Person:John Bostick (4)

John B. Bostick
m. 1705
  1. Elizabeth Bostick1705 - 1774
  2. John B. BostickAbt 1707 - Bef 1775
  3. Mary Frances BostickAbt 1718 -
m. 20 Jun 1728
  1. Lucy BostickAbt 1734 - Aft 1810
  2. Jemima Bostick1735 - Bef 1812
  3. William BostickAbt 1738 - Abt 1795
  4. Absolom BostickAbt 1740 - 1803
  5. Chesley BostickAbt 1741 - 1808
  6. Nathaniel "Nathan" Bostick1746 - 1818
  7. Capt. Littleberry Bostick, Sr., of South Carolina & Georgia1751 - 1823
  8. Elizabeth BostickAbt 1755 -
Facts and Events
Name John B. Bostick
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1707 New Kent County, Virginia[assumed age 21 at marriage]
Marriage 20 Jun 1728 Goochland County, Virginiato Elizabeth Chesley
Death? Bef 3 Apr 1775 Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Records in Virginia

11 June 1750: John Bostick of Parish of Southhampton, Cumberland Co. and his wife, Elizabeth, and Charles Bostick and his wife, Betty of said Parish and County, to Martin Slaughter of Parish of St. John in County of King William, sum of 150 pds. For 350 acres. Proved July Court 1751. Signed by; John Bostick Elizabeth X Bostick and Charles Bostick and Betty Bostick.
27 May 1751: Wm. Burgamy of Luenburg Co. Va. to John Bostick of Cumberland Co. Va. the sun of 100 pds for 350 acres, surveyed for Peter Burgamy, dec'd. It being the land whereon the said John Bostick now lives. Located on the edge of Appomattox River, crossing Great Guena Creek. Witnessed by; Bower Smith, John ???? and Charles Bostick.
11 June 1751: Charles Bostick of the Parish of Southhampton, Cumberland County and his wife Betty to Martin Slaughter of the Parish of St. John in the county of King William for the sum of 150 pds for 125 acres, beginning at the corner of John Bostick's etc. adjacent to Wm. Hamilton and Wm. Arnold Witnessed by; Thomas Davenport Jr., Thomas Davenport, Richard Clabrook, Stephen Davenport. Proved in July Court 1751.
1 Mar 1752-John Bostick of Cumberland Co. to William Johns of Cumberland Co. for 100 pounds, 730 acres where James Staples lives adjoining William Gray, Nathaniel Hoggatt and Anthony Hoggatt. Witnesses: William Gray, Joshua Doss, William Ballard, James Claiborne, Gideon Marr and Charles Lynch.
16 April 1755: Harris Wilson and John Wilson of Cumberland County Va. to John Bostick of same the sum of 100 pds. for 150 acres, surveyed for Peter Burgamy, dec'd this being the plantation whereon William Bostick now lives. This being part of the 350 acres granted to Peter Burgamy by patent and the said Peter Burgamy sold 150 acres to Richard Wilson, dec'd at the upper end of the said 350 acres on Appomattox River and by the said Richard Wilson left in his will to his two sons, Harris and John Wilson. Witnessed by; Thomas Potter, Thomas Wilson, Isham Bradley and William Bostick Jr. (has Jr.) Proved in May Court 1755.
26 Jan. 1756: John Bostick of Southhampton Parish to Culverain Ford the sum of 120 pds. for 300 acres on the South side of Great Guinea Creek, being part of a patent for 350 acres granted to Peter Burgamy on the 20th of June 1733. Witnessed by; Collins Gooding, John Beal and Ben Harris. Proved 26 Jan. 1756.
24 May 1756: John Bostick of Albemarle County Va. to William Hambldon of Parish of Southhampton, Cumberland County Va. for the sum of 60 pds. for 50 acres beginning at Appomattox River � Mouth of Great Guena Creek etc. Witnessed by; Thomas Davenport Jr. Daniel Coleman, Nehemiah Glen. Proved by; John Bostick and wife Elizabeth.
1 July 1759-Marvil Stone of Halifax Co., VA to William Johns for 45 pounds, 400 acres where Stone formerly lived. Deed of gift from John Bostick 8 Jun 1757. Adjoining John Jennings and the Appomattox River. Witnesses: Nathanel Hoggatt, Joel Walker, Charles Galloway and Lucy Stone (wife of Marvil Stone).
1 May 1759-John Bostick, Sr. to Volentine Hatcher for 30 pounds, 200 acres, part of where Bostick lives adjoining the head of Little Willis Branch, William Johns and John Bostick Jr.

Records in Georgia

John Bostick received a grant of 250 acres on 1 Jan. 1765, bounded on the North by the Savannah River.
24 Mar 1775 [Pittsylvania Co Deed Book 4, pg 124] Elizabeth Bostick of Pittsylvania Co. releases, quit claims all right on titles whatsoever to that land that Valentine Hatcher sold Sylvester Adams in Pittsylvania Co that lies on the Dan River which he had of John Bostick, her husband, containing 200 acres. Then, on 3 Apr 1775, Elizabeth (she signed with an x), relict of John Bostick, deceased, acknowledged full satisfaction of John Cargile for her right of dower in land granted her husband in 1763.
3 Apr. 1775, deed Bk. 4 Pg. 255, pertaining to 404 acres William Bostick of North Carolina (son of John and Elizabeth (Chesley) Bostick) sold to John Cagle of Virginia. This record states that the 404 acres was granted to John Bostick, deceased, by patent, 23 May 1763. John Bostick was granted 250 acres, located about eight miles north of Augusta, Georgia.
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