Person:Joshua Wynne (1)

m. Abt 1654/55
  1. Mary Wynne
  2. Major Robert Wynne1655 - 1754
  3. Capt. Thomas Wynne1657 - Bef 1718
  4. Major Joshua Wynne1661 - Bef 1715
  • HMajor Joshua Wynne1661 - Bef 1715
  • WMary JonesBet 1660 & 1668 -
m. 6 Jul 1685
  1. Mary Farrar1663 - 1737
  2. Major Joshua Wynne1690 - Aft 1738
  3. Captain Peter WynneEst 1694 - 1736
  4. Margaret Wynne1696 - 1723
  5. Col. William WynneBet 1699 & 1705 - 1778
  6. Francis Wynne1700 - 1774
  7. Frances Wynne1704 - 1746
  8. Robert Wynne1705 -
Facts and Events
Name Major Joshua Wynne
Gender Male
Birth? 20 March 1661/3 Jordan's Parish, Charles City, Virginia, United States
Marriage 6 Jul 1685 Charles City, Virginia, United Statesto Mary Jones
Occupation? Justice, Sheriff, Major in Militia
Death? Bef 30 Mar 1715 Charles City, Virginia, United States
Alt Death? 29 Mar 1715 Prince George, Virginia, United States
Probate? 30 Mar 1715

This article is for Joshua Wynne who married Mary Jones about 1685. Primary sourceing needed throughout. There are 109 entries with notes for this couple on Ancestry (16 July 2009), some of which may provide useful source information.


Based on Ancestry entry 16 July 2009, by Sherry Scritchfeld, with additions from other pages sampled on Ancestry.

The Wynne family is said to have resided in or near Cantebury, England around 1600, coming to that area from Wales. The immigrant ancestor was Robert Wynne, christened at St. Dunstans Canterbury, England, on August 12, 1620. He was the son of Peter, son of Robert (Mayor of Canterbury in 1599)

Robert Wynne migrated to America sometime before 1657 when he served as a member of the House of Burgesses. From 1661 to 1674 he was Speaker of the House. Robert married Mary Poythress, a widow, and had children Thomas, Robert, Joshua youngest son), and Mary. he may have been previously married as other wives are commonly identified for him, including Mary Frances Sloman, "Sloman" may have been his wife's maiden name, and Poythress her married name, as she is on occassion listed as "Mary Francis Sloman Poythress

Joshua married Mary Jones, daughter of Capt. Peter Jones of Charles City. Peter Jones wife was Margaret Wood, step-daughter of Major General Abraham Wood. Wood was also a member of the House of Burgesses and on the Governor's Council from 1657 to 1671. Margaret Wood married second Thomas Cocke.

From "Gonce & Wynne Genealogy", by Barbara Gonce Clepper, 1986, page 171 fide Toni Verboise Family Tree:

"Robert Wynne's youngest son, Joshua, was burgess from 1695 to 1702 for Charles City, Co.; & he was a major of the militia of Prince George Co. Joshua and his brother, Capt. Thomas Wynne, were Indian interpreters. They accompanied the Nottoway and Meherrin commissioners to make peace with the Seneca Indians in 1702. Joshua Wynne owned 850 acres of land in Prince George Co. in 1704. Speaking about the Saponey Indians: 'Their belief in the ancient custom of an eye for an eye, is illustrated in the following occurrence: Major Joshua Wynne was shot and killed by an Indian because one of our servants had killed one of their great men, and upon the trial of the Indian they pleaded that we were the aggressors and that they never rest without revenge: and that now they said they and we were equal, having each lost a great man: wherefore to avoid more bloodshed there was a necessity to pardon the Indian.' [p. 18, 'The History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia', by Maud Carter Clement, 1976]"


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