Person:Arthur Whitaker (1)

Arthur Cerdic Whitaker
b.Abt 1869
m. May 1853
  1. Marian Whitaker1853 - 1929
  2. Elizabeth Mary WHITAKERAbt 1857 - 1895
  3. Edith Louisa WHITAKERAbt 1858 - 1937
  4. Thomas William WHITAKERAbt 1860 -
  5. George Herbert WHITAKER1862 - 1933
  6. Ethel Bertha WHITAKERAbt 1864 - 1900
  7. Mildred Septima WHITAKERAbt 1865 - 1906
  8. Arthur Cerdic WhitakerAbt 1869 - 1920
  9. Leonard Edgar WhitakerAbt 1870 -
  10. Edward Harold WHITAKERAbt 1871 -
  11. Winifrede WHITAKER1871 -
  12. Sir Cuthbert Wilfred WhitakerAbt 1873 - 1948
m. 27 May 1891
  1. Dorothy Elizabeth Marian WhitakerAbt 1893 -
  2. Winifrede Louise Whitaker1898 - 1991
Facts and Events
Name Arthur Cerdic Whitaker
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1869
Census[3] 1871 Enfield, Middlesex, England
Christening[1] 1 Apr 1872 St. Andrew's, Enfield, Middlesex
Census[4] 1881 Enfield, Middlesex, England
Census[5] 1891 Brixton, London, England
Marriage 27 May 1891 Newington St. Mary, London, Englandto Elizabeth Hornsey
Census[6] 1901 Stoke Newington, London, England26 Carysfort Road
Census[7] 1911 Balham, London, England
Burial? 1920 West Norwood, Surrey, EnglandWest Norwood Cemetery
Death[2] 16 May 1920 Southwark Metropolitan Borough, London, EnglandSt Bartholomew's Hospital, Cause: Syncope fracture of skull following a fall in Liverpool Street Station.

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At time of marriage, he gave his age as 22 but have not yet located birth certificate. His occupation was 'Journalist' and his residence St John Angell Town Buxton Derbyshire. Papers published at that time in Buxton were: Buxton Herald, Buxton Advertiser, High Peak News, and Buxton Chronicle.

Arthur Cerdic Whitaker died on 16 May 1920 in St Bartholomew's Hospital, City of London, aged 51. Cause of death: syncope fracture of the skull following a fall in Liverpool Street Station, accidental. Inquest held 20 May 1920 by F J Waldo, Coroner for London.

Joseph Whitaker's will raises a few questions. Why did he treat Arthur Cerdic differently from the others? His is the only case where he was not to receive the whole of his inheritance at 27 but only part and the balance when he was thirty. Arthur Cerdic was already married, did father not approve of the marriage or did he think the son could not be trusted with the whole inheritance?

(Medical):Inquest held 20 May 1920 by F J Waldo, Coroner for London.

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  2. Death Certificate.

    Syncope fracture of skull. Fall in Liverpool Street Station accidental. P.M. Inquest held 20 May 1920

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    Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whittaker, head, M, 50, publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
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    Jessie Whittaker, dau, U, 22, Shoreditch, Middx
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    Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
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    Edith D Whitaker, dau, U, 22, Lambeth, Surrey
    Ethel B Whitaker, dau, U, 17, Enfield, Middx
    Arthur C Whitaker, son, U, 12, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Winifred Whitaker, dau, U, 9, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Cuthbert Whitaker, son, U, 7, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Charlotte Collins, servant, U, 38, cook dom servant, Tuddenham, Suffolk
    Lillian Lewis, servant, U, 21, Housemaid, Hapisbrugh, Suffolk
    Kate Brooks, servant, U, 15, housemain, Trent, Somerset _TAG3: YES

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    26 Carysfort Road, Stoke Newington
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  7. 1911 census.

    23 Oakmead Road, Balham
    Arthur Cerdic Whitaker, head, M, 19.5, 42, journalist, Enfield
    Elizabeth Whitaker, wife, 46, Brighton, Sussex
    Dorothy Elizabeth Marian Whitaker, dau, S, 18, Brixton, london _TAG3: YES