Person:Lawrence Southwick (1)

  1. Lawrence SouthwickAbt 1600 - 1660
m. 25 Jan 1623/24
  1. John Southwick1624/25 - 1672
  2. Mary SouthwickEst 1630 - 1696
  3. Josiah Southwick1632 - 1693
  4. Daniel Southwick1637 - Abt 1718
  5. Provided Southwick1641 - 1727/28
Facts and Events
Name Lawrence Southwick
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1581 Staffordshire, England
Alt Birth? Abt 1594 Tettenhall, Staffordshire, England
Birth? Abt 1600 Lancashire, England
Marriage 25 Jan 1623/24 Kingswinford, Stafford, , Englandto Cassandra Burnell
Christening? 24 Feb 1639 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation? Glassmaker
Alt Death? 10 May 1659 Shelter Island, Essex Co., New York
Death? 1660 Long Island City, Queens, New York, United States
Burial? 29 Sep 1660 Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York, United States

MEACHAM FAMILY BOOK: 'famous historic Quaker martyr' SAVAGE IV:143 - glass blower at Salem.. Quaker.. 1658 and 1669 whole family suffered much, fines and imprisonment... when fines were unpaid the General Court ordered the children to be sold as slaves into Virginia or Barbados... sentence not enforced... found refuge at Shelter Island, NY, at the east end of Long Island.. will dated 10 July 1659, allowed in 1660..

see Felt II:580

see Col Rec IV, part first: 349, 366, 410 GEN of the DESC of Lawrence and Cassandra SOUTHWICK (J M Caller, 1881) Contains 64 pp background on the persecution of the Quakers in Mass Bay Colony 1654-1662. This is book scathing in it's observations regarding the treatment of the Quakers by the 'pious' clergy/administrators of Mass Bay Colony. p 57-59: Southwick petition for relief from wrongful expost facto persecution. p 65: 'Tradition that he came from Lancashire, Eng in 1627, returned and brought wife Cassandra and dau Mary in 1630'; 'he was one of the first to manufacture glass in America..'; first in Salem records in 1639. p 66: He and wife and dau Mary were fined, whipped, imprisoned and finally banished for being Quakers; children Daniel and Provided sentenced to be sent to Barbados as slaves when they could not pay fines (this was not carried out). His will as Lawrence 'Sethick' mentions Mary and Henry Trask and their dau Mary Trask. Banished from Mass, L & C went to Shelter Island [Long Island] NY in 1659, where they died in 1660. Wm WOOD (J R Wood, 1984) p 295-302 Good description of the trials of the Southwicks. Plaque at Shelter Island, (Long Island NY) on the table tomb at the SYLVESTER house: "... WHO FLED HERE TO DIE" TAG 71:4 193 (1996) "Lawrence and Cassandra (Burnell) Southwick of Salem MA" finds no conclusive evidence of Lawrence's father; tho' possibly Richard. Probably from Staffordshire or Worcestershire, not Lancashire; tradition of two trips to America unfounded; m info.

D. Shelter Island, Suffolk, NY From Loretta Smith, 16 Sep 1998

See: The American Genealogist 71:193, 1996, Brandon, J.C. and Delorey,J.I., Lawrence and Cassandra (Burnell) Southwick of Salem MA, TheirEnglish Antecedents

* 1639, Salem
* 1639, Joined Church with wife, cassandra- admitted as Freeman
* a glass blower :
* 2 acres grant for 'house lot' .
* Quakers : 1658 & 59 - Savage's New England Register, Vol 4 - ...' the whole family suffered much, fines & imprisonment fell on all '... ... ' when the fines of Danile &PRovided were unpaid... the GneralCourt... ordered them to be sold as  slaves to any Christian in Virginia orBarbados.' ...' the sentence was not enforced & the Father with his flock foundrefuge at Shelter Island...LI (Long Island?)'...
* 1660, will allowed -written in '59 - written while taking refuge on Shelter Island, named James, s/o Daniel, Provided, John, Josiah, Mary & Deborah
* said he & wfe, Cassandra d. within 3 days of each other < Colonial Records 4, first part pgs 349,66 & 67, 410>
* Savage, New England Register, vol 4 : ...' the danger from their opinions required banishmnet, it seems, with a proviso that they should suffer death for return.'
One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families, p. 214-5: "He was a glass blowerand farmer. 1639. He was Freeman at Salem this year. 1639, 4, 24. He and hiswife were baptized. 1639, 12,11. At this date, grants were made by the town to the'glassmen, ' as follows: 1 acre to Ananias Concklin, and 2 acres eachtoLawrence Southwick and Obadiah Holmes, to be added to their formerhouse lots.Other allusions are made to the glassmen and glass houses atSalem; and the land granted to Lawrence Sou thwick is still called, as itwas then, glass house field. 1639, 12, 16. His children John, Josiah, Daniel and Provided, werebaptized. 1640, 3, 30. He and William Woodbury were deputed by a general townmeeting to have the care of 'mulch catt le and heifers that are like tocalve thissummer and such bulls as are necessary for the herd, excludingall other dry cattle.' They were to have care of the cattle from April6th till November 15th;driving the cattle out when the sun was half  anhour high in the morning, and bringing them in when the sun was half anhour high in the afternoon. Their compensation to be oe36; and the ownersof three bulls that were to go with the herd were to have 20s. apiece forthe season, for the use of their bulls. 1641,12. The General Court voted that if the town of Salem loaned theglassmen oe30, they should be allowed it again out of the next rate, andthe glassmen to repay it again 'if the works succeed, when they areable.' It is  supposed that they manufactured the more common glass fordomestic use, including the window glass such as was then used, diamondshaped; and perhaps the glass was cast. Pieces have frequently beenturned up from the soil where the factory wa s situated; and specimens arepreserved as the Essex Institute at Salem. 1649, 5, 30. Granted to Goodman Southwick, 4 acres; whereof 2 was inrecompense for his meadow, spoiled in digging turf for the new bridge. 1650, 12, 2. Granted a 'littl espot of meadow' containing 1/4 of an acre,near his 4 acres. 1656, 7. His wife Cassandra was arrested for absence from worship. 1658, 7, 16. He and his wife and son Josiah were imprisoned at Boston forbeing Quakers, and kept twentyweeks in prison there. On the date of theirimprisonment, a letter signed by these three, and also by Samuel Shattuckand Joshua Buffum, was addressed to theMagistrates, commencing thus:'This to Magistrates at the Court in Salem, Friends: whereas it w as yourpleasure to commit us whose names are underwritten tothe House ofCorrection in Boston, although the Lord, the righteous Judge of Heavenand Earth is our witness that we have done nothing worthy of stripes orbonds, and we being committ ed by your court to be dealt with as the lawprovidesfor foreign Quakers, as ye please to term us,' etc. They thenrecite that theseason is an important one for those who live byhusbandry; and show what their cattle and families may be expose d to,also such as live by trade; and close the letter as follows: 'From thehouse of bondage in Boston, wherein we are made captive by the will ofmen, although made free by the Son (John 8, 36), In which we quietly restthis 16th day of 5th m onth, 1658.' 1659, 3, 11. The finesof his son Daniel and daughter Provided not havingbeen paid, the y were ordered to be sold as slaves, to any of the Englishplanters in Virginia or Barbadoes, but this order was not executed.Lawrence himsel f and his wife Cassandra andson Josiah, were disposed ofby banishment, on pain of death if they returned;and with them, were alsobanished Samuel Shattuck, Nicholas Phelps and Joshua Buffum. Finally, asafe refuge was found for himself and fa mily at Shelter Island (near LongIsland, N.Y.); and here he and his wife died within three days of eachother. Savage fittingly says of the Southwicks: 'Much as they might lovetheir native land, the danger from their opinions, required banis hment itseems; with a proviso that they should suffer death
Last Will & Testment;
 I, Lawrence Sethick, late of Salem in New England, now being at thehouse of Nathaniel Silvester, on Shelter Island, being weake in body butof sound mind and memory, do make and ordayne this my last will andtestament, tenth day of fifth mo nth, 1659.
        I first give and bequeath unto my sonne Daniel Sethick mydwelling house at Salem, with all the houses, orchards, gardens andappurtenances; and Gyle's lot, provided that John Burnell shall have ahouse lott on the ground at the furth er end of the orchard newly fenctin.
        Item. My will is that the lott which I had of Josiah Sethickshall return to him again.
        Item. I give unto John Sethick the lott next to his owne.
        Item. My will is that the great meadow which lyes at IpswichRiver, fenct in, shall be divided Daniel Sethick and John Burnellequally.
        Item. I give unto Samuel Burton forty shillings.
        Item. I give unto John Burnell, if he stand faithful in thetruth, two young steers and the first mare foal.
        Item. I give unto Henry Traske Marshall's lott joining to hisorchard, provided that Daniel may have liberty to mow a load of hay everyyear thereon.
        Item. I give unto Mary Traske my daughter, wife of Henry Traske,ten pounds sterling.
        Item. I give unto Deborah Sethwick and young Josiah, each ofthem fifty shillings sterling.
        Item. I give unto Ann Potter forty shillings, in she thinksbeneficial for her.
        Item. I give unto Mary Traske, daughter to Henry Traske, onegood serge suit of clothes; and unto Sarah and Hannah each of them a suitof clothes.
        I give and bequeath unto Samuel and Sarah, John Sethick'schildren, to each of them thirty shillings sterling.
        Furthermore my will is that Daniel my sonne, and Provided mydaughter, shall possess and enjoy all that which remains of my estateafter debts and legacies paid, and my will above mentioned fulfilled,equally to be divided between the m so that Daniel may have that partwhich belongs to husbandry.
        Lastly my will is that in case my wife survives me shee shall bemy executrix and keep all possessions during her life, and after herdecease my will to be performed according as above expressed; and I doordayne William Robinson and Thomas Gardner to be overseers of this mylast will and testament, signed and sealed by me the day and year abovewritten with my hand and seal following.
        In presence of
        NATHANIEL SILVESTER,        signed by         THOMAS HARRIS, LAWRENCE SETHICK.         WILLIAM DURAND,         This will was allowed by the court 29, 9 mo., 1660.
                                         attest HILLARD VEREN, Clericus.
Source: Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem,Massachusetts, Pg 66

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 5 JAN 1998.

Buried imported as 29 sep 1660

SOURCE CITATION: Title: Ancestral File (TM) Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Publication Information: July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996 Repository Name: Family History Library Address: 35 N West Templ e Street Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA


!Correspondence from Jack Chandler; Henderson, NV




taken from Meacham Family Book of Remembrance & Genealogy with Allied Lines, by Leonidas DeVon Mechem, pg 89

!AFN:KWQ3-65 7 Mar 1997 gives Cassandra Buffum as wife md abt 1618/1620 of Lancastershire.England

Christening: 24 FEB 1638/39 Salem, MAS MArried in Kingswinford, county, Stafford, England Burial: 29 SEP 1660 Shelter Island, Longisland Sound, Suffolk, NY They came over on the 2nd sailing of the Mayflower The Immigrant Born: About 1600, ba1 ALIV 0

They came over on the 2nd sailing of the Mayflower

The Immigrant Born:   About 1600, based on 25 years before marriage.
Spouse: Cassandra Burnell on January 25, 1624, in Kingswinford, StaffordCo, England. Cassandra's parents have been identified as Humphrey andMargaret (___) Burnell. She was likely born about 1598, in Kingswinford,co Stafford, England. She died, almost the same time as her husband, in1660, on Shelter Island, New York; where she and her husband had soughtrefuge because of their persecutions from their Quaker beliefs. She wouldhave been approximately 62 years old. The youngest child at that timeabout nineteen years old.
Immigration: Probably 1637-1639, not found on a ship manifest that I knowof. They were in their late 30's and their first four childrenaccompanied them. Then had two children in Salem.
Persecuted as Quakers: Lawrence and Cassandra (Burnell) Southwick wereQuakers. They and their children were persecuted and imprisoned. One oftheir sons and one daughter were sentenced to be sold as slaves andshipped to Barbados. (Fortunate ly they weren't, because the son, Daniel,is my ancestor!)
Occupation:   Glassmaker.
Biographical sketch of their persecutions as Quakers.
Whittier Poem: A poem was written about this experience and labelled withthe name of the mother, Cassandra, (I hear because he liked the mom'sname better) by John Greenleaf Whittier.
John Greenleaf Whittier Page "Cassandra Southwick" a poem, by John Greenleaf Whittier
1639 - there were two acres of land set off for each of the personsAnnanias Conklin, Obediah Holmes, and Lawrence Southwick; and there wasgranted to the glass men several acres of ground adjoining to theirhouses. This was in the neighborho od of Aborn street and near StrongWater Brook," (now, 1881, Salem and Peabody).--Felt's Annals of Salem. 1653 - Lawrence Southwick is overseer Wm. Bacon's will.--Town Records, p.235.
1657, Lawrence Southwick and Cassandra his wife, an aged and gravecouple, inhabitants of Salem, Mass., and members of First church, who forentertaining two strangers, viz.: John Copeland and Christopher Holder,were committed to prison at B oston. Lawrence was released as being amember of First church, to be dealt with by said congregation; butCassandra was kept in prison seven weeks and then fined forty shillingsfor owning a paper written by the two aforesaid strangers in ref erence tothe truth and the Scriptures. Gov. Endicott putting questions to her toensnare her and bring her under the law, which was illegal, said lawbeing enacted to punish any person who should write or hold any hereticalpapers, said papers  were not proved to be heretical but were the truth.
5th Month, 16, 1658, Old Style, Lawrence, Cassandra and their son Josiahwere imprisoned at Boston for being Quakers, and were kept there twentyweeks on a charge of violating a law enacted while they were in prison.
April 8, 1659 - Lawrence Southwick of Salem bought of Edward Lummus, ofIpswich, 3 acres of land.--Salem Records.
Above timeline from: Descandants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick ofSalem, Massachusetts
Savage on Lawrence Southwick:
SOUTHWICK, LAWRENCE, Salem 1639, with. w. Cassandra join. the ch. and wasadm. freem. 6 Sept. of that yr. I presume, and on 6 Dec. foll. had John,Josiah, Daniel, and Provided bapt. at once. Other ch. were Mary, w. ofHenry Trask, and Deborah . He was, I suppose, a glass blower, had gr. ofld. for house lot of two acres; but in the dark days of delus. againstthe quakers, 1658 and 1669, the whole fam. suffer. much, fines andimprison. fell on all, and the d. Clarissa was subj. to g r. severity.When the fines of Daniel and Provided were unpaid, the tender-heartedGen. Court, with intent to magnify the glory of God, order. them to besold for slaves to any Christians in Virg. or Barbados. We are permit. torejoice, that th e sentence was not enforc. and the f. with his flockfound refuge at Shelter isl. near the East end of L. I. where in peace hemade his will of 10 July 1659, allow. in 1660; James the ch. Daniel.Provided, John, Josiah, and ds. Mary, w. of Hen ry  Trask, and Deborah;and his w. and hims. d. within three days of ea. other, it is said. SeeFelt, II. 580-2, and Col. Rec. IV. part first, pp. 349, 366, 7, and 410.Much as they might love their native ld. the dan-ger from their opin.requi r. banishm. it seem. with a proviso, that they should suffr deathfor return.  SAVAGE, VOL 4 DICT FIRST SETTLERS OF NE Pg 91
Death:  Died in 1660 on Shelter Island, New York; while seeking refugefrom their persecution as Quakers. Aged about 60.

!SOURCE: Perleys History of Salem; Vol 2; p. 53; Gen. andDescendants of Lawrence & Cassandra Southwick; p. 68, 69; ORDINANCES:Stamped Archive Sheet; MARRIAGE: New England Marriages Prior to 1700;Clarence A. Torrey;

b. England


D. Shelter Island, Suffolk,  NY
b. England

!BIRTH: Of Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York;FHL Film 1621518;Perley'sHistory of Salem, Mass;Vol 2 p 53;Gen of Desc of Lawrence & CassandraSouthwick; p 68-69. !MAR: Kingswinford FHL Film 1553623. !ORD: Stamped Archive Record;FHLIGI.

!BIRTH: Of Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York;FHL Film 1621518;Perley'sHistory of Salem, Mass;Vol 2 p 53;Gen of Desc of Lawrence & CassandraSouthwick; p 68-69. !MAR: Kingswinford FHL Film 1553623. !ORD: Stamped Archive Record;FHL IGI.

Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 953N-V6 REFN: 10268

Birth may be listed as abt 1598.

They were historic Quaker martyrs of Salem. Their daughter Mary sharedin their imprisonment and suffering.


                                                       Vol 8, Page 52
         SOUTHWICK DESCENDANTS by ALICE K SOUTHWICK, 1964, Syracuse,NY    929.2  SO 86  Sh & St
         The English Ancestry and American Posterity of
         JOSEPH SOUTHWICK      1703 -  1980
         By Neal s SOUTHWICK, published by Family Organization  1981
_____________________________________________________________________ ______
!NOTES: LAWRENCE SOUTHWICK (Sethick) came from Lancashire, ENG in 1627 and
       settled in SALEM, MASS. His glass factory, called the "GLASS HOUSE",
       was located near GALLOWS HILL, in SALEM, Mass.
       He returned to ENGLAND in 1639, and then sailed back to SALEM.
       Both LAWRENCE and his Wife, CASSANDRA were QUAKERS/ "Friends"
       They were both baptised in the FIRST CHURCH of SALEM, MASS
       They were both fined and imprisoned for their absence from public
       meetings and for entertaining strangers.  Again, with their two
       children, JOSIAH and MARY, they were fined, whipped and imprisoned,
       and finally banished for being QUAKERS.
       DANIEL and PROVIDED were sentenced by the General Court, to be sold
       into slavery, and shipped to BARBADOES, but the sentence was never
       imposed upon them. However, LAWRENCE  and  CASSANDRA were banished to
       SHELTER ISLAND in late 1659, where they died in the Spring of 1660,
       just 3 days apart.

1 _FA1 2 PLAC glassmaker

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