Person:John Talcott (7)

John Talcott
d.Bet 25 Feb 1659/60 and 27 Mar 1660 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
m. Abt 1591
  1. John TalcottBef 1594 - Bet 1659/60 & 1660
  2. Anne TalcottEst 1596 - Bef 1616
  3. Mary TalcottEst 1598 - Bef 1616
  4. Rachel TalcottAft 1600 - 1653
  5. Grace TalcottEst 1602 - Bef 1604
  6. Sarah TalcottBef 1604 - Bet 1636 & 1644
  • HJohn TalcottBef 1594 - Bet 1659/60 & 1660
  • WDorothy MottEst 1605 - Bet 1669 & 1669/70
m. Bef 1625
  1. Lieutenant Colonel John TalcottEst 1625 - 1688
  2. Mary TalcottEst 1629 - Bet 1655 & 1660
  3. Captain Samuel TalcottAbt 1635 - 1691
Facts and Events
Name John Talcott
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bef 1594 Braintree, Essex, England
Marriage Bef 1625 Englandto Dorothy Mott
Will[1][2] 12 Aug 1659 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Will[2] 12 Aug 1659 Codicil.
Death[1] Bet 25 Feb 1659/60 and 27 Mar 1660 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

John Talcott's name is on the Founders Monument in Hartford. He is probably a brother of Mary Talcott Egleston and son of John of Braintree, England.

Freeman 6 Nov 1632. [3] Granted two acres at Cambridge 2 Feb 1633/4 and several other plots in 1633-34, holding 10 parcels by the 1635 Cambridge inventory. He sold most of the land plus some other parcels on 1 May 1636 to Nicholas Danforth. [4]

In the Hartford land inventory in February 1639/40, he held 34 parcels, many acquired years after the inventory.[5]

Lyon (1632)
There is some confusion as to the passengers on the Lyon in 1632. Banks listed about 120 passengers. Another list prepared by John Corley in 1984 lists some 350 passengers. [1]
Sailed: 22 Jun 1632 from London, England under Master William Peirce
Arrived: 16 Sep 1632 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    Origin: Braintree, Essex. Migration: 1632 on the Lyon. First Residence: Cambridge. Removes Hartford 1636.
    Birth: By about 1594, son of John and Anne (Skinner) Talcott. Apparently eldest of five children in 1604, when named in his father's will, and under age in 1606. [Hale, House 747, citing father's and grandfather's wills].
    Death: Between 25 Feb 1659/60 and 27 Mar 1660. (Treated by John Winthrop for stomach pains on the 25 Feb; mentioned in a letter of condolence set 27 March.)

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    Talcott, John, Hartford. Invt. £1708-04-04. Taken 4 January, 1660, by William Westwood & John Allyn. Will dated 12 August, 1659:

    Being sensabell of my owne mortallity and of the aproaching of my change, not knowing how Sudenly the Lord may put an end to my few dayes in this life, according to my duty I doe make this my last Will and Testament:

    Imprimis. I doe give and bequefe my now dwelling house, with all Other my houses and yards, home lotts, meadow lotts, both at the upper and lower end meadow both for mowing and ploueing, together with all my upland lotts, improved or not improved, unto Dorethy my loving wife, to improve for her owne proper use during the tarme of her naterall livfe, as allso the use of my hushold Stufe of all kindes, with my Stock of Kattell, for her use. I doe give and bequefe unto my sonn John all that land I bought in Hartford meadow and upland; together with the housing and house lotts I bought of John Stteel and Nathaniel Elly that now my sonn poseseth, unto my sonn for himselve and ayres forever to in joy. I doe alsoe give and bequefe unto my son John my now dwelling house in Hartford, together with my house lott, with all my meadow Land in the North Meadow that come to me by my Lotment from the towne, as alsoe all other that I poses by purchase or chang in Hartford; together with all my upland, improved or not improved, weth all right and priveliges there unto belonging, forever to injoy for himselve and ayers, after the death of my wife; provided that if his sonn John shall contenow to the age of Twenty four years, that then my sonn John shall settell him; or if he departte this Life before he attayne the fore sayd age, then his next eldest sonn that shall attayne the fore sayd age, ether in the house my sonn John now livith in or in the house that now I Live in, and say soe much Land to it for ether of his sonns that shall survive, to his owne proper use that shall posese it, as shall be really judged to be worth twenty pounds per annum, which shall be to him or ayers forever; and allsoe my sonn John shall pay to my use, if it be required towards the discharge of my debts and legeses by my Executrix or her ayers or exeketers, the sum of fifty pounds Sterling of Current pay.

    Also I give and doe give and bequefe unto my Sonn Same well all my housing and house Lotts Lying in Wethersfield, both of meadow, swamp and upland, with all my rights thereunto belonging, now in the occupation of John Belden or Enoch Buck or any other, both on the east and west side of the river, forever to in joy, himselve and Ayers; provided that if he marry and leave no issue of his body lawfully begotten when he departt this life, that then his wife shall only posese it during her naterall livfe, and then the land and housing to returne to the eldest sonn then Living of my sonn John, to injoy after my sonn John his death.

    Alsoe it is my will that my sonn Same well shall pay or case to be payd unto Dorethy my wife diuering her naterall Livfe, out of the rent of my Land at Wethersfield, ten pounds per annum:

    I give unto my Grand Child John Russell, at the age of twenty one years, twenty pounds, to be payd in Current country pay.

    I give to my Grand Child John Tallcott, at the age of twenty one years, in Like pay ten pounds.

    I give unto my Grand Child Same well Talcott, in like manner ten pounds.

    I give unto my Grand Child Elizabeth Tallcott, at the age of eighteen years, ten pounds.

    My mynd is that if my kinsman John Skiner and my Kinswoman Sara Stell, or ether of them, shall be living with me in service at my departur this livfe, that they shall have payd each of them soe living with me £10. I give unto my reverend and beloved teacher Mr. Stone £5. I give towards the mayntayning a latin skoll at Hartford, if any be kept here, £5; thes four Legeseys to be payd one yere after my death. I do ordayne my loving wife Dorethy my sole Exsecketrige, and doe intreat my loving friend Mr. Richard Lord Senyer and my sonn John to be the Overseers
    of this my Will, to assist my wife in the full filling of my Will. I doe give unto my overseers 50 Shillings apece, which I hope they accept in Love and answer my request herein. I give unto my sonne John, after my wifes departur this livfe, my fether bed in the parlour Chamber with all the furnetur there unto belonging, as allsoe my 'Marter Bok.' All my other bokes I give unto my sonne Samewell, as allsoe the beadstead, fether bed, with all the furnetur thereunto belonging, which Standeth in the kitchen Chamber.

    To signify that this is my last will and testament, I doe set to my hand the twelfe day of August, one thousand six hundred fifty nine.


    Codicil, dated 12th August, 1659: My Will is that if my gr. Child John Russell shall depart this life before he atayne the age of 21 years, that then £20 be payd vnto Jonathan Russell at the fore sayd age; and if Jonathan Russell atayne not the fore sayd age, then it be payd my sonn Russell, witch is an Ishow of all Accompts in reference to my Daughter’s portion tow Mr. Russell.


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