Person:Littleberry Bostick (2)

Littleberry "L.B." Bostick, Jr., of South Carolina & Georgia
m. 27 Jul 1773
  1. Jacob Bostick1778 - 1821
  2. Rhesa Bostick1778 - 1838
  3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Bostick1780 -
  4. Jeremiah Bostick1783 -
  5. Littleberry "L.B." Bostick, Jr., of South Carolina & Georgia1786 - 1855
  6. Nathaniel Bostick1790 -
  • HLittleberry "L.B." Bostick, Jr., of South Carolina & Georgia1786 - 1855
  • WSarah ChapmanAbt 1784 - Bef 1812
m. Abt 1806
  1. Pvt. Levi Charles Bostick1808 - 1890
  • HLittleberry "L.B." Bostick, Jr., of South Carolina & Georgia1786 - 1855
  • WMargaret Rudd Hancock1796 - Bef 1820
m. 9 Jan 1812
  1. Elizabeth Bostick1814 - 1872
  2. Caroline Bostick1814 - 1817
  3. Mary Bostick1815 -
  4. Margaret Rudd Hancosk Bostick1817 - 1891
  5. George Washington Bostick1818 -
m. 14 Sep 1820
  1. Elizabeth Walker Bostick1821 - 1847
  2. William Littleberry Bostick1823 - 1823
  3. Thomas Hancock Bostick1823 - 1823
  4. Rebekah Beal Bostick1824 - 1826
  5. Rhesa Bostick1826 - 1873
  6. Littleberry Bostick, III1828 - 1831
  7. Charles Albertus Walker Bostick1830 -
  8. Rufus Augustus Bostick1832 - 1838
  9. Mary Ann Winston Bostick1834 - 1871
  10. Albert Addison Bostick1836 - 1911
  11. Julia Ann Arthur Bostick1837 - 1926
  12. Emma Louisa Bostick1841 - 1891
Facts and Events
Name Littleberry "L.B." Bostick, Jr., of South Carolina & Georgia
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 12 Aug 1786 Edgefield District, South Carolina[Bible Record & 1850 Census]
Marriage Abt 1806 South Carolinato Sarah Chapman
Marriage 9 Jan 1812 to Margaret Rudd Hancock
Marriage 14 Sep 1820 Jefferson County, Georgiato Martha Ann Margaret Walker
Death? 20 Oct 1855 Jefferson County, Georgia[Bible Record]

Three Wives of Littleberry Bostick Jr.

Sources claim that Littleberry Bostick, Jr. married first in 1812 to Margaret Rudd Hancock and second in 1820 to Mary Ann Martha Walker, but records point to a prior marriage to a daughter of John and Elizabeth Chapman, some say her name was Sarah, and likely the mother of Littleberry's first son Levi Bostick.

Litteberry Bostick, Jr. received a share of John Chapman's Estate equal to that of John's sons that was listed as follows:

Nov. 16, 1808 - To cash paid L.B. Bostick his wife's Legacy - $644.86

This indicates that Littleberry Bostick, Jr. had three (3) marriages.

It is also appears that "Sarah" Chapman Bostick, Littleberry's first wife, died shortly after the birth of son Levi Bostick in 1808 and prior to Littleberry Bostick's marriage to Margaret Rudd Hancock in 1812.

Will Abstract

Will of Littleberry Bostick, Jr., Written 1 Aug 1855, Probated 5 Nov 1855
Mentions: wife Mary Ann Martha, Daughters: Mary Ann Rhodes, Julia Ann Bostick, Emma Louisa Bostick; Sons: Rhesa, Charles A.W., Albert Addison; Son-in Law: Wm. W. Rhodes; Daughter Margaret Frierson; Dec'd Daughter Elizabeth W. Raford & her daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth Fredonia Raiford.
Executor: Wife & friend Arthur B. Walker, A.R Wright & Sons Rhesa & Chas. A.W. Bostick
Witnesses: E.H. Hunter, W.F. Denny, W.A. Hayes
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    Children of John and Elizabeth Chapman.

    1. [Daughter] Chapman married Littleberry (L.B) Bostick in SC. Some think
    that John Chapman had five daughters but none are mentioned in his estate
    records. It does appear that a daughter married L.B. Bostick as he
    received a share of John Chapman’s estate equal to that of John’s sons.
    (“Nov 16, 1808 – To cash paid L. B. Bostick his wifes Legacy - $644.86”)


    Biographical information is according to the notes of Jane Horn.[1] Acted as Jutice of the Peace in Twiggs, Georgia from 1819–1820.[2][3] There is a Littleberry Bostick listed in the probate records of a John Chapman, who is believed to be Littleberry's father-in-law[4], particularly due to a line in his estate papers that reads "To cash paid L. B. Bostick his wifes Legacy".[5] Evidence that Elizabeth (Bostwick) Tipton and George Bostwick were siblings is based on the fact that George W worked with a B Tipton from 1857 to 1861.[


    1.Littleberry Bostick (b. 1775 in Edgefield Dist., SC/d. 1853 in Decatur Co., GA).Son of John Bostick & Jane ?Married ? Chapman and may have also married ? Hannah.

  4.   .

    By Mary & Wayne Hartman

    Littleberry Bostick, son of John and Jane Bostick, was born 1775
    Edgefield Dist., SC. About 1806/1807 he married a Miss Chapman,
    daughter of John Chapman. Littleberry Bostick died 1853 in Decatur
    Co, GA. The following timeline shows some of the highlights of the
    life of Littleberry Bostick:

    1775: Born Edgefield Dist., SC

    1803: [17 Jan] Littleberry sold to Jonathan Beasly his part of
    the estate left him by his father.

    1804: Littleberry and his brother, Taliaferro, paid the estate
    of John Chapman the amount of $631.49.

    On 30 Jan of same year, Littleberry purchased several
    items from the Chapman estate sale.

    1806/07: Littleberry married Miss Chapman.

    1808: On 16 Nov Littleberry received a legacy of $644.86 from
    the estate of John Chapman of Edgefield Co, SC

    1808: On 19 May, Levi C. Bostick, first child of Littleberry was
    born. Levi would later marry (1) Jane McLean and have the
    following issue: Littleberry Allen, Nancy Elvira, Hillery
    David, John Washington, William Henry Harrison, Green
    Wickfield. Levi married (2) Nancy Vaught. No issue.

    Sometime after this date, Littleberry moved, along with Chapman
    brothers Nathan, Benjamin and Thomas, to Wilkes Co, GA.

    1814: Elizabeth, daughter of Littleberry, born in Twiggs Co, GA.
    She married Benjamin Tipton 29 Nov 1829 and had John,
    Chapman, Nancy, Jesse, Elizabeth, Martha, Thomas and Mary.

    1815: Mary, daughter of Littleberry, born in Twiggs Co, GA. She
    later married Alladin Durham and had James, Henry, Mary,
    William, Dawson, Martha and Hardy (Josiah).

    1817/18: Littleberry was Justice of the Peace in Twiggs Co, GA.

    1818: George Washington Bostick born in Twiggs Co, GA. He married
    Nancy Clary and had Joseph L., Joshua, Randall, William
    Wiley, Mary Louisa, Lucay A.C., Amanda Malvina, and
    "Ella" Josephine.

    1820: Littleberry was again Justice of the Peace, Twiggs Co, GA.

    1821: Littleberry was listed in the 4th Land Lottery, Twiggs Co,
    Griffins District. He drew twice and received land in
    Newton Co, GA and Dooley Co, GA.

    1825: Littleberry Bostick of Twiggs Co, GA bought land 3 June
    in Decatur Co, Bainbridge, GA.

    1826: Listed on Twiggs Co, GA Tax Roll

    1826/36: Littleberry Bostick served as Juror and appointed to
    view road conditions in Decatur Co, GA.

    1830: Littleberry and Levi C. Bostick listed on 1830 Decatur Co,
    GA census.

    1832: Littleberry Bostick of Decatur Co, GA deeded land to
    George Washington Bostick; same land he had bought in 1825.

    1832: Gold Lottery of GA; Littleberry of Decatur Co, GA drew lot
    629, Dist. 1, Section 3

    1833: Littleberry was a receiver of taxes in Decatur Co, GA.

    1838: On Decatur Co, GA Tax Roll

    1841: Decatur Co, GA Tax Return

    1853: Heirs and legatees of Littleberry Bostick, late of Decatur
    Co, GA sold a lot in town of Bainbridge, GA.

  5.   Find A Grave.

    Littleberry “L. B.” Bostick Jr.
    BIRTH 1786
    Virginia, USA
    DEATH 1853 (aged 87–88)
    Decatur County, Georgia, USA
    Louisville City Cemetery
    Louisville, Jefferson County, Georgia, USA

  6.   North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000.

    Name: Littleberry Bostick
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: 1781
    First Marriage Date: 1820
    Death Date: 1855
    Spouse: Martha Anne Walker
    Child: Elizabeth Walker Bostick

  7.   United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M33).

    Name: Littleberry Bostick Junior
    Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Jefferson, Georgia
    Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
    Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44: 1 [b. bet. 1776-1794]
    Slaves - Males - Under 14: 7
    Slaves - Males - 14 thru 25: 4
    Slaves - Females - Under 14: 1
    Slaves - Females - 14 thru 25: 1
    Slaves - Females - 26 thru 44: 2
    Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture: 11
    Free White Persons - Over 25: 1
    Total Free White Persons: 1
    Total Slaves: 15
    Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 16

  8.   United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M432).

    Name: Littleberry "L.B." Bostick
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Age: 64
    Birth Year: abt 1786 - Note that this agrees with the Bible Record's alternate date listed
    Birthplace: Georgia
    Home in 1850: District 48, Jefferson, Georgia, USA
    Occupation: Farmer
    Industry: Agriculture
    Real Estate: 7700
    Line Number: 14
    Dwelling Number: 646
    Family Number: 646
    Household Members Age
    L B Bostick 64
    M A M Bostick 45
    A A Bostick 14
    J A W Bostick 12
    E L Bostick 9
    M A E Raiford 8

  9.   Alabama, United States. Alabama, Surname Files Expanded, 1702–1981: [database on-line]. (Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc).

    Name: Littleberry Bostick Jr
    Gender: Male
    Marriage Age: 44
    Death Age: 79
    Birth Date: 12 Aug 1776 [s/b 1786]
    Marriage Date: 14 Sep 1820
    Death Date: 20 Oct 1855
    Spouse: Mary Ann Martha Walker