Person:Elizabeth Brown (310)

  1. Elizabeth Brown1836 - 1902
m. May 1853
  1. Marian Whitaker1853 - 1929
  2. Elizabeth Mary WHITAKERAbt 1857 - 1895
  3. Edith Louisa WHITAKERAbt 1858 - 1937
  4. Thomas William WHITAKERAbt 1860 -
  5. George Herbert WHITAKER1862 - 1933
  6. Ethel Bertha WHITAKERAbt 1864 - 1900
  7. Mildred Septima WHITAKERAbt 1865 - 1906
  8. Arthur Cerdic WhitakerAbt 1869 - 1920
  9. Leonard Edgar WhitakerAbt 1870 -
  10. Edward Harold WHITAKERAbt 1871 -
  11. Winifrede WHITAKER1871 -
  12. Sir Cuthbert Wilfred WhitakerAbt 1873 - 1948
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Brown
Gender Female
Birth? 1836 London City, Middlesex, Englandpossibly St. Luke's, Old Street
Marriage May 1853 Camberwell St. Giles, Surrey, Englandto Joseph Whitaker
Census[1] 1861 Lambeth, Surrey, England17 Sutherland Avenue
Census[2] 1871 Enfield, Middlesex, EnglandSilver Street
Census[3] 1881 Lambeth, Surrey, England103 Elm Park
Census[4] 1891 Enfield, Middlesex, EnglandSilver Street
Census[5] 1901 Bungay, Suffolk, England
Burial? 1902 West Norwood, London, EnglandWest Norwood Cemetery

Possibly the Elizabeth Brown, dau of William Brown and Elizabeth who was bapt at St Luke Old Street, Finsbury, on 12 Dec 1837. Birth being shown as 21 Nov 1837. (IGI)

  1. 1861 UK Census.

    17 Sutherland Avenue, Lambeth, Surrey
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 40, editor of library journal, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whitaker, wife, M, 26, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Joseph V Whitaker, son, U, 16, clerk in mercantile house, St Dunstans, London
    Anne M Whitaker, dau, 14, scholar, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whitaker, dau, 12, scholar, Shoreditch, Middx
    Marian Whitaker, dau, 7, Camberwell, Surrey
    Elizabeth Whitaker, dau, 4, Christchurch, Surrey
    Louisa S Whitaker, dau, 3, Lambeth, Surrey
    Thomas Whitaker, son, 1, Lambeth, Surrey
    Charlotte Simmons, servant, U, 17, domestic servant, Lambeth, Surrey
    Mary Bruce, servant, 14, domestic servant, Newington, Surrey _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  2. 1871 Census UK.

    Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whittaker, head, M, 50, publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whittaker, wife, M, 34, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Ann M Whittaker, dau, U, 24, Shoreditch, Middx
    Jessie Whittaker, dau, U, 22, Shoreditch, Middx
    Marian Whittaker, dau, U, 17, Camberwell, Surrey
    Elizabeth M Whittaker, dau, U, 14, Christchurch, Surrey
    Edith L Whittaker, dau, U, 13, Brixton, Surrey
    Thomas W Whittaker, son, 11, Brixton, Surrey
    George H Whittaker, son, 9, Brixton, Surrey
    Ethel B Whittaker, dau, 7, Enfield, Middx
    Mildred S Whittaker, son [sic], 5, Enfield, Middx
    Arthur C Whittaker, son 2, Enfield, Middx
    Edward A Whittaker, son, 1m, Enfield, Middx _TAG3: YES _TAG4: YES

  3. 1881 Census.

    103 Elm Park, Lambeth, Surrey, England
    Elizth Whitaker, wife (head), M, 43, Clerkenwell, Middx
    Geo Herbert Whitaker, son, U, 19, Student Kings College, Enfield, Middx
    Mildred S Whitaker, dau, 15, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Edmund H Whitaker, son, 10, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Edgar L Whitaker, son, 5, scholar, Enfield, Middx
    Sarah J Wormleighton, servant, U, 22, Gen Dom servant, Bridlington, York _TAG3: YES

  4. 1891 UK Census.

    White Lodge, Silver Street, Enfield, Middx
    Joseph Whitaker, head, M, 70, author & publisher, Shoreditch, Middx
    Elizabeth Whitaker, wife, M, 54, St Luke's, Middx
    Ethel B Whitaker, dau, S, 27, Enfield, Middx
    Mildred S Whitaker, dau, S, 25, Enfield, Middx
    Winiifrede Whitaker, dau, S, 19, Enfield, Middx
    Sarah A Church, servant, Wid, 44, Cook, Birmingham, Worc
    Alice Graves, servant, S, 17, housemaid, Ware, Herts
    Mary Stiles, servant, S, 18, housemaid, Nottingham, Nott _TAG3: YES

  5. 1901 UK Census.

    Bungay, Suffolk
    William Betinson, head, M, 35, surgeon working at home, Kentish Town, London
    Mildred Betinson, wife, M, 35, Enfield Middx
    William K Betinson, son, 6, Bungay, Suffolk
    Mildred G Betinson, dau, 5, Bungay, Suffolk
    Elizabeth Whitaker, visitor, widow, 66, London
    Mary A Howard, servant, age 25, domestic housemaid, Hoxne, Suffolk
    Emily O Brown, servant, 23, domestic hosuemain, Swansthorpe, Norfolk _TAG3: YES