Person:Jonathan Coburn (1)

Jonathan Coburn
m. est. 1710
  1. Samuel Coburnabt 1712 -
  2. Judith CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  3. Isaac CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  4. Mary CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  5. Sarah CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  6. John CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  7. Jacob CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  8. Jonathan Coburnabt 1720 - 1781
  • HJonathan Coburnabt 1720 - 1781
  • W.  Catherine (add)
m. bef. 1750
  1. Jonathan Coburn, Jr.1750 -
Facts and Events
Name Jonathan Coburn
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1720 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage bef. 1750 to Catherine (add)
Death? 1781

Jonathan Coburn was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Jonathan Coburn in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 15, 1748. - (69) Jonathan, son of James Coburn.
  • Page 307.--3d December, 1757. Vendue held at Michael Stump's, on South Fork in Hampshire County, by Anthonv Reager, Peter Thorn, administrators of Christian Dousher--To Peter Heath, Thos. Crawford, Tobias Thorn, Michael Oxer, Lazarus Thorn, Philip Moore, Jr., Jno. Welton, Henry Couchman, Simon Hornback, Philpole Yeokham, Abraham Wise, Jno. Cock, Adam Rutherback, Harmus Hook, Conrad Moore, Thomas Singleton, Martin Job, James Hornback, Adam Harpole, Jonathan Coburn, Leonard Knave, Thos. Parsons, Sr., Nicholas Smith, Gaisper Reed, Michael Earsest, Sr., James Taff, Henry Miars, Ruda Bozard, Wm. Jennings, Jno. Varrill, James Parsons. Solom Hedges, Windle Miller, Peter Hive, Henry Shipler, Peter Andrew, Stophel Hoofman, Thos. Crawford, Benj. Scott, Andrew Byarly, Mary Smith, Henry Mook, Philip Hupp, John Mason.
  • Page 388.--21st May, 1760. Daniel Richardson's estate settlement, by Thomas Parsons, administrator--Paid Philip Halbert; Jno. Vanvill (for a negro), sheriff for 2 levies for 1753; Conrad Huffman, Adam West, Benj. Scott, Peter Reed, Joel Hornback, Henry Shippley, Geo. Bush, Jonathan Coburn, the widow, Leonard Reed, Joseph Skidmore, Austin Scoolcraft, Mr. Churchill, fee in Leonard Reed's suit; Dennis Sullivan's bond (insolvent); Mathias Yeoman (Yeokum?).
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 15, 1774. - (303) Wm. Gragg qualified Constable. Constables appointed: Jacob Van Matre, Dinnis Springer, John Harden, Jr., John Conner, Hennery Taylor, Thomas Bay, Francis McGuire, Andrew Ramsey, Jonathan Coborne, Jr., Thomas Douglas and Philip Ryley. (Note: likely the son of this Jonathan Coburn).
  • Vol. 2 - Philip Doddridge, heir at law of Joseph Doddridge, deceased, and John Fairfax vs. Peter Furtney--O. S. 35; N. S. 12--Spa. issued 2d December, 1803. In 1771 Joseph Barker improved 400 acres in Monongalia County, which he sold to Jonathan Coburn, deceased, who sold to Joseph Doddridge, on whose decease before 1779 it descended to Philip. After 1777 Philip moved to Pennsylvania, leaving the land in possession of James Coburn, heir at law of Jonathan. In 179_ Philip sold to James Coburn, who sold to John Fairfax. In 1775 Peter Fortney, John Downer and John Cox made an improvement interfering with above and obtained judgment by ejectment against Peyton Byrnes, tenant of Fairfax. (Peyton was brother-in-law to John Fairfax, and one of the heirs of Samuel Byrnes.) John Downer deposes in Monongalia, 9th September, 1802, that he sold 354 acres to Peter Fortney, which deed was proved in Monongalia and afterwards burnt with the other records. He made a second deed in 1801 in place of the burnt one. Copy deed 4th April, 1795, Joseph Cox, attorney in fact for Thomas Berry and Rachel Berry, his wife, to John Downer of Monongalia, 335 acres in Monongalia on Middle Fork or Three Fork Lick Creek. Proved in District Court at Monongalia Court House, May, 1795. Copy deed, 3d September, 1801, John Downer to Peter Fortney (both of Monongalia) 354 acres on Middle Fork (this deed was burnt). Proved in Superior Court of Monongalia, September, 1801. John Dent made a settlement adjoining above in 1773.

Information on Jonathan Coburn

From "Virginia Northern Neck Grants, Vol. II, 1742-1775", pg. 202:

0-256: Daniel Perry of Hampshire County, 256 acres on Walnut Bottom Run in said County. Surveyor: John Moffett. Adjoining the Mannor Line, William Zane, Jonathan Coben. 19 Feb. 1770.

From post:

Jonathan Coburn, remained in Hampshire County at least until the last reference of in 1763. On Feb 15, 1752 he had 150 acres on the NW side of Timber Ridge (adjacent to William Zeen/Zane) surveyed. The Warrant refers to him as "Capt. Jonathan Coburn", though I don't know anything about his service yet. By 1758 he is known to have had property "two miles above the trough" on the South Branch of the Potomac (adjacent to a John McCullough) since his property is listed as being adjacent to a tract of land sold to a John King on 2-15-1758 by Solomon Hedges, who had first settled the area in 1745 (Hampshire County Deed Book No. 1, p. 9). It appears that he sold this property ("250 acres on the Wappacomo" - the Indian name for the South Branch of the Potomac), Lot #6, for 60 pounds on 3-11-1760 to a man named John Kuykendall (Hampshire County Deed Book No. 1, p. 20-21). On 2-4-1763, Johnathan and his wife Catherine sold their land on Timber Ridge (the same 150 acres) to Abraham Hite for 8 pounds (Hampshire County Deed Book No. 1, p. 166). No subsequent references to Jonathan Coburn have been found.