Person:John Jordan (73)

John Jordan, of the Bullpasture
  • F.  Jordan (add)
  1. William Jordan, Sr., of the Cowpasturebef 1733 -
  2. John Jordan, of the Bullpasture1739 -
  • HJohn Jordan, of the Bullpasture1739 -
  • W.  Ann (add)
m. bef. 1760
  1. Andrew Jordan1760 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name John Jordan, of the Bullpasture
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1739 County Down, Ireland
Marriage bef. 1760 to Ann (add)

John Jordan was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John Jordan patented 90 acres, on the Bullpasture on 1 March 1773, as listed below:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 556.--5th July, 1787. John ( ) Jordan and Ann ( ) to Andrew Jordan, part of 90 acres patented to John, 1st March, 1773; patented to John, 1st June, 1782. (Note: Andrew was John and Ann Jordan's son).
  • Page 2.--5th July, 1787. John ( ) Jordan, of Bullpasture, and Ann ( ) to John Armstrong, part of patents to John, 90 acres, 1st March, 1773, and 170 acres, 1st June, 1782.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 23, 1762. - (176) James Burnsides vs. James and John Jackson--John Jordan security.
  • Page 292.--26th September, 1763. Naphtalim Gregory's appraisement and settlement of estate recorded--Debts due the estate, by James Rusk, Jno. Rusk, Jno. Martin's estate. Account of sales on 13th September, 1763--To Jas. Williams, Michael Weaver. Wm. Fitzjarrell, Thos. Kirkpatrick, Richd. Morrison. Jno. Jordan, Joshua Ewing. Articles kept in hands of widow Mary--Some hooks. Paid Jno. Humphries.
  • Page 289.--82d August, 1774. Samuel Wilson's will--Executors, wife Mary and Thomas Hugart; to eldest son. Ralpli, 5 shillings; to next eldest son, Elibable, plantation testator lives on; to youngest son, Sampson, £100, infant; to daughter, Ruth, infant; to wife, Mary. Teste: John Jordan, John McCoy, Joseph Gamwell. Proved, 16th November, 1774, by McCoy and Gamwell. Hugart refuses to execute. Mary qualifies with Thos. Hugart, Robert Armstrong.
  • Page 194.--6th September, 1777. William ( ) Jordane, Sr., to Anthony Johnston, 90 acres patented to James Young 14th July, 1769, on head of Cowpasture, 90 acres adjoining, patented to William Jordan 1st March, 1773. Delivered: Mr. Readman by your order, 26th June, 1792. Teste: John ( ) Jordan.
  • Page 8.--18th March, 1778. Mark Swadley's estate in account with Mathew Patton and Sebastian Hover--Paid Leonard Simon, Richard Beven, John Jordan, Nicholas Seamans, Christopher Crommett, Margaret Dyche, Peter Smith, Cutlip Gabbart; received William Jordan's account; Lewis Bakers' do.
  • Page 121.--21st March, 1780. Edward Hynds' estate settlement recorded--8th July, 1778, sale at vendue to, viz: John Peebles, Anthony Johnson, Francis Foard, Mathew Pen, Eli Bab Wilson, John Kingin, Thos. Deverix, Lewis Baker, Wm. McKeamey, Thos. Dugless, Joseph Newton; 1777, John Jordan; paid Elizabeth Peilentine, William Smith's legacy.
  • Page 446.-(undated, abt. Feb. 1781)-Teste: John Jordon, Thomas Douglass, George Benston, David ( ) Frame, John McCreerey.
  • Page 446.--25th October, 1781. Thomas Wright and Jane to John Botkin. Teste: John Jordan, Thos. Dueglass, George Bentson, David Frame, John McCreery. Proved, 19th March, 1788.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 20, 1781. - (356) John and William Jordane exempted from levies.
  • Vol. 2 - JUDGMENTS, APRIL, 1791 (I to Z). - Andrew Jordan, assignee of John Jordan, vs. John Armstrong and Gavet Erwin--Augusta, 17th August, 1790.
  1.   John Jordan and Ann from Ireland. They settled on the Bullpasture Mountian in 1766 in Augusta County, VA, that became Pendleton County, VA in 1788, and inturn became Highland County, Virginia around 1848. Their children were Andrew and John, and probably others.

    Children of Andrew Jordan b.1760 - d.1818 and Lettice (Lettie) b.1760 - : Highland Co. VA
    1. William Jordan b.1788 - d.1859 m. Levisa Brooks- d.1847: Monroe Co. IN
    2. Andrew J. Jordan 1790-1872 m. Catherine Huffman 1788-1885. Braxton Co. WV, Fenton IL.
    3. John Jordan abt 1794-abt 1830 m. Lydia b.bet1796-1800 : Highland Co. VA
    4. Elizabeth Jordan b.1799 - m. Thomas Leisure
    5. Rachael T. Jordan b.1802 - m. Simeon Jennings b.1781 - d.1854 : Monroe Co. WV
    6. Letitia Jordan b.1803 -
    7. Sampson Jordan b.1805 - d.1861 m. Nancy Michael b.1814 - d.1884 : Highland Co. VA

    Children of John Jordan b.1771 - d.1849 m. Mary Ann (Annie) Jordan b.1784 - : Pendleton Co. WV
    1. James Jordan m. Sarah Johnson
    2. William Jordan b.1804 - m. Susanna Siever b.1801 - : Pendleton Co. WV
    3. Andrew Jordan b.1810 - d.1861 m. Sarah Arbogast b.1815 - d.1870 : Lewis Co. WV
    4. Rachel Jordan b.1813 - m. Jesse Lambert b.1799 - d.1859 : Pendleton Co. WV
    5. Sampson Jordan b.1816 -
    6. Jane Jordan b.1817 - m. David Wilson 1825 - : Barbour Co. WV
    7. Elizabeth Jordan b.1820 - m. John Murphy : Pendleton Co. WV
    8. Sydney Jordan b.1822 - m. William Nelson b.1820 - : Pendleton Co. WV
    10. Harvey M. Jordan b.1825 - d.1870 m. Mary Etta Dever b.1824 - : Highland Co. WV
    11. Thomas Jordan b.1825 - m. Eliza A. Layne b.1821 - : Bath Co. WV
    12. Ann Jordan b.1835 - : Pendleton Co. WV
  2. BIOGRAPHY: John and Ann settled on the Bullpasture Mountain which is presently in Highland County Virginia, but used to be Pendleton County, and then Augusta County. John had a brother, William, who settled in the Cowpasture Valley about the same time. The family of William Jordan is not as well known and is thought to be significantly smaller than John's.