretha Trumbo Likevice. Each one of Them, to have on[e] Equel Part, or share in the money Left by me, To be Equelly Dividet[d] amongst all my Childern, above here Mentionet[d]
And Lastly I Do here by Nominate & Opoint[appoint] my Son John Harness, and my SonenLaw Samuel Hornbeck Whole and Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament
And I Do Here by Revoke and Mak Void all Former Wills, Declaring this to be my Last Will & Testament and no other. In Wittness where of I have here unto Set my hand Sign and Seal This Day one Thousend Seven hundert and Seventy Nine
Signed Sealed, and Pupplishet by the Testator in presence his of us
(Signed) Michael ME Ernest
Wit: Anthony Baker (mark)
Joseph Petty
Jacob Yoakum
At a Court held for Hampshire County this [8th] Day of March 1785 This last Will & Testament of Michael [Ernst lined out] Harness dec’ed was presented in Court by John Harness one of the Executors therein named an[d] proved by the Oaths of Joseph Petty & Jacob Yoakam Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded, and on the Motion of the Said Executor who made Oath according to Law[,] Certificate is granted him for obtaining a Probate thereof [in due] Form giving Security. Whereupon he together with Jacob Yoakam & Daniel Teverbaugh his Securities entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of Five Thousand Pounds for his due and faithful Administration of the said Decedant’s Estate & performance of his Will.
Test. And Wodrow Co. Cur[Clerk]

Records of Michael Harness in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1747. - (221) James Coburn. Michael Harness, James Simpson, Michael Shef, appraisers John Bogard's estate.
  • Page 77.--29th April, 1748. Johannes Bogard's appraisement by Michael Harnis, Michael Stump, James Simpson. Money due by Jacob Bogard.
  • Page 215.--6th November, 1749. John Woolf's appraisement by Michael Harnis, Michael Stump, James Simpson. Note of Peter Hart. Note of Nicholas Snider. Sale to Ellis Seller.
  • Page 409.--22d June, 1751. John Miles' appraisement by James Simpson, Michael Harnis, Jacob Westfall.
  • Page 491.--22d March, 1753. Benjamin Scot's bond as administrator c. t. a. of James Scot, with sureties Michael Harness, Henry Curtract.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 22, 1753. - (424) Michael Harness, son in law of Euric Westfall, decd., Admr. of Euric. (Note: this record is actually referring to Michael Harness, Jr., not Sr.).
  • Page 294.--27th April, 1753. Henry Thorn's appraisement, by Jas. Sampson, Michael Harnes, Coonrod Harnse. Cash due by the widow.
  • Page 459.--16th March, 1771. Settlement of Henry Coffman's estate By bonds of, viz: James Sears and Michael Thorn, David Cradock, Christopher Yeasill and Philip Crites, Mary Tasher and Michael Thorn, Henry Coffman and Michael Stump, Elizabeth Tasher and Michael Thorn, Peter Shook and James Sears, Joseph Wilson, George Yeokim and Michael Thorn, John Rorebough and Martin Jobb, John Higgens and Ignetius Coombs, Danl. McNeil and John Westfall, Michael Moore and Geo. Yeokim, John Spelman and John Roreback, Job Wellton and Thos. Parsons, Thos. Parsons and Robert Cunningham. Jacob Bogard and Michael Harness, Martin Jobb and Adam Rydebogh. Elizabeth Tosher and Michael Thorn. By cash received at vendue as follows, viz: Richard Byrn, Jacob Break, John Our, Philip Crites, Lanie Hire, Leonard Knave, Charles Smith, Lewis Shriver, Jacob Rabuck, Richard Byrn, Michae1 Drum (Dunn?), James Willkie. Conrad Moore, Christale Tasher, Abigail Coffman, John Gradner. Debts due by Jacob Reiger. Debts due to. viz: Peter Haws, Cathrine Stump, Malldlin Break, Chas. Lynch. Cash paid as follows, viz: To Richard Brynns, James Willy, Madlin Coofman.

Information on Michael Harness

RIN: MH:I429

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