Person:John Depew (5)

John Depew 1842-1850 Fayette County, Illinois
m. abt. 1758
  1. Isaac Depew1758 - 1854
  2. Samuel Depew1759 - 1791
  3. John Depew1762 - bet 1842-1850
  4. Jacob Depew1765 - 1847
  5. Elijah Depew1767 - 1824
  6. Lucretia 'Lawerecia' Depew1769 -
  7. James Depew1775 - 1820
  • HJohn Depew1762 - bet 1842-1850
  • WMary Seagravesbet 1771-1772 -
m. 2 October 1792
Facts and Events
Name John Depew
Alt Name John Dipoy
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1762 New Jersey or Virginia
Marriage 2 October 1792 Botetourt County, Virginiato Mary Seagraves
Death[1] bet. 1842-1850 Fayette County, Illinois

John Depew was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Hamilton (George) vs. Depoy--O. S. 307; N. S. 109--Deed, 21st December, 1813, by John Dippo (Dopoy) and wife Mary, of Rockingham to George Hamilton, 150 acres in Rockingham, part of two original tracts; 36 acres, part of 182 acres conveyed by Ann Tallman to Benj. Tallman by deed 25th April, 1796, which was part of 59 acres inclusive, survey by patent to George Conrad, 11th December, 1780. 114 acres patented to John Needham, 3d August, 1771, and by his daughter Elenor, heir-at-law, conveyed to George Conrad by deed, 26th March, 1781, by him to Ann Tallman, by her to Benj. Tallman, 8th December, 1803, the 150 acres conveyed by Benj. to John Depoy, by deed, on Smith's Creek.
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