Person:John Buchanan (75)

Capt. John Buchanan
d.Aft. 1806
m. 1722
  1. Alexander BuchananAbt 1726 -
  2. Archibald Buchanan1728 - 1806
  3. James Buchanan1732 - 1763
  4. Capt. John BuchananAbt 1732 - Aft 1806
  5. Rebecca Buchanan1734 -
  6. Janet Buchanan1738 - 1745
  7. William Buchanan1740 - Abt 1805
  8. Robert Buchanan1742 - 1809
m. abt. 1756
  1. Alexander Buchanan1763 - 1858
  2. George Buchanan1774 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name Capt. John Buchanan
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1732 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage abt. 1756 Augusta County, Virginiato Martha Buchanan
Death? Aft. 1806

John Buchanan was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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JOHN6 BUCHANAN, CAPT. (JAMES5, ALEXANDER4, JOHN3, JOHN2, GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1732 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died Aft. 1806. He married MARTHA BUCHANAN Abt. 1756 in Augusta County, Virginia, daughter of JOHN BUCHANAN and MARGARET CAMPBELL. She was born 1738 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died in Prob. Wythe County, Virginia.


Captain John Buchanan

He was born about 1732 (other sources state 1724 or 1730) in Chester County, Pennsylvania and moved to Augusta County, Virginia about 1743. He was a weaver and farmer. On March 19, 1753, he bought 370 acres on Walker's Creek adjoining his father, James Buchanan, from Benjamin Borden. He then sold that land to James McCown. On August 20, 1754, he bought 240 acres in Beverly Manor on the patent line from James and Margaret Roseborough for L63 (another source states L50). He Married about 1756 (another source states 1758) making the connection with the Augusta County Buchanans who were already living there. In 1761 he posted bond for the administration of the estate of James McFerrin. On August 20, 1771, he and his wife sold their 240 acre plantation to Charles Berry for L90.

(Family record written by Alexander Buchanan, 3rd son of this John Buchanan. Augusta County, Virginia Deed Book 6, page 347. Deed Book 17, page 282. Will Book 3, page 23)

In 1771, John and his wife moved to Locus Cove in Rich Valley in what is now Smyth County, Virginia. When he aquired his lands there has not been determined and since there were several men with the same name in Augusta County and Southwest, Virginia, it is difficult to determine which references are to him.

Note:There is a John Buchanan who was a Captain of a Virginia unit, according to American Genealogical Research Institute-"Buchanan Family History" page 63. This John Buchanan who also married a Martha Buchanan was born 1724 and died 1783.

On September 8, 1774 an Indian raid through Locus Cove caused his family and that of his brother Archibald to take refuge in Royal Oak Fort- now Marion, Virginia.

(Botetourt County, Virginia, Tax List, 1772; Goodridge Wilson, "Smythe County History and Traditions" (Kingsport, Tennessee, Kingsport Press, 1932, page 53).

In 1776, as a resident of the western part of Fincastle County, he signed a petition to divide the county; on November 25, 1795, he signed a petition to form what became Tazewell County, Virginia. On November 14 and 15, 1784, John had surveyed two tracts of 90 and 160 acres in Rich Vally on the North Fork of the Holston River. On June 21, 1806, he gave his son Patrick 274 acres on the North Fork. On June 26, 1806, he gave John Buchanan, Jr. 128 acres in Locus Cove and he gave his son James Buchanan 148 in Locus Cove and 148 acres on the North Fork of the Holston River.

(Washington County, Virginia Entries and Surveys, Book 1, pages 104, 113. Wythe County, Virginia Deed Book 5, pages 236, 131, 132. Book 4, page 387)

Family tradition has long stated that John died in 1781 of wounds received at Guilford Courthouse, but these deeds of 1806 would seem to refute that. No record has been found of his death or the settlement of his estate.