Person:Martha Jackson (65)

Martha Jackson
d.abt 1789
m. 1694
  1. Thomas Jackson1694 - bet 1759
  2. Mary Jackson1695/96 - bef 1735
  3. Sarah Jackson1697 -
  4. Rebecca Jackson1698 -
  5. John Jackson, Sr.1700 - bet 1768 and 1772
  6. Charity Jackson1701 -
  7. Elizabeth Jackson1702/3 -
  8. James Jackson, Jr.1704 - 1750
  9. William (1) Jackson1705 - 1706
  10. Hannah Jackson1706 -
  11. William Jackson1707 - bef 1794
  12. Martha Jackson1708/9 - abt 1789
  13. General Joseph Jackson1709/10 - 1769
  14. Richard Jackson1711 - 1739
  15. Phoebe Jackson1712 - 1777
  16. Robert Jackson1713 -
  17. Jemima Jackson1714 -
  18. Samuel Jackson1716 -
  19. Stephen Jackson1717 -
  20. Benjamin Jackson, Sr.1719 - abt 1805
m. 1735
  1. Phillip Green1736 -
  2. Rachel Green1737/8 - 1806
  3. Augustus Green1740 - 1834
  4. Pheobe Green1742 -
  5. Timothy Green1744 -
  6. Ambrose Green1746 - 1837
  7. Naomi Green1748 -
  8. Ruth Green1752 -
Facts and Events
Name Martha Jackson
Gender Female
Birth[3][1][2] 26 Jan 1708/9 probably Flushing, Queens Co., New York, United States
Marriage 1735 Suffolk Co., New Yorkto William Green, Jr.
Death? abt 1789 at age 81 year

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"Martha Jackson was born on 26 January 1709. Her parents were James Jackson and Rebecca Hallet Jackson. Martha Jackson grew up at Hempstead with her twenty brothers and sisters. Her oldest brother was fifteen years older than she; her youngest brother was about ten years younger. Martha's father was a Quaker.

"Martha's mother died in 1730 at the age of fifty-five. Fifty-two days later Martha's father remarried. This action caused the Quaker church to "dismiss him in 1731. After all, James Jackson was a widower with twenty-one children. Of course eight had already married and Martha Jackson was twenty-one. The remaining twelve children were living at home with the youngest being eleven. Four year later James Jackson died, leaving his new bride with all his children.

"Martha Jackson married William Greene Jr. in 1735, shortly after her father died. Martha was twenty-six years old at the time and her groom was twenty-three. They were living in Suffolk County, N.Y. prior to 1738. William was listed as a Freeholder of Suffolk County, on 27 February 1737. William and Martha had at least eight children all born in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Their first child was a boy born in 1736, and another baby followed every two years. Ambrose Greene was born in April, 1746. Actually 1750 was an off year - no baby. Her youngest child, Ruth, was born in January, 1752. Martha was forty-three years old.

"About 1765, the family moved to Amenia in Dutchess County, N.Y. with their eight children. Their oldest son, Philip had married Polly Hicks. Rachel was still living at home. Soon after the family moved to Dutchess County, Rachel married Louis de la Vergne of Amenia, Dutchess County. Augustus had married Mary Rudyard and already settled in Dutchess County. Phoebe had married Thomas Smith; Timothy had just married Francis de la Vergne [ his brother in-law's sister?] This left just the three younger children, Ambrose, Naomi and Ruth to marry off. Martha Jackson Greene lived to be 81 years old. She died in 1790."

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