Person:Johann Loch (1)

Johann Adam Loch, of South Branch - Potomac River, VA
m. 3 JUL 1736
  1. Johann Adam Loch, of South Branch - Potomac River, VA1737 - ABT 1789
  2. John LoughABT 1744/45 -
  3. George LoughABT 1750 - 1818
  4. Anna Elizabeth LoughABT 1749/50 -
  • HJohann Adam Loch, of South Branch - Potomac River, VA1737 - ABT 1789
  • WMaria Barbara Gluck1744 - BET 1810
m. 4 MAR 1760
  1. Anna Maria LoughBET 1760 AND 1764 -
  2. Barbara LoughBET 1765 AND 1775 -
  3. Maria Elizabeth Lough1765 -
  4. Susannah LoughBET 1770 AND 1775 -
  5. Margaret LoughBEF 1775 -
  6. Hannah LoughBET 1775 AND 1784 - 1829
  7. Eve LoughBET 1780 AND 1784 - 1838
  8. John LoughBET 1782 AND 1783 - 1853
  9. Elizabeth LoughBET 1784 AND 1788 -
  10. George Lough1785 - 1854
  11. Conrad Lough1788 - 1860
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4] Johann Adam Loch, of South Branch - Potomac River, VA
Alt Name Adam Lough
Alt Name Adam Loeh
Alt Name Adam Lock
Gender Male
Birth[3][4] 8 AUG 1737 Baumholder, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Baptism[3][4] 11 AUG 1737 Baumholder, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Marriage 4 MAR 1760 Host Reformed Church, Tulpehocken, Berks County, Pennsylvaniato Maria Barbara Gluck
Other[3][4] 3 MAY 1769 Purchased Land in Pendleton County from Nicholas SeybertFact
Other[3][4] 1777 Pendleton County, West VirginiaTax List
Death[3][4] ABT 1789 Kline, Pendleton County, West Virginia
Burial[3][4] Kline, Pendleton County, West Virginia

Adam Lough was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA:

  • Page 187.--3d May, 1769. Same (From Nicholas Sybert (Seybert), eldest son and heir-at-law of Jacob Sybert, deceased, of Frederick County, Maryland) to Adam Lock, £10, 88 acres on the mountain between the South Fork and South Branch of Potowmac patented to Jacob Sybert, 10th November, 1757; Michael Mallow's line. Teste: John ( ) Blizard. Delivered: Grantee, 15th April, 1814.
  • Land Survey - Page 202 - Adam Lough, 53 acres, South Branch of Potomac. Adjoining Adam Harpools and his own land. Oct. 14, 1772. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 73].
  • Land Survey - Page 236 - Adam Lough, 80 acres, Shaver's Run, branch of South Fork of Potomac. November 3, 1773. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 83].
  • Land Survey - Page 57 - Adam Lough, 138 acres, Switser Gap Run Branch of South Branch, adjoining Adam Harpole. February 16, 1786. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 116].

Will Abstract of Adam Lough

Adam Lough's will ("being very sick & weak in body") was signed on 5 November 1789. His wife Barbara was named executrix and given wide powers to pay his debts and to care for his children. His eldest son Adam, then scarcely ten years old, was given twelve years after he came of age to make yearly payments to his brothers and sisters. If he elected to make these payments (which were to be based on an appraisal of the value of his plantation) then Adam was to have his father's land. If not, it was to be sold at public vendue and Adam was to have £10 above an equal share of the proceeds as the eldest son and heir of his father. Two daughters, Catherine and Mary, apparently already married, were not to have their payment until the rest of the children had been paid. The implication is that they had some small settlement at the time of their marriage. These are the only three children mentioned by name, but it appears that he was survived by at least 12 children at the time of his death. The will was apparently written by Robert Poage, and he and Jacob Conrad (who had also lived earlier in the Tulpehocken Valley) were the two witnesses. He signed his will as Adam Loch, although he is called Lough in the text. [Pendleton County Will Book I, page 6]

Records of Adam Lough in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 184.--3d May, 1769. Nicholas Sybert (Seybert), eldest son and heir-at-law of Jacob Sybert, deceased, of Frederick County, Maryland, to John Blizard, £200, 210 acres on southermost branch of South Branch of Potowmack, part of 2,643 acres patented to Robert Green, 12th January, 1746, and by him conveyed to John Patton, Jr., 5th November, 1747, and by him conveyed to said Jacob Seybert, 21st May, 1755; corner Rodger Dyer. Teste: Mathew Patton, James Dyer, Adam Lock, Robert Minnis. Delivered: Daniel Smith, September, 1770.
  • Page 49.--10th February, 1772. George Fults's (Foltz) will--To wife, Catharine Barbara, all estate until youngest child Susanna comes to age of twelve years; to oldest son, George; to youngest son, John Phillips, infant; to daughters, Hanna, Eave, Susanna. Teste: Adam Loff, Adam Harpole, Nicholas Oswedy. Proved, 16th March, 1773 (written in the "Garman Tong" and translated by Anthony Ayler) by Adam Lock and Adam Harpole. Widow Catherine Barbara qualified with Nicholas Harpole, Adam Lock.
  • Page 211.--1st April, 1773. Valentine Butcher's (on South Branch) estate appraised by Peter Vaneman, Robert Davis, Adam Louck.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1776. - (101) Nicholas Harpole and Adam Lock, securities for Barbara Oldham, widow and administratrix of George Fultz, but now wife of John Oldham, demand counter security.
  • Page 440.--19th November, 1776. Recorded. A list of the sundry articles appraised at Inn Peter Holes in the Crab Apple Bottom by Adam Loch, Leonard Simmons, Henry Bennigar.
  • Page 478.--__ _____, 1776. Jacob Conrad's estate appraised--Due by Adam Longh, Thos. Skidmore.
  • Page 10.--15th September, 1772 (s/b 1778?). Sale bill of above (from estate of Mark Swadley) to, viz: Anthony Regar, Thos. Feemster (Cowpasture), Aron Skihawk, David Whitton, William Darling, David Taylor, Martin Shole, George Bushberry, James Wilke, Jacob Brack, William and James Dyer, Adam Look, Jno. Dunwoodey.
  • Page 107.--16th November, 1779. Recorded. Michael Mallow's sale bill--Sold to, viz: Michael Allgyre, Jacob Bragg, Peter Wineman, Jacob Carpenter, Joseph Bennett, Adam Mallow, Jacob Break, Richard Byrns, Martin Judy, Philip Harper, Jno. Rice; to Nicholas Boucher, Jno. Westfall, Peter Vineman, Jno. Higgins, Jacob Goodman, Jacob Heffenor, Christopher Hoofner, Gasper Bogart, Henry Rule, Abel Griffith, Peter Hald, Peter Segerfoot, widow Moser, Aaron Vanscoy, Thos. Bland, Zachary Retsworth, Sarah Harmon, Ludowick Waggoner, Thos. Wilmot, Adam Lock, Michael Peterson, Geo. Walker, Samuel Morrall, Zachary Retsroth, Henry Judy, Jacob Springstone, Jacob Caplinger, John Server, Eve Moser, Lawrence Causan (Cansen?), Robt. Craigard, Gabriel Cyle (Kile).


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