Person:Littleberry Bostick (1)

Capt. Littleberry Bostick, Sr., of South Carolina & Georgia
m. 20 Jun 1728
  1. Lucy BostickAbt 1734 - Aft 1810
  2. Jemima Bostick1735 - Bef 1812
  3. William BostickAbt 1738 - Abt 1795
  4. Absolom BostickAbt 1740 - 1803
  5. Chesley BostickAbt 1741 - 1808
  6. Nathaniel "Nathan" Bostick1746 - 1818
  7. Capt. Littleberry Bostick, Sr., of South Carolina & Georgia1751 - 1823
  8. Elizabeth BostickAbt 1755 -
  • HCapt. Littleberry Bostick, Sr., of South Carolina & Georgia1751 - 1823
  • WRebecca Beall1752 - 1791
m. 27 Jul 1773
  1. Jacob Bostick1778 - 1821
  2. Rhesa Bostick1778 - 1838
  3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Bostick1780 -
  4. Jeremiah Bostick1783 -
  5. Littleberry "L.B." Bostick, Jr., of South Carolina & Georgia1786 - 1855
  6. Nathaniel Bostick1790 -
  • HCapt. Littleberry Bostick, Sr., of South Carolina & Georgia1751 - 1823
  • WMary Birdsong1773 - 1820
m. 6 Nov 1792
  1. Mary Bostick1793 - 1861
  2. Susannah Addison Bostick1795 - 1831
  3. Matilda Golden Bostick1796 -
  4. Caroline Verlinda Bostick1810 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Littleberry Bostick, Sr., of South Carolina & Georgia
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Jul 1751 Goochland County, Virginia
Marriage 27 Jul 1773 to Rebecca Beall
Marriage 6 Nov 1792 to Mary Birdsong
Death? 10 Sep 1823 Jefferson, Georgia, United States[Will Proven Nov 1823]


Captain, Georgia Troops, Revolutionary War


[Note: many spelling errors, some corrected]
Will of Littleberry Bostick Senior of State of Georgia, Jefferson County
Item 2nd "Son Rhesa Bostick: three Negroes to wit: David, Ben and Fanny; also a Negro man named Stepney, son of old Quash & Vinus".
Item 3rd. "Betsy Bostick the wife of John Bostwick the sum of one dollar and my reason for leaving her so small a sum is that her husband John Bostwick has deprived my Daughter Matilda G. Bostick of all her property: And I cannot do. Justice to my said Daughter Matilda if I were to leave any part of my property in his power."
Item 4th. "I will and Bequeath unto my two sons, Rhesa and Littleberry Bostick Jun. In Trust for the use of my unfortunate son Jerremiah, the following property, four Negroes to wit: Hampton, Rachel his wife, Quash and Abraham: also one feather Bed and furniture and bedsted: to receive the line issues and profits of said property, and mentions the said Jeremiah for a during his natural life and It is my Will that said Jeremiah do live with my son Littleberry. And in the event of my son Littleberry departing this Life before Jeremiah, In that Event it is my Will that my son ___ do live with my son Rhesa; and after the death of my son Jeremiah, I will and Bequeath the said property, with its Increase and Leavings if any to My son Littleberry and his heirs forever. and the said Trustees, are hereby Empowered to work or hire out said Negroes. But I would prefer that said Negroes should be kept, And worked where my said son Jeremiah may reside and for his sole use and Bennifet".
Item 5th. "I Will and Bequeath unto my son Littleberry Bostick, the following Negroes, to wit: Richmond, Syke a woman, Anthony and Owen: And which Negroes he now has in his possession. Also two other Negroes Named Peter and also all my Library and Book Case. To him and his heirs For Ever also the tract which he sold to Doctor Jenkins, and to which I have made Titles".
Item 6th. "I will and Bequeath unto my sons Rhesa and Littleberry. in trust for my son Nathaniel Bostick, the following Negroes to wit: Butcher, Sarah his wife Judy and Jack. To have hold and keep in the possession of my said sons Rhesa and Littleberry. And they or Either of them receive the live issues and profits of said Negroes. And pay over the same to my said son Nathanial as my said sons, May, think his necessatees will require from time to time: for and during the term of his Natural Life: And at the death of my son Nathaniel, I give and Bequeath said four Negroes; Butcher, Sarah, Judy and Jack to my son Rhesa, and his Heirs forever. And it is further my Will and desire, that the Fum of fifteen hundred BS Screen [Seven?] dollars paid by me for my said son Nathaniel In discharge of his debts. It also is hereby given to him In addition to what I have given him alone. I also give and Bequeath to my son Nathaniel: the tract of Land which he sold to Doctor Jenkins for Sixteen hundred dollars: and for which I have made to said Jenkins, Letters I also give to my son Nathaniel all demands which I have against him."
item 7th. "I will and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Roberson the wife of Jesse Roberson: the following property to wit: Billy, Katey, Sylivia, Leander & Bess. all Now on [in?] her possession with their present and future increase. Also a Negro man named Charles, also Richard, the son of Juno, Nancy, and Ceasar to her and her Heirs forever".
Item 8th. "I will and Bequeath to my Daughter Susannah A. Flournoy the wife of Marcus Flournoy, the following Negroes to wit: George, Richard, and Eliza, with her present an[d] future increase which property she now has in her possession. Also, one Negro man named Tom and a Negro woman named Hannah, and her three children, to wit: Judy, Daniel and Betty. To her and her heirs forever".
Item 9th. "I will and Bequeath to my Daughter Matilda G. Bostick the wife of Don. F. Bostick, the following property, to wit: Charlotte, Maria, Caroline, Stepney, Little Charlotte, old Jack, Frank and Little John, son of Charlotte: Francis, William and Joe to her and her heirs forever... "
Item 10th. "It is my Will and desire that all my Property which I may be possessed of at my death: As well as that her[e]in before devised Except the Part herein Given to Don F. Bostick shall remain on my Plantation and be kept together until the Income of the same shall fully pay off and discharge all my just debts: unless in the opinion of my Executors, the sale of my unveilled property, should be sufficient to pay off my Debts. And in that Event, they are to make sale of the same and pay off my Debts, without returning the property, Hereinbefore named And it is further my will and desire that should son F. Bostick wish to Reside on my Plantation and work his hands on said Place with the rest and draw a proportional part of Net proceeds of said place until all the Business of my Estate be finally settled. He is to have the priviledge of doing so, without paying anything for the same. And it is further my Will and desire that after the payment of my Just Debts; that the Balance of my Estate not herein before Divised either Real or personal or of whatsoever kind it may be Equally Divided share and share alike between my three Daughters, Mary Roberson, Susannah A. Flournoy and Matilda C. Bostick. To them and their heirs forever.
I do hereby Nominate, constitute and appoint my son Rhesa, Littleberry Bostick & my two sons in Law Don F. Bostick and Jesse Roberson: And my Friend John Schly My Executors, to this my Last Will and Testament; a majority of whom shall in all cases govern In the management of my Estate.
Signed, Sealed and acknowledged
In the presence of the Testator and in Each others presence
Signed this 11th day of August 1823
[Signed] LBerry Bostick Senr.
Wit: John H. Shelman, Benjm. Gobert, M. Shelman.
[Note: the word William erased before the 5th item and inserted on the 9th item]
Georgia, Jefferson County
In the Court of ordinary for said Court November Term 1823
Personally appeared in open Court John H. Shelman who being duly Sworn saith that he was present and saw the Testator Littleberry Bostick Senior Sign, Seal and acknowledge the foregoing Last Will & Tesstament of said Testator as his Last Will & Testament and for the Purposes was of Sound and disposing mind and memory and this deponent further Swears that Benjamin Gobert & Michael Shelman together with his deponent.
Signed their names as Witnesses to the same In the presence of the Testator and in Each other presence.
Sworn to thsi 3rd Nov. 1823
John M. Shelman
R.B. Shelman Clk.
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  1.   McCall, Ettie Tidwell. Roster of revolutionary soldiers in Georgia. (Baltimore [Maryland]: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1968)
    Vol. 3, pg. 31-32.

    LITTLEBERRY BOSTICK, SR., b. Goochland Co., Va., July 10, 1751; d. in Ga., Sept. 10, 1823. Served as private in Col. James McNeill's Ga., Regiment. Received bounty land grant for his services. Married July 27, 1773 (1) Rebeckah Beal (1752-1791); mar. (2) Nov. 6, 1792, Mary Birdsong (1773-1820).
    Children by (1) wife:
    1. Littleberry, Jr., mar. (1) 1812, Margaret Rudd Hancock; (2) 1820, Mary Ann Martha Walker.
    2. Jacob, mar. Rebeckah Beal.
    3. Betsey, mar. John Bostick (son of Chesley)
    4. Nathaniel, mar. Sarah J.B. Brown
    5. Jeremiah
    Children by (2) wife:
    6. Mary, mar. Jesse Roberson
    7. Susanna Addison, mar. (1) Nicholas Connelly; (2) Marcus Flournoy.
    8. Matilda Golden, mar. (1) Jacob Beal; (2) Don Frederick Bostick.
    9. Caroline Verlinda, mar. -- Todd.