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Marcus Aurelius Flournoy
m. 3 Nov 1820
m. 28 Aug 1842
Facts and Events
Name Marcus Aurelius Flournoy
Gender Male
Birth[1] 9 Oct 1795 Hancock County, Georgia
Marriage 3 Nov 1820 Jefferson County, Georgiato Susannah Addison Bostick
Marriage 28 Aug 1842 Chambers County, Alabamato Elizabeth A. "Eliza" Jarvis
Death[1] Apr 1849 Chambers County, Alabama
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    Marcus Aurelius Flournoy
    BIRTH 9 Oct 1795
    Hancock County, Georgia, USA
    DEATH Apr 1849 (aged 53)
    Chambers County, Alabama, USA
    Cusseta Cemetery
    Cusseta, Chambers County, Alabama, USA

    Marcus A. Flournoy first did enroll at Paris, France Deaf School under Sicard's care, where Laurent Clerc was around.

    He returned to America then was attempted to enroll at American School for the Deaf when it was opened after 1817. The indication shows through the letter correspondence that he was "denied" admittance at American School for the Deaf. Originally, some thought Marcus was at Braidwood Institute for the Deaf near Petersburg, Virginia in 1815-1816 but there was some mention he was at Paris according to Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet's letter stated a boy from Georgia was there, presuming to be Marcus Flournoy.

    Around 1818, he was indicated he lived with Reverend John Kirkpatrick while attending a mainstreamed program at Old Masonic Hall contributed by the Masonic Lodge No. 14 in Manchester, Virginia known as Braidwood Institute for the Deaf that re-opened in May 1817.

    Other indication in the writing, he continued his education at Cumberland Church as a daily school/mainstreaming program with other Deaf students from 1819 to 1821. Cumberland Church was in Farmville, formerly Cumberland County and the re-zoning later changed to Prince Edward County, Virginia. He did live with the Kirkpatricks at that time. Note: That deaf school was continued at Farmville from Manchester.

    He returned home and got married then moved to Alabama. He did own a property and left to his family with details in the will. The written will is in the Ancestry on the Web.

    Marcus had a 10 years younger Deaf brother named John J. Flournoy, who later tried to push for establishment of Georgia School for the Deaf. John did evidently attend American School for the Deaf at Hartford, Connecticut.

    (written by Kathleen L. Brockway, author of "Baltimore's Deaf Heritage" and "Detroit's Deaf Heritage" books. )

  2.   Alabama, United States. Wills and Probate Records, 1753-1999. (Provo, UT:, 2015).

    Name: Marcus A Flournoy
    Gender: Male
    Residence Place: Chambers, Alabama
    Will Date: 9 Feb 1846
    Probate Date: 9 Feb 1846
    Probate Place: Chambers, Alabama, USA
    Inferred Death Year: 1846
    Inferred Death Place: Alabama, USA
    Individuals Listed Relationship
    Marcus A Flournoy Testator
    Eliza A. Flournoy Wife
    George M. T. Flournoy Chidren
    William M. Flournoy Chidren
    Marcus A. Flournoy Chidren
    Augustus S. Flournoy Chidren
    Eliza A. Flournoy Chidren
    Thomas F. Flournoy Son
    Charlotte Enslaved Person
    Dennis Enslaved Person
    Ellick Enslaved Person
    Eliza Enslaved Person
    Marcus Enslaved Person
    Lancaster Enslaved Person
    Big Enslaved Person
    George Enslaved Person
    Susannah Connelly Mother
    Robert W. Flournoy Son
    Raney Enslaved Person
    Dick Enslaved Person
    Sam Enslaved Person
    Sarah Enslaved Person
    Sally Enslaved Person
    Reuben Enslaved Person
    Richard Enslaved Person
    Mary Ann W. B. Caldwell Daughter
    Hannah Enslaved Person
    Hetty Enslaved Person
    Mary Enslaved Person
    Daniel Enslaved Person
    Thomas Enslaved Person