Person:Mary Baker (108)

Mary Margaret Baker
b.1789/1790 Rowan Co, NC
d.3 Jun 1858 Macon Co, NC
m. Bef 1790
  1. Mary Baker
  2. Phillip Baker1780 - 1840
  3. Mary Margaret Baker1789 - 1858
  • HJacob Fouts1785 - 1852
  • WMary Margaret Baker1789 - 1858
m. 1800/1807
  1. Mary "Polly" Fouts1806 - Aft 1870
  2. James D Fouts1810 - 1890
  3. Elizabeth Fouts1812 - 1892
  4. Jane Fouts1813 - 1886
  5. Elender "Nellie" Fouts1817 - Aft 1870
  6. William P Fouts1820 - 1902
  7. Rebecca Fouts1822 - 1900
  8. Charlotte Fouts1824 - 1854
  9. Susan Fouts1826 - 1904
  10. Jacob Fouts1830 - 1900
  11. John H Fouts1833 - 1907
Facts and Events
Name Mary Margaret Baker
Gender Female
Birth? 1789/1790 Rowan Co, NC
Marriage 1800/1807 Ashe Co, NCto Jacob Fouts
Death? 3 Jun 1858 Macon Co, NC
Burial? Macon, North Carolina, United StatesFouts Cemetery

Mary Margaret Baker was born ca 1789/1790 (per 1850 census) in Rowan Co., NC (per 1850 census). Her maiden name is unproven, but is based on family tradition. No source document has been located proving she was a Baker.

Her tombstone gives her birth as 1769, which is way off. The stone appears to be rather new, so it was probably placed in the late 20th century, at least 100 years after her death.

Her parents are also unproven. Earlier family histories listed her as a daughter of Rev. Andrew Baker (1752) of Ashe Co., NC. That is incorrect, but was probably based on the fact that Andrew Baker lived in the same area as Mary for a short time at least. Andrew's family is pretty well documented, and Mary Margaret doesn't fit in it.

I have concluded that Mary Margaret Baker must be a child of Jacob Baker (1760/65). The evidence is all circumstantial, but compelling. Consider what is known about Mary:

  1. born ca 1790 in Rowan Co., NC
  2. married ca 1800-1805 Ashe Co., NC
  3. lived in Beaver Creek, Ashe Co., NC

Those three facts point strongly to Jacob Baker. He was in Rowan Co., NC when Mary was born there. He had an apparent daughter her age per the 1790 and 1800 census. He moved to Beaver Creek, Ashe Co., NC in 1801.

None of that proves Jacob is Mary's father, but it does fit really well. In 1815 Jacob Fouts (Mary's husband) was listed on the Ashe County tax list in "Capt. Baker's District" and of course Jacob Baker was that Captain, and the only Baker living in the district.

The family was listed on the 1850 census in Macon Co, NC.

7th Census of the United States - 1850
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Macon Co., NC - Tennessee Valley
Page 342B, H/F # 348/356
Jacob Foutes 64 M W Farmer 1000 Rowan
Mary M. 60 F W "
Jacob 21 M W Laborer Ashe
John 18 M W Laborer "
David Yontz 28 M W Laborer "
Susan 23 F W "

Mary Margaret Baker Fouts died 3 Jun 1858 in Macon Co., NC. She is buried beside her husband at the Fouts Cemetery.