Person:Mathias Long (1)

Mathias Long, Sr.
m. bef. 1740
  1. Henry Long, Jr.1740 - 1803
  2. Nicholas Longest 1741-1755 -
  3. Paul Longest 1750-1760 -
  4. Mathias Long, Sr.abt 1762 - 1816
m. 28 Apr 1786
  1. Barbara Longbet 1787 and 1791 -
  2. John Longbet 1787 and 1791 -
  • HMathias Long, Sr.abt 1762 - 1816
  • WMary Heistandabt 1773 - 1892
m. 31 January 1792
  1. Mathias Long, Jr.1792 - 1855
  2. Paul Long1793 - 1883
Facts and Events
Name Mathias Long, Sr.
Alt Name Matthias Long
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1762 Augusta County, Virginia[area became Rockingham County in 1778]
Marriage 28 Apr 1786 Rockingham County, Virginia, United Statesto Elizabeth Monger
Marriage 31 January 1792 Rockingham County, Virginiato Mary Heistand
Death[1] 29 April 1816 Rockingham County, Virginia

Mathias Long, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 10--Deed, 22d July, 1793, by Henry Long and Elizabeth of Rockingham, to Mathias Long. Henry is oldest son and heir of Henry Long. Part of 127 acres part of 350 acres conveyed to Henry Long by Philip Long, 20th August, 1765. Recorded in Rockingham, July, 1793.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 8--Deed, 28th July, 1794, by Nicholas Long and Melinda, his wife, of Green County in the New Territory, to Mathias Long of Rockingham, 1/3 interest in 127 acres in Rockingham on South River bequeathed to Nicholas by his father, Henry. Recorded in Rockingham, July, 1794.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 12--Deed, 25th April, 1796, by Paul Long of Greenbrier to Mathias Long of Rockingham, his interest in 127 acres. Recorded, April, 1796.

Records of Mathias Long in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 6--Patent to Henry Lung for 100 acres in Augusta on Shenando, 20th September, 1768. Will of Henry Long, Sr., former of Rockingham. Wife, Barbara; infant children; eldest son, Henry Long; sons, Paul, Mathias, Nicholas. Dated 6th January, 1779. Recorded in Rockingham, 27th April, 1779.
  • Vol. 2 - EXECUTIONS. APRIL, 1792 (L to Z). Mathias Long vs. Henry Long--Ejectment, Rockingham County, August 29, 1797. Original patent to Richard Malden, Jr., for 2,000 acres on Peaked Mountain, south River Shenandor, 30th June, 1743; 240 acres sold by Malden to Philip Lung. Survey for Henry Lung, 1753. Copy of will of Henry Lung dated 16th January, 1779; probated 27th April, 1779. Widow was Barbara. Eldest son, Henry, and other minor children. Sons Paul, Mathew, Nicholas. Peter Hog was clerk of Rockingham. Grant to Henry Lung, 100 acres on Shenandoe, 1768.
  • Vol. 2 - Henry Monger, Sr.; Michael Deck, and Susannah, his wife; late Susannah Monger; John Long and Barbara Long, infants and orphans of Elizabeth Long, deceased, late wife of Mathias Long, who was Elizabeth Monger; Martin Monger; Harman Aughe and Mary, his wife, late Mary Monger; John Monger; Henry Monger, Jr.; John Peter Fish and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Monger, vs. David Monger; Charles Monger; William Monger, Martin Tofflemier and Eve, his wife; Leonard Crotzer and Mary, his wife--Bill filed 30th April, 1802--0. S. 12; N. S. 4--Henry Monger is one of the children of Henry Monger, late of Rockingham, and Susannah Martin, Mary, John Monger, Henry Monger, Jr., and Margaret are children and heirs of John Monger, deceased, late of said County, deceased, who was oldest son of Henry Monger, deceased. John and Barbara Long are the only children of Elizabeth, who was one of children of Jno. Monger. More than 22 years ago, Henry Monger, deceased, being then 66 years old, left Rockingham in company with Charles Monger and William Monger, two of his sons; and Martin Tofflemier and Eve, his wife; and Leonard Crotzer and Mary, his wife; Eve and Mary being two of Henry's daughters, and went to Kentucky. About ten months after, they were all taken by the Indians at Riddle's Station and carried prisoners to Detroit. Shortly after this, Henry died intestate. Answer denies that Henry was never heard of after his capture, because David had received two letters from him since his capture. Henry died about 14 years ago at Detroit, or near there. Henry married about five or six years before he went to Kentucky; he was a blacksmith; had lost use of one hand. Answer speaks of Henry being on his death bed in presence of his wife. Cross bill says Michael Deck is a quack lawyer and common barretor.
  • Vol. 2 - Deeds and Maraha (Moerehan) vs. Snider's heirs--O. S. 315; N. S.112--Bill, 21st June, 1813, by John Marsha and Philip Deeds. They bought land in Rockingham from Casper Snyder on Naked Creek, 200 acres in 1795. Casper is dead without making deed and leaving sons, John, Henry, Jacob, David, daughters, viz: Eve, married to Lawrence Hooran (?); Susanna, married to George Hammer; Catherine, married _____ Cramer; Mary, married to Jacob Shaver; Margaret, married _____ Robertson. Amended bill by John Marsha (?) and Elizabeth, his wife, late Deeds; John, George, Valentine Deeds, children and heirs of Philip Deeds. William Monger, the original patentee (patent, 1771), gave Casper title bond for the land. William Monger died, intestate, leaving sons, John, Henry, David, William; daughters, Mary, married to Leonard Scratch; Eve, married to Martin Theophilus Myers. John Monger, Sr., is dead, intestate, leaving children, viz: Martin, Henry, John, now dead; Susannah, married to Michael Dick; Mary, married to Harmon Aughe (Ohe); Margaret, married to John Peterfish; John Long and Barbara Long now carried to Abraham Louderback, but formerly wife of David Dopplemire, which John and Barbara are children and heirs of Mathias Long, and wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Monger, Sr., and the children of John Monger, Jr., now deceased, to whom Michael Dick is guardian. In 1802 David, William (Jr.) Monger, Leonard Scratch and Mary, Martin Myer and Eve were living in Detroit. Deed, _____, 1794, by Henry and David Monger, sons of Wm. Monger, deceased, both of Rockingham, to Casper Snyder, 220 acres on Naked Creek in Rockingham, granted to William, 3d August, 1771, and by him conveyed to Henry and David by will. Recorded in Rockingham, April, 1794. Deed, _____ _____, by Henry, David, William Monger, Leonard Scratch and Mary, his wife; Martin Theophilus Myres and wife Eve, surviving heirs of William Monger, late of New Virginia, deceased, to Gasper Snyder, the above 220 acres. Acknowledged, 1802, in Wayne County Territory, northwest of the Ohio. Recorded in Rockingham, September, 1804.
  • Vol. 2 - Monger vs. Conrad--O. S. 394; N. S. 144--Deed, 10th April, 1818, by Michael Deck of Rockingham to George Conrad, 73 acres conveyed in trust 1812 by Martin Munger to Michael Deck to secure Mathias Long. Recorded in Rockingham, 21st April, 1818.

Information on Mathias Long

Michael Deck's father, Henry Deck, died before the Revolution, hence couldn't have had an opinion one way or the other. There was folklore connecting Michael to George Washington, and it is obviously just that. Michael may have seen Washington, since I think he was at Yorktown in the militia, but I'm sure that's all. He never mentioned anything in his pension declaration other than a couple of tours of militia service, he was never an officer, and he mentioned nothing about Washington. As I was writing this, I suddenly realized that some of this about Washington probably originated when some of Michael's descendants, in my line confused stories about the father of one of Michael's sons-in-law with Michael. The son-in-law was Mathias Long, Jr., whose wife was Margaret Deck- this is my line. Mathias Long, Sr., served in the lighthorse infantry in SC under Col. William Washington, a cousin of George. In short, descendants of Mathias Long, Jr., and Mary Margaret Deck would have been confusing the service of their paternal grandfather with that of their maternal grandfather. In his pension application, Mathias Long Sr. refers to William Washington as simply "Col. Washington", and among his descendants that no doubt became just "Washington". His descendants wouldn't have realized that Gen. George Washington wasn't the Washington in question. Mathias Long Sr.'s first wife was Elizabeth Monger, a sister of Michael Deck's wife Susannah. His second wife was Mary Heistand (my line), daughter of John Heistand.


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