Person:Katharine Elliott (1)

Katharine May Elliott
d.14 APR 1933 Iowa,
m. 12 DEC 1843
  1. Esther Ann Elliott1844 - 1910
  2. Gulaelma ElliottABT 1846 - ABT 1891
  3. Keziah Elliott1848 - 1915
  4. Lydia T. Elliott1850 - 1920
  5. Malinda Jane ElliottABT 1853 - 1921
  6. John Henry Elliott1854 - 1921
  7. Edwin F. Elliott1856 - 1907
  8. Mary Elliott1858 - 1862
  9. Benjamin Francis Elliott1861 - 1913
  10. Katharine May Elliott1863 - 1933
  11. William S. Elliott1868 - 1935
m. 19 SEP 1888
  1. Alfred Glenn Wilcox1892 - 1919
  2. Roy Elliott Wilcox1894 - 1919
  3. Levi Francis Wilcox1897 - 1919
  4. Bulah Wilcox1906 - 1988
Facts and Events
Name[1] Katharine May Elliott
Alt Name[5][6][7][8][9][10] Kate Mae Elliot
Gender Female
Birth[1][2][13] 23 MAY 1863 Mahaska, Iowa, United States
Census[1] 1870 Spring Valley Twp., Dallas, Iowa
Census[7] 1880 Linn, Dallas, Iowa, United States
Marriage 19 SEP 1888 Perry, Dallas, Iowa, United Statesto George Washington Wilcox
Census[8] 1895 Spring Valley, Dallas, Iowa
Census[10] 1900 Spring Valley, Dallas, Iowa
Census? 02 JUN 1900 Spring Valley Twp., Dallas County, Iowa
Census[14] 1910 Spring Valley, Dallas, Iowa
Census[6] 1915 Dallas, Iowa
Census[11][15] 1920 Perry Ward 1, Dallas, Iowa
Census[5] 01 JAN 1925 Dallas, Iowa
Census[12][16] 1930 Spring Valley, Dallas, Iowa
Burial[2] APR 1933 Violet Hill Cemetery, Perry, Dallas, Iowa, United States
Death[2] 14 APR 1933 Iowa,
Obituary[3] 14 APR 1933 Perry, Iowa,
Obituary[4] 18 APR 1933 Perry, Iowa,
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Francis Elliott household, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 584 .

    Iowa 1870 census, Dallas County, Spring Valley Twp, p. 584

    53/50 - Elliott, Francis 49 yrs b. NC Farmer (real estate - $1200, personal estate - $570)
    Lydia wife 49 yrs b. NJ Keeping House
    Kizzie dau 22 yrs b. IN
    Lyddie dau 20 yrs b. IN
    John son 16 yrs b. IN
    Edwin son 14 yrs b. IN
    Francis son 10 yrs b. IA
    Catharine dau 6 yrs b. IA
    William son 2 yrs b. IA
    Staynis, William m 33 yrs b. PA Farmer [no property value listed]
    Ester f 26 yrs b. IN Keeping House

  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Violet Hill Cemetery, Dallas County, Iowa, Sect. 1-3/4 .

    Stone: Kate Wilcox May 23, 1863 Apr 17, 1933

  3. Obituary from Perry, Iowa newspaper, 14 April 1933.

    Mrs. Geo Wilcox Dies This A.M.
    Resident of the City 52 Years Succumbs after long illness

    Mrs. George Wilcox, 68, resident of this vicinity for approximately fifty-two years died at her home at Fifteenth and Otley Avenue at nine o'clock this morning. Death resulted from heart disease and complications from which she had suffered for most of the past three years. During most of this time she had been a partial invalid and had been a hospital patient for nearly a year, two years ago.

    Mrs. Wilcox was born in Mahaska County but came to this vicinity when a young girl of sixteen. She is survived by her husband and a daughter, Miss Beulah Wilcox who is a stenographer at the Iowa Electric Light and Power Co. A brother William S. S. Elliott of Des Moines also survives.

    Funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian church Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Internment will be made in Violet Hill cemetery. The rites will be in charge of Rev. S. S. Stover of Jewell assisted by Rev. E.V. Fisher of this city.

  4. Obituary from unknown newspaper, Perry, Iowa, 18 April 1933.

    [Headline cut off]
    Funeral Services for Mrs. George Wilcox, respected Perry woman who died at her home here Friday, were held Monday afternoon at the Presbyterian church. Interment was made in the Violet Hill cemetery.
    The rites were in charge of the Rev. S.S. Stover of Jewell, assisted by the Rev. Earl V. Fisher, pastor of the local church. Music was furnished by a local quartette composed of Rev. and Mrs. Earl Fisher, Mrs. Ward McLuen and Edward Stoner. They sang: "Going Down the Valley" and "No Night There." Mrs. McLuen and Mrs. Fisher sang a duet, "Wispering Hope." They were accompanied by Miss Ivy Stoner.
    Casket bearers were: Frank Wilcox, Chas. Wilcox, Ray Wilcox, Ward McLuen, Carl Elliott,and Clarence Lewellyn, all nephews of Mrs. Wilcox. The following obituary was read during the service:

    Kate May Elliott, daughter of Francis Elliott and Lydia Ogburn, was born in Mahaska county, Iowa on May 23, 1864, and passed away at her home in Perry, Ia. on the morning of April 14, 1933, aged 68 years, 10 months, and 21 days.
    When 6 years of age she came with her parents to the vicinity of Perry, and it was here that she grew to womanhood and where her life has been spent.
    On Sept. 19, 1888, she was united in marriage to George Wilcox, who lives to mourn the loss of a true, faithful and devoted wife. To this union were born four children, three sons, Glenn, Roy, and Lee and one daughter, Beulah. Of these, the daughter alone is now living. In the month of March, 1919, a terrible tragedy came to the Wilcox family, when their three strong stalwart sons were all stricken with that awful scourge known as the flu, and all died within five days of each other, and all were buried together in one grave in Violet Hill cemetery. It was too much for the mother's heart and it broke her health completely and from that time she has never recovered. She has literally died of a broken heart.
    Mrs. Wilcox was one of a family of 11 children, only one of whom survives, a brother, William S. Elliott of Des Moines. When 18 years of age she made public acknowledgment of her faith in Jesus Christ and became a member of the United Brethren church, and when she moved to Perry, transferred her membership to the First Presbyterian church of Perry, under the date of Aug. 4. 1920, of which church she has been a sincere and faithful member.

  5. 5.0 5.1 Francis Elliott Household, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1885 Iowa State Census, 1885.

    141 147 Elliott Francis 62 M M Farmer N Carolina
    Elliott Lydia 64 F M New Jersey
    Elliott Edward 28 M S Farmer Indiana
    Elliott Benjamin 26 M S Farmer
    Elliott Kasiah 30 F S Housekeeper Indiana
    Elliott Kate M 19 F S
    Elliott William S 16 M S

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    Record for Kate Wilcox

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    Elliott, Francis WM 58 Farmer N. Carolina
    Lydia WF 59 wife Keeping House N. Jersey
    Kezia WF 32 dau At home Indiana
    Edwin F. WM 24 son at home Indiana
    Francis WM 20 son at home Iowa
    Kate WF 16 dau at home Iowa
    William WM 12 son at home Iowa

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    Dallas Co, Spring Valley Twp, p. 416 (126/127)
    Wilcox, George W. 33 yrs b. IL Farmer Methodist
    Kate M. 30 yrs b. Poweshiek Co, Iowa Keeping House United Brethren
    Alfred Glen 2 yrs b. Dallas Co, Iowa United Brethren
    Roy A. [no age] " [possibly check in "Born 1894" column]

  9. George Wilcox Household, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule, 1900.

    Wilcox, George Head W M b. Jan 1861, age 39, Marr. 12 yrs, born Ill., Father b. Ohio, Mother b. Ill, Farmer
    Kate May Wife W F b. May 1864, age 36, Mar 12 yrs, born Iowa, Father b. N Car., Mother b. NJ
    Glenn Son W M b. May 189[?], age 8, Single, born Iowa
    Roy Son W M b. Sep 1894 , age 4, Single, born Iowa
    Levi Son W M b Jan 1897, age 3, Single, born Iowa

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    Witness: Dr. P. A. Mourer and Mrs. Mourer, by Sam'l Jones, Min. Return 2 Oct 1888, registered 10 Nov 1888
    Affidavit made to L.P. Wilcox
    Groom: George Washington Wilcox, res. Dallas Co., farmer, age 27, born Logan Co., Ill. Father: L.P. Wilcox, Mother:Matilda Council
    Bride: Kate May Elliott, res. Dallas Co., age 23, born Mahaska Co., Iowa. Father: Francis Elliott; Mother:Lydia Elliott

  14. George Wilcox Household, in Dallas County, Iowa. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1910; Census Place: Spring Valley, Dallas, Iowa; Roll T624_399;Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 744; Dwelling 6, Family 6.
    Wilcox, George W; Head; M W 49; M1 21; Illinois, Ohio, Indiana; Farmer,General Farm
    ______, Kate M; wife; F W 44; M1 21; 4 4; Iowa, South Carolina,Pennsylvania; Housework, Home farm
    ______, Alfred G; Son; M W 17 S; Iowa, Illinois, Iowa; Farmhand, workingout
    ______, Roy E; Son; M W 15 S; Iowa, Illinois, Iowa; Farmhand, workingout
    ______, Levy F; Son; M W 13 S; Iowa, Illinois, Iowa; None
    ______, Bulah M; Daughter; F W 4 S;Iowa, Illinois, Iowa
    Ancestry Link

  15. George Wilcox Household, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1920 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1920;Census Place: Perry Ward 1, Dallas, Iowa; Roll T625_486;Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 14; Image: 279; Dwelling 18, Family 18,2424 Oilten[?] Avenue.
    Wilcox, George; Head; O F; M W 58 M; Illinois, Indiana, Illinois;Retired Farmer
    ______, Kate; Wife; F W 55 M; Iowa, North Carolina, New Jersey; none
    ______, Bulah; Daughter; F W 15 S; Iowa, Illinois, Iowa; none
    Ancestry Link

  16. George Wilcox Household, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1930 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1930; Census Place: Spring Valley,Perry, Dallas, Iowa; Roll 651;Page: 31B; Enumeration District: 20; Image: 64.0;Dwelling 509, Family525, 2216 Olley Avenue.
    Wilcox, George; Head; O, 4500, R, no; M W 69 M 28; Ohio, Ohio, Ohio;Labor, Truck Farm
    _____, Kate M; Wife; F W 65 M 24; Iowa, No Carolina, New Jersey; none
    _____, Beulah M; Daughter; F W 24 S; Iowa, Ohio, Iowa; Cashier,Light/Power
    Ancestry Link