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Jeremiah Able
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Name Jeremiah Able
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Data for Jeremiah Able (1)


We have few records for Jeremiah Able in Southwest Virginia. He appears in the area as early as 1774 when he is shown on the Roster of Glade Hollow Fort. Source:Summers, 1903 lists a Jeremiah Able as one of the constables in early Washington County, but gives no details. He appears on several juries in the court records (as Jeremiah Abel), during this time period. He appears on several of the transcribed Land Tax records for Russell County in Patrick Porters district, (as Abbel, Abel, and Able) with 250 acres, in 1793 and 1795; he does not appear on any of the transcribed personal tax lists. [1]

It is possible that this Jeremiah Able is the same person who is recorded as a Methodist Church Elder in the lower Holston circuit. Reverend Jeremiah Able is identified as being the presideing elder of the the "Botetourt, Kanahwa, and Green circuits". These circuits encompassed southwest Viriginia, but it is not clear that a) Rev. Able actually lived in southwest Virginia, or b) that he was the same person who served at Glade Hollow Fort in 1774. The Rev. Jeremiah Able married Hannah Aiken in Botetourt County in 1791. [2] We are told that the Reverend Able moved on to Kentucky about 1796, settling in Green County, and eventually joining with the Presbyterians, and that he moved to Illinois in 1826, dying there in 1845. However, those research the line of the Rev. Able typically give his DOB as about 1770. If accurate, this is clearly too young to be the Jeremiah Able (1) who appears as an adult in the Glade Hollow fort roster.

Another possibility is that he is the Jeremiah Able who later lived in Edgefield, South Carolina, dying there in 1811. This Jeremiah Able is given various POB's, but some authors identify him as being born in Orange County, VA between 1746 and 1751. If so, he would have been about the right age to have appeared as an adult in SW VA in the 1770's. The John Able of Edgefield SC is said, however, to have been married their in 1786, which would seem to conflict with the SW VA records that show him paying land taxes well into the 1790's in SW VA.

In anycase, the existing data do not seem to be sufficient to show whether Rev. Able is the same person who appears in Washington County prior to the Revolution.

Personal Data


  1. Transcriptions for the personal tax records are relatively complete, but several of these lists seem to be missing the first page or so. The lists were alphabetized, so "Jeremiah Able", if he appeared on those lists originally, would probably be missing in the transcriptions. Relatively few of the land tax records have been transcribed. I'm not sure that the ones that haven't still exist. In any case, its difficult to gauge when Jeremiah Able was present in Russell County based on these lists. His absence after 1795 may be because he left the area, or may be simply an artifact of record survival.
  2. Source:Vogt and Kethley, 1987. Able, Jeremiah & Hannah EAKINS 16 Mar 1791 bondsman Henry Ogburn consent Jonathan Martin, gdn. of Hannah "to marry Rev. Jeremiah Able" 16 Mar 1791 witness Henry Ogburn minister Henry Ogburn (Meth.) 16 Mar 1791