Person:John Goodenow (9)

m. by abt 1594
  1. Ralph GoodenowEst 1594 -
  2. John Goodenow1596 - 1654
  3. Simon GoodenowEst 1598 -
  4. Nathaniel GoodenowAbt 1606 -
  5. Thomas GoodenowEst 1608 - Aft 1666
  6. Ursula GoodenowEst 1609 - 1653
  7. Captain Edmund GoodenowAbt 1611 - 1688
  8. Dorothy GoodenowAbt 1614 - 1686
  • HJohn Goodenow1596 - 1654
  • WJane _____Bef Abt 1611 - 1666
m. 1623
  1. Lydia Goodenow1631 - 1651
  2. Jane Goodenow1633 - 1684
Facts and Events
Name[3] John Goodenow
Gender Male
Birth? 1596 Donhead St. Andrew, Wiltshire, England(Powell says Semley, Wilts)
Alt Birth? Est 1596 Shaftesbury, Dorset, England
Marriage 1623 Donhead-St. Andrew, Wiltshire, Englandto Jane _____
Alt Marriage Est 1626 to Jane _____
Death[4] 28 Mar 1654 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts



#S1 claims he was from Semley, Wiltshire, England. According to Google Maps, Semley and Donhead-St. Andrew are less than three miles apart.

He emigrated on the Confidence in 1638 with his wife and two daughters. Also on the ship were the families of Thomas Goodenow and Edmund Goodenow, the former of which we know to be his brother.

Life in New England

(From #S1, pp 95-96)

One of the earliest settlers of Sudbury, MA. Had grants of roughly 100 acres of plowland, upland and meadow, scattered all over the town plot.

Both John and his brother Edmund opposed a policy which made the Sudbury commons freely available to new citizens, once the "due proportions" of the original settlers had been drawn up.

In 1644, both John and Edmund were appointed by the town to a committee with power to dispose of so much land per person less than 6 acres.

In the summer of 1644, he and Edmund were granted power from the town -- along with Peter Noyes, Walter Haines, Edmund Rice, Brian Pendleton and William Ward -- to "dispose of town affairs for one year." This was the seven-man council to which the town also gave authority to grant plots of upland.


Source: "Abstracts from Early Wills," NEHGR 19:43-44 (January 1865)

John Goodenow. The nuncupative will of John Goodenow, of Sudbury, uttered and ordayned by him, being of perfect memory and understanding, though weake in body, 2. 1st mo. 1654. I give unto my wife, Jane Goodenow, all my whole estate, both lands and goodes, for her use dureing her life, also I give unto her halfe of the said estate to b disposed of by her in her life, or upon her dying, and the other halfe unto my dau. Jane Wight, and her heyres, after my wives decease, only out of the whole of my estate I bequeath unto Andrew Duning, my sonne in law, L6 sterl. and unto my kinswoman, Abigail Goodenow, the dau. of Thomas Goodenow, my Brother, one peece of land contayning 6 acres, more or lesse, lying between the mill brooke and pine brooke, both wh. legacies I give out of my whole estate, to be injoyed by eyther of them according to my will after my wives decease and not before, and the rest of my estate to be disposed of as aforesaid. I ordayne my sonne in law Henry Wite, to be Executor, and Edmund Browne, Peeter Noice, Edmund Goodenow and John Rudduck,all of Sudbury, my overseers.
In presence of Edmund Browne, Jno. Tell, Dorothy Rudducke.
Taken upon oath by Mr. Edmund Browne, 5: 3 mo. 1654, before Increase Nowell, Jno. Tell and Dorothy Rudducke deposted i: 3 mo. before Walter Haynes, Commission'r.
Henry Wight, of Dedham, appearing before Captaine Daniel Gookine and Captaine Humphery Atherton, Magistrates, tendered this will above written, to be left upon Record, and accordingly it was by them allowed. Thomas Danforth, Recorder.
Inventory of the estate taken and prised by Walter Haynes, William Ward, Edmund Goodenow and Jno. Rudducke, 11: 2 mo. 1654. Amt L234 15s 6d. House, barne and severall parcells of lands in Sudbury, L90; a Tennement house and land in Dedham, L20.
Henry Wight deposed 24. 3 mo: 1654.#S2

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