Person:John Tedford (4)

Capt. John Tedford
m. Bef. 1750
  1. Capt. John Tedford1750 - 1832
  2. George TedfordBef 1753-1755 - 1823
  3. Alexander TedfordAbt 1754 - 1781
  4. Mary TedfordEst 1755-1758 - 1829
  • HCapt. John Tedford1750 - 1832
  • WMary PaxtonABT 1754 - 1789
m. ABT 1778
Facts and Events
Name Capt. John Tedford
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1750 Belfast, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1778 to Mary Paxton
Death[1] 14 JUL 1832 Blount County, Tennessee

John Tedford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on John Tedford

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

John TEDFORD (AFN:17MD-4WD)    

Born:  1750  Place:  Belfast, Ireland 
Christened:  Captain  Place:  Rockbridge County Militia 
Died:  14 Jul 1832  Place:  Blount Co., Tenn. 
Married:  1778  Place:   

Father:  Robert TEDFORD (AFN:17MD-4T0)    
Mother:  Jane WHITE (AFN:17MD-4V6)   

Wife's Name

Mary PAXTON (AFN:17MC-SPG)    

Born:  Abt 1754  Place:  <Rockbridge Co., VA.> 
Died:  1789  Place:   
Married:  1778  Place:   

Father:  Thomas PAXTON (AFN:9730-TD)    
Mother:  Elizabeth MCCLUNG (AFN:972Q-WN)   


1. Sex Name

M  James TEDFORD (AFN:17MC-QJ3)    

Born:  9 Nov 1785   Place:  Rockbridge Co., VA.  
Christened:  Lieutenant   Place:  Mounted Infantry, War Of 1812  
Died:  1867   Place:  Iowa City, Iowa  
Buried:    Place:  Rockbridge  

2. Sex Name

F  Elizabeth TEDFORD (AFN:17MC-QK9)    

Born:  Abt 1787   Place:  <Rockbridge Co., VA.>  

3. Sex Name

M  Thomas TEDFORD (AFN:17MD-15B)    

Born:  Abt 1779   Place:  <Rockbridge Co., VA.>  
Died:    Place:  Ala  

4. Sex Name

M  Robert TEDFORD (AFN:17MD-1F0)    

Born:  1778C   Place:  Rockbridge Co, TN  
Christened:  1812   Place:  Under Andrew Jackson  
Died:  30 Mar 1849   Place:  Mcnairy Co., TN  

5. Sex Name

M  Alexander TEDFORD (AFN:17MC-QNW)    

Born:  Abt 1780   Place:  <Rockbridge Co, TN>  

6. Sex Name

M  George TEDFORD (AFN:17MC-QP4)    

Born:  < 1782   Place:  <1869>  

7. Sex Name

M  John TEDFORD (AFN:17MD-1QT)    

Born:  1781   Place:  1869  
Christened:  Sergent   Place:  1St Reg. East Tennessee Volunteers  
Died:  1869   Place:  Carroll City, Indiana  

8. Sex Name

M  Paxton TEDFORD (AFN:17MD-1S8)    

Born:  Abt 1783   Place:  <Rockbridge Co., VA.>
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