Person:Marian Whitaker (2)

Marian Whitaker
m. May 1853
  1. Marian Whitaker1853 - 1929
  2. Elizabeth Mary WHITAKERAbt 1857 - 1895
  3. Edith Louisa WHITAKERAbt 1858 - 1937
  4. Thomas William WHITAKERAbt 1860 -
  5. George Herbert WHITAKER1862 - 1933
  6. Ethel Bertha WHITAKERAbt 1864 - 1900
  7. Mildred Septima WHITAKERAbt 1865 - 1906
  8. Arthur Cerdic WhitakerAbt 1869 - 1920
  9. Leonard Edgar WhitakerAbt 1870 -
  10. Edward Harold WHITAKERAbt 1871 -
  11. Winifrede WHITAKER1871 -
  12. Sir Cuthbert Wilfred WhitakerAbt 1873 - 1948
m. 9 Oct 1879
Facts and Events
Name Marian Whitaker
Gender Female
Birth? 4 Oct 1853 Camberwell St. George, Surrey, England
Census[2] 1861 Lambeth, Surrey, England
Christening? 24 Jun 1866 Enfield Town, Middlesex, EnglandSt Andrew's
Census[3] 1871 Enfield Town, Middlesex, England
Alt Marriage Oct-Dec 1879 Enfield Registration District, Middlesex, Englandto Robert Baxter LOWNDES
Marriage 9 Oct 1879 Enfield, Middlesex, EnglandSt Andrew's
to Robert Baxter LOWNDES
Census[4] 1881 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England5 Holford Street
Census[5] 1891 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England"Paisley", Bath Road
Census[6] 1901 Southampton, Hampshire, England28 Shakespeare Avenue, Portswood
Death[1] 29 Dec 1929 Cuckfield, Sussex, England

At the time of Marian's birth, Joseph and Ann were living at 280 Albany Road, Camberwell

Marriage registration; Dec 1879 Edmonton 3a 282

  1. Probate register.

    Probate register 1930: Marian Lowndes of Cuckfield, Sussex, widow, died 29 December 1929. Probate Gloucester to Edmund Walter Kendall solicitor and Eva Marian Norris Lowndes, spinster. Effects £711 12s. 3d. _TAG3: YES

  2. 1861 UK Census.

    17 Sutherland Avenue, Lambeth, Surrey
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 40, editor of library journal, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whitaker, wife, M, 26, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Joseph V Whitaker, son, U, 16, clerk in mercantile house, St Dunstans, London
    Anne M Whitaker, dau, 14, scholar, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whitaker, dau, 12, scholar, Shoreditch, Middx
    Marian Whitaker, dau, 7, Camberwell, Surrey
    Elizabeth Whitaker, dau, 4, Christchurch, Surrey
    Louisa S Whitaker, dau, 3, Lambeth, Surrey
    Thomas Whitaker, son, 1, Lambeth, Surrey
    Charlotte Simmons, servant, U, 17, domestic servant, Lambeth, Surrey
    Mary Bruce, servant, 14, domestic servant, Newington, Surrey _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  3. 1871 Census UK.

    Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whittaker, head, M, 50, publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whittaker, wife, M, 34, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Ann M Whittaker, dau, U, 24, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whittaker, dau, U, 22, Shoreditch, Middx
    Marian Whittaker, dau, U, 17, Camberwell, Surrey
    Elizabeth M Whittaker, dau, U, 14, Christchurch, Surrey
    Edith L Whittaker, dau, U, 13, Brixton, Surrey
    Thomas W Whittaker, son, 11, Brixton, Surrey
    George H Whittaker, son, 9, Brixton, Surrey
    Ethel B Whittaker, dau, 7, Enfield, Middx
    Mildred S Whittaker, son [sic], 5, Enfield, Middx
    Arthur C Whittaker, son 2, Enfield, Middx
    Edward A Whittaker, son, 1m, Enfield, Middx _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  4. 1881 Census.

    5 Holford Street, Clerkenwell, London
    Robert B Lowndes, head, M, Solicitor's Clerk, Liverpool, Lancashire
    Marian Lowndes, wife, M, 29, Regent's Park, Middx
    Emma M D Lowndes, dau, 10, Enfield, Middx
    Eva M N Lowndes, dau, 8, Clerkenwell, Middx _TAG3: YES

  5. 1891 UK Census.

    "Paisley", Bath Road, Cheltenham
    Robert Baxter Lowndes, head, marr, 49, solicitor, Liverpool Lancs
    Marian Lowndes, wife, 37, London
    Eva Marian N Lowndes, dau, 10, London
    Robert B Lowndes, son, 9, London
    Margaret Lowndes, dau, 8, London
    Edward Lowndes, son, 6, Caincross, Glos
    Ashley Gordon Lowndes, son, 5, Caincross, Glos _TAG3: YES

  6. 1891 UK Census.

    28 Shakespeare Avenue, Portswood, Southampton
    Marian Lowndes, head, M, 47, Albany Road, London
    Margaret Lowndes, dau, S, 18, Claremont Sq, London
    Ashley G Lowndes, son, S, 15, Caincross Strand, London
    Clara E Perkins, visitor, S, Moreton in March, Gloucester _TAG3: YES