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I am actively researching Pierce, Peironnet, and Harvey. My Pierce and Harvey families were in the east end of London (Whitechapel, Wapping, Stepney) in the late 17th and up to mid 18th century. My earliest known Peironnet ancestor is Etienne Peironnet, born about 1738, probably in France although possibly he comes from a branch of the Swiss family Perronnet. My earliest known Pierce ancestor is George Peirce, mariner, died in 1730, and he was at the time the bo'sun of HMS Edinburgh. Don't know his origins and can't find a marriage record to Mary Harvey. Other families of interest are Uriah Higgins (a descendant of the settler Richard Higgins), Fielding Pilcher, Phinehas Randall -- and these are all just on my maternal grandmother's line, where I seem to be stuck.

My father was an Algeo -- his line comes from northern Ireland. Names in his line include Seeley, Thayer, My mother was a LoFaso -- her parents both came from Sicily (Palermo province). Names in her line include Arnone, Cascio, and Lipari.