Person:John Southwick (3)

John Southwick
d.Bet 26 Oct 1672 and 29 Nov 1672 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
m. 25 Jan 1623/24
  1. John Southwick1624/25 - 1672
  2. Mary SouthwickEst 1630 - 1696
  3. Josiah Southwick1632 - 1693
  4. Daniel Southwick1637 - Abt 1718
  5. Provided Southwick1641 - 1727/28
  • HJohn Southwick1624/25 - 1672
  • WSarah UnknownBef 1621 - Aft 1663
m. Aft 8 Oct 1651
  1. Sarah Southwick1654 -
  2. Mary Southwick1656 -
  3. Samuel Southwick1658 -
  4. John Southwick1659 -
  • HJohn Southwick1624/25 - 1672
  • WAnn _____ - Bef 1668
m. Aft 15 Apr 1663
  • HJohn Southwick1624/25 - 1672
  • WSarah Burnap1653 - Bef 1698
m. 3 Feb 1668/69
  1. Isaac Southwick1669 - Abt 1669/70
  2. Isaac Southwick1670/71 - 1712
  3. Sarah Southwick1672 -
Facts and Events
Name John Southwick
Gender Male
Christening[3] 6 Mar 1624/25 Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England
Marriage Aft 8 Oct 1651 to Sarah Unknown
Marriage Aft 15 Apr 1663 to Ann _____
Marriage 3 Feb 1668/69 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah Burnap
Death[1][2] Bet 26 Oct 1672 and 29 Nov 1672 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statessee note 2
  1. Massachusetts. Probate Court (Essex County), and Massachusetts. Court of Insolvency (Essex County). Essex County, Massachusetts, probate records and indexes 1638-1916. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971, 2000, 2001)
    John Southwick case # 25912 301:12. 29 Nov 1672.

    link to original files & link to transcription of the recorded will which is here, Essex Probate Vol. 301, p. 12. Dated This pr[ e ]s[ e ]nt writting doth declare that John Sowthick being vpon my Sicke bed butt in pfect memory doe leaue this my last wil & testement.
    ffirst: I giue & bequeth vnto my Son Samuel One half of al my land and half my barns 2ly I giue unto my Sons John & Isack al the rest of my land & the other half of the bames Equaly deuided. In case my Father Bumit giues them the medow he promsed me lying in Willistons Medow butt if not then my Son John Shall haue two thirds and Isack butt one third butt in Case my Father Bumit doe giue them that medow then my wil is that both land and medow shal be equally Diuided betwixt them: Except Seauen ackrs I haue giuen to my daughter Sarah: & her heyrs for Euer. Prouided that Either of my three sons dy withut Issue it shal fall to the Siruiuears & if two of them dy without Issue itt shal fall to the Siruiuear & his heyrs for Euer.
    3ly I giue unto my daughter Sarah besides the Seauen ackers of land before mentioned one acker of medow lying in Willistons medow & three pownds in com or cattel.
    4ly I giue to my daughter mary tenn pounds in Com or Cattell and fower ackers of upland beginning at the draw barrs att the pond & soe to ly towards the howse
    5ly I giue to Elizabeth Giles Alius Tidd fower pownds in Cattell
    6ly I appoint my Loueing wife whole & sole executricks
    7ly I intreat my two Loueing brothers Josiah Sowthik & Daniel Sowthick to be my ouer seers to se this my wil & testement p[er]formed: my intent & meaning is that my sons injoie the estate giuen them when they come att age and this I leaue as my last wil & testement in wittnes hearof I haue sett to my hand the day & year aboue written.

    John [his I mark] Sowthick

    Witness: John Pudne, Edward Groues

  2. Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records to the End of the year 1849. (Salem, Massachusetts: Essex Institute, 1916-1925)

    Sothwick: John, h. Sara (Burnett), 25:8 m: 1672. CT. R.
    [Note he actually died between 26 October 1672, when he made his will, and 29:9m[November]:1672, when it was presented by his widow, Sarah Southwick]

  3. Southwick, Neal S. (Neal Shupe); J. Wanless Southwick; and Joseph Southwick Family Organization. The English ancestry and American posterity of Joseph Southwick, 1703-1980. (West Bountiful, Utah: Joseph Southwick Family Organization, c1981-1997).