Person:Joseph Whitaker (9)

Joseph Whitaker
  1. Mary Ann Whitaker1814 -
  2. Sarah Whitaker1817 -
  3. Joseph Whitaker1820 - 1895
  • HJoseph Whitaker1820 - 1895
  • WAnn NorrisAbt 1817 - 1853
m. 26 Nov 1840
m. May 1853
  1. Marian Whitaker1853 - 1929
  2. Elizabeth Mary WHITAKERAbt 1857 - 1895
  3. Edith Louisa WHITAKERAbt 1858 - 1937
  4. Thomas William WHITAKERAbt 1860 -
  5. George Herbert WHITAKER1862 - 1933
  6. Ethel Bertha WHITAKERAbt 1864 - 1900
  7. Mildred Septima WHITAKERAbt 1865 - 1906
  8. Arthur Cerdic WhitakerAbt 1869 - 1920
  9. Leonard Edgar WhitakerAbt 1870 -
  10. Edward Harold WHITAKERAbt 1871 -
  11. Winifrede WHITAKER1871 -
  12. Sir Cuthbert Wilfred WhitakerAbt 1873 - 1948
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Whitaker
Gender Male
Birth[1] 4 May 1820 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Christening? 5 Sep 1820 Finsbury, Middlesex, EnglandSt. Luke Independent Tabernacle
Marriage 26 Nov 1840 Strand Registration District, Middlesex, Englandto Ann Norris
Census[2] 1851 London, EnglandSt Paul's, Covent Garden
Marriage May 1853 Camberwell St. Giles, Surrey, Englandto Elizabeth Brown
Census[3] 1861 Lambeth, Surrey, England17 Sutherland Avenue
Census[4] 1871 Enfield Town, Middlesex, EnglandSilver Street
Census[5] 1881 Enfield Town, Middlesex, EnglandSilver Street
Census[6] 1891 Enfield Town, Middlesex, EnglandSilver Street
Burial? 1895 West Norwood, London, EnglandWest Norwood Cemetery
Death? 15 May 1895 Enfield, Middlesex, England
Other[7] 17 May 1895 Obituary
Other[8] 28 Jun 1895 Wills & bequests

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Apprenticed at age 14. Edited Gentlemen's Magazine 1858-1868. Elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1875. Moved to Enfield on 24 June 1862. Married at least twice. At time of 1891 Census, was resident at White Lodge, Silver Street, Enfield which he apparently leased in 1862. Cuthbert Whitaker in his book, states of his father "In 1871 he organised a Relief Fund for the booksellers of Paris, and journeyed to that town (in which he endured the hardships of the siege) to superintend its distribution". Another source stated that Joseph Whitaker was one of the first Englishmen to enter Paris«u» after the seige «/u»Book Seller Extract from National Dictionary of Biography to 1900, Vol.XXI (1968 edition) "Publisher: Born in London on 4 May 1820, the son of a silversmith. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to Mr Barritt, bookseller of Fleet Street. Nine years later he was with John William Parker of the Strand. He next entered the house of J H & J Parker of Oxford, for whom he became the London agent and opened a Branch at 377 Strand. Here in 1849, he originated the 'Penny Post', the first penny-monthly church magazine, which long continued in its original form. In 1850 he projected and published for 4 years the 'Educational Register' and 'Whitaker's Clergyman's Diary', the latter is still being issued by the Company of Stationers. He commenced business on his own account as a theological publisher in Pall Mall and moved in 1855 to 310 Strand, where he published, with the assistance of Thomas Delph, 'The Artist' a fine art review. Between 1858 and 1868 he edited the 'Gentlemen's Magazine' and in January 1858 started 'The Bookseller' intended primarily as an organ for booksellers and publishers, but also adapted to the requirements of book-buyers generally. The new monthly journal was very successful, and was warmly support by the bookselling and publishing trades. With it in 1869 was merged 'Brent's Literary Advertiser'. The form of the periodical has remained practically unaltered for 40 years. His name has become familiar throughout the English-speaking countries owing to 'Whitaker's Almanac'. This was commenced in 1868; thirty-six thousand copies of the first issue were subscribed before publication. As an example of the wise forethought of its originator, it is noticeable that the 'Almanac', like the 'Bookseller', has been little changed since the first number, except in the direction of natural expansion. Whitaker had a large share in the organisation of a relief fund for the Parish booksellers and their assistants in 1871. As a distributor of the fund, he was one of the first Englishmen who entered Parish after the seige. In 1874 he produced the 'Reference Catalogue of Current Literature', consisting of a collection of cataogues of books on sale by English publishers, with an elaborate index. Other editions of this useful compilation appeared in 1875, 1877, 1880, 1885, 1889 and 1904. He published a few devotional works, among which may be mentioned 'The Daily Round' 1880 and many subsequent editions, Ridley's 'Holy Communion'. He was always a keen and judicious defender of the interests of the bookselling trade, and was recognised as an authority upon copyright. In 1875 he was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. He died at Enfield on 15 May 1895."

His will made 15 September 1893: 1st codicil made 13 October 1893, 2nd Codicil made 2 February 1895 (following death of eldest son on 15 January 1895). Executors: John Walker of 12 Warwick Lane (Whitaker's business address); Philip Jones Whitaker, Wholesale Stationer of 26 St Bride Street, London, and Edgar Blois Lawton, 20 Fentiman Road, Clapham, Clerk in the office of the Church Estates Commissioners. Estate valued at £16,930.0s.9d.

Death registration: Joseph Whitaker June 1895 aged 75 Edmonton 3a 218

A list of London Publishers and Printers 1800-1870 gives the following addresses: Whitaker, Joseph 41 Pall Mall 1852-1855

                           310 Strand  1855
                            10 Warwick Square, 1869-87
                            12 Warwick Lane  1887 onwards

London Gazette 9 July 1895 JOSEPH WHITAKER Deceased. Pursuant to 22 and 23 Victoria chapter 35. ALL persons having claims against the estate of Joseph Whitaker late of 12 Warwick-lane in the city of London and of White Lodge Enfield in the county of Middlesex Publisher who died on the 15th day of May 1895 and whose will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 22nd day of June 1895 by John Walker of Warwick-lane aforesaid Philip Jones Whitaker of 26 Saint Bride-street in the said city and Edgar Blois Lawton of 20 Fentiman-road Clapham-road in the county of Surrey the executors named in the said will are required to send particulars of their claims to the undersigned for and on behalf of the said executors before the 10th day of August next after which date the said executors will distribute the estate of the above named deceased .among the parlies entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which the said executors shall then have had notice and without being answerable or responsible for the estate so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims they shall not then have had notice.— Dated this 4th day of July 1895. SHAEN R08C9E MASSEY and CO. 8 Bedfordrow W.C. Solicitors for the Executors. • Re GEORGE HALL PARKINS Deceased.

  1. 1881 Census.
  2. 1851 UK Census.

    St Paul's, Covent Garden, London
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 32, bookseller, Shoreditch, London
    Ann Whitaker, wife, M, Shoreditch, London
    Joseph V Whitaker, son, 6, at home, City of London
    Ann Maria Whitaker, dau, 4, Shoreditch, London
    Jessie Whitaker, dau, 2, Shoreditch, London
    Mary Ann Robinson, servant, 18, St Martin in Fields, London _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  3. 1861 UK Census.

    17 Sutherland Avenue, Lambeth, Surrey
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 40, editor of library journal, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whitaker, wife, M, 26, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Joseph V Whitaker, son, U, 16, clerk in mercantile house, St Dunstans, London
    Anne M Whitaker, dau, 14, scholar, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whitaker, dau, 12, scholar, Shoreditch, Middx
    Marian Whitaker, dau, 7, Camberwell, Surrey
    Elizabeth Whitaker, dau, 4, Christchurch, Surrey
    Louisa S Whitaker, dau, 3, Lambeth, Surrey
    Thomas Whitaker, son, 1, Lambeth, Surrey
    Charlotte Simmons, servant, U, 17, domestic servant, Lambeth, Surrey
    Mary Bruce, servant, 14, domestic servant, Newington, Surrey _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  4. 1871 Census UK.

    Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whittaker, head, M, 50, publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whittaker, wife, M, 34, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Ann M Whittaker, dau, U, 24, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whittaker, dau, U, 22, Shoreditch, Middx
    Marian Whittaker, dau, U, 17, Camberwell, Surrey
    Elizabeth M Whittaker, dau, U, 14, Christchurch, Surrey
    Edith L Whittaker, dau, U, 13, Brixton, Surrey
    Thomas W Whittaker, son, 11, Brixton, Surrey
    George H Whittaker, son, 9, Brixton, Surrey
    Ethel B Whittaker, dau, 7, Enfield, Middx
    Mildred S Whittaker, son [sic], 5, Enfield, Middx
    Arthur C Whittaker, son 2, Enfield, Middx
    Edward A Whittaker, son, 1m, Enfield, Middx _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  5. 1881 Census.

    Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 60, author and publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whitaker, dau, U, 32, Shoreditch, Middx
    Edith D Whitaker, dau, U, 22, Lambeth, Surrey
    Ethel B Whitaker, dau, U, 17, Enfield, Middx
    Arthur C Whitaker, son, U, 12, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Winifred Whitaker, dau, U, 9, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Cuthbert Whitaker, son, U, 7, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Charlotte Collins, servant, U, 38, cook dom servant, Tuddenham, Suffolk
    Lillian Lewis, servant, U, 21, Housemaid, Hapisbrugh, Suffolk
    Kate Brooks, servant, U, 15, housemain, Trent, Somerset _TAG3: YES

  6. 1891 UK Census.

    White Lodge, Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 70, author & publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whitaker, wife, M, 54, St Luke's, Middx
    Ethel B Whitaker, dau, S, 27, Enfield, Middx
    Mildred S Whitaker, dau, S, 25, Enfield, Middx
    Winiifrede Whitaker, dau, S, 19, Enfield, Middx
    Sarah A Church, servant, Wid, 44, Cook, Birmingham, Worc
    Alice Graves, servant, S, 17, housemaid, Ware, Herts
    Mary Stiles, servant, S, 18, housemaid, Nottingham, Notts. _TAG3: YES

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