Person:John Bird (133)

m. bef. 1743
  1. Sarah Bird1743 - 1815
  2. Mary Bird1747 - 1820
  3. John Dean Byrd1748 - 1836
Facts and Events
Name John Bird
Alt Name John Byrd
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1713 Somerset County, New Jersey
Christening[1] 9 August 1713 Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey
Marriage bef. 1743 to Margaret Dean
Death[1] Sept. 1756 Killed by Indians at Jackson's River, Augusta County, Virginia

John Bird was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

Note: The first transaction below (that was listed before John Byrd's acquisition in Chalkley's, does not belong to John Byrd, but is listed because it contains information referenced in Byrd's listing:
  • Page 318.--19th May, 1754. Adam Dickinson to William Dean, £75, 327 acres part of 820 acres patented to Adam as above on Jackson River; corner James Boreland on Indian Camp Creek. Teste: Archibald Boreland. Delivered to John Dean. 1765.
  • Page 321.-- 18th May, 1754. Adam Dickinson to John Bird, £25. 215 acres, part of above patent; corner Wm. Jackson. Delivered to John Dean June, 1765.

John Bird's Administration

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 167.--17th November, 1756. James Boreland's bond (with John Graham and Jas. Arbuckle) as administrator of John Bird. (Note: John Byrd apparently died intestate)
  • Page 218.-- November, 1750. John Bird's estate, settlement by James Boreland, administrator--13th January, 1757, paid J. D. Wilper, John Dean, John Sempell, Andrew Hamilton.
  • Page 260.--16th August, 1758. John Dean's bond (with John Stuart, Thomas Hugart) as guardian (?) to Sarah Bird, orphan of John Bird.
  • Page 271.--19th August, 1758. James Boreland's settlement of estate of John Bird--Paid John Hart.

John Bird killed by Indians in 1756

From "The Annals of Bath County: The Families of Greater Bath", p. 190:

John BYRD, a brother-in-law to John & William DEAN, was killed by Indians 2 years after his purchase on Jackson's River in 1754. Of the wife & 6 children who were carried away, John Jr., is the only one we know to have returned. The family were trying to escape Fort Dinwiddie. The son became so Indianized that it was quite awhile before he could reconcile himself to the ways of his own people. He was a favorite of the red man & made at least one attempt to go back to them. His wife was a HAMILTON. There were 7 children but Andrew H., whose wife was Elizabeth Capito, was the only son to stay in Bath. A sister, 2 years older than John Jr. remained with the Indians. Another sister Sarah, born 1743, does not seem to have been carried away & chose John DEAN as a guardian.

Additional information on the Indian Attack of 1756 can be found in the following article:

Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, VA

Records of John Bird in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 91.--Cash for John Jennet. Cash for thrashing grain. Cash paid Jno. Boyd. Cash for Jno. Finley. Edmond Smith's account. Cash paid Robert Looney, Robert Rowland, Jno. Bramham. Cash paid Andrew Clemons. 18th June, 1747--Daniel Monahan to Simon Akers, 1 year's keeping his child, £4, 7, 6. Paid John Bird. (Here James Porteus begins to be scribe, vid., page 282.)
  • Page 155.--The praisement of William Chestnut's estate, his deceased. Mary Saphiah, his wife, administered and had it praised. Dr. this 18th December, 1788, by James Stephenson, John Bird, Robert Robinsin. (Note: since this is many years after this John Bird's death, it may be his son).

Possible siblings of John Bird in Augusta County records:

  • Page 7.--2d February, 1754. Andrew Bird to Moses Bird, on Smith's Creek. Andrew Bird's line; Jno. Phillips' line, 350 acres, part of 400, 50 of which were surveyed for Jacob Rambo by deed. Teste: Abraham Bird. Delivered to Jno. Skean, February, 1758.
  • Page 10.--2d February, 1754. Andrew Bird to Abraham Bird, 174 acres in Brock's Gap on North Sharrando River, the patent line to the Chimney Rock.
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