Person:Janka Tilleman (1)

Janka Tilleman
b.30 Sep 1896 Budapest, Hungary
  1. Janka Tilleman1896 - 1997
  1. Magda Gabor1915 - 1997
  2. Zsa Zsa Gabor1917 - 2016
  3. Eva Gabor1919 - 1995
m. Mar 1957
Facts and Events
Name Janka Tilleman
Alt Name[1] Jansci Tilleman
Married Name[3] Jolie Gabor
Alt Name Johanna Tilleman
Alt Name Jolie Tilleman
Alt Name[8][10][13] Jolie Kende
Gender Female
Residence[16] 198? Palm Springs, Riverside, California, United States
Birth[1] 30 Sep 1896 Budapest, Hungary
Alt Birth[3][13][17] 1900 Budapest, Hungary
Emigration[1] 1939 Hungary
Divorce bef 1945 from Col. Vilmos Gabor
Occupation[3][4][5] 1956 NYC, New York, United StatesJewelry store owner, Jolie Gabor jewelry store, 699 Madison Avenue
Education[13] Switzerland
Marriage Mar 1957 New York, United States3rd marriage for the bride
to Edmond Odon Deszigethy
Death[1][3][17] 1 Apr 1997 Palm Springs, Riverside, California, United States
Burial[1][17] 4 Apr 1997 Cathedral City, Riverside, California, United StatesDesert Memorial Park

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    BIRTH 30 Sep 1896 Budapest, Hungary
    DEATH 1 Apr 1997 Palm Springs, Riverside County, California, USA
    BURIAL Desert Memorial Park, Cathedral City, Riverside County, California, USA
    PLOT B-8, #126

    Folk Figure. The mother of Zsa Zsa, Eva, and Magda Gabor. Born in Hungary, she was named Jansci ("Johnny") by her parents, who had wanted a boy. Escaping her dull first marriage to Vilmos Gabor, her own hopes of stardom tarnished, she took to pushing her daughters towards fame and fortune with a vengeance. "You will be rich, famous and married to kings," she told them. With that end in sight she drove them to master everything they began. She made it to America in 1939, divorced and with only $100 and a big diamond to her name. On the other hand Zsa Zsa had gotten here first and married hotel baron Conrad Hilton. With Zsa Zsa's help Jolie set herself up with a jewelry shop on Madison Avenue. Like her daughters she called everyone "Dahlingk," loved parties and was always ready to pawn a diamond to pay for champagne. "Life's a gamble," she said, "you must know how to play it." She published an autobiography and a cookbook of her family's favorite recipes, all heavy on paprika and sour cream. In 1966 Jolie and her husband, Count Odon de Szigethy, bought a modest home in Ridgefield, Connecticut and immediately set about glamorizing the place. "I like to make from a nothing something," she told the press. The de Szigethys sold the place in 1970. She died at the age of 100, with 21 husbands between her three daughters and herself. (bio by: D C McJonathan-Swarm)
    Inscription: Our Beloved Mother and Grandmother We Love You Forever

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    b. 1900. She wanted to be an actress but ended up running a successful costume-jewelry business. Her most stunning achievements, however, were her three daughters, Magda, Eva and Zsa Zsa. In the 1950's, Zsa Zsa Gabor gave a Hollywood party for the son of the Dominican dictator Gen. Rafael Trujillo. To show his gratitude, he sent her a chinchilla coat. Zsa Zsa's mother, Jolie, wasn't a bit surprised. “So, what do you expect -- for him to send flowers to a girl like Zsa Zsa?” she asked. Now there's a mother a girl could love.
    When Jolie Gabor died in April at age 96, an era went with her. Granted, it was time for it to go -- but still. If she never existed, Dominick Dunne would have had to create her: the mother whose three daughters leave the old country behind and go to America, where their beauty, their talent -- well, their beauty -- is so irresistible to the rich and powerful men they meet that, voila! They become rich and powerful too. Jolie Gabor was a marketing genius, positioning Magda, Zsa Zsa and Eva as the ultimate international beauty queens, glorifying Euro before it turned to trash. Magda soon shunned the spotlight, but Zsa Zsa and Eva craved it.
    “My daughters know how to ride, to play tennis, ice skate and all the sports that make up for a social life,” Jolie once said. “Not too much can they do these things -- not too much to make big muscles -- but enough to be a charming companion to a man.” Though men were essential to Jolie's plan for her daughters -- and for herself -- she encouraged the girls to earn their own living. “When you can support yourself, you can choose your husbands,” she said. “You have not to be the slave of a rich man.” Her advice on how to catch that husband? “Beauty to capture, brains to hold,” she said. “Brains are important because if a man is just looking for beauty, he can buy a beautiful painting. Then a good disposition. A nagging wife can kill a husband. A marriage is something between two, and I always feel much sorry for a man to make a bad marriage than a woman because he has to pay for it. In money, I mean. And two made the mistake.” Is there a man alive who would disagree?
    Jolie Kende was born in Budapest, where her father owned a jewelry business. She was sent to a Swiss finishing school, but dreamed of becoming an actress. When her parents insisted she marry, she found Vilmos Gabor, a businessman twice her age, and after six miserable months, he agreed to a divorce so she could act. But after becoming pregnant with Magda, she opened a jewelry store instead. She postponed the divorce, for what turned out to be 22 years and two more daughters.
    When Zsa Zsa moved to New York in the 1940's and married Conrad Hilton of the Hilton hotel chain, she asked her mother to join her. Newly divorced, Jolie arrived with only $100 in cash -- but her son-in-law's money helped to bankroll the successful Jolie Gabor costume-jewelry store on Madison Avenue. And if there was a method to the way she raised her girls, there was a method to the way she did business. “Consider emeralds,” she told a reporter in a 1958 interview with The New York Mirror. “There are two kinds. A good emerald costs maybe $40,000. A bad emerald -- those flaws in the bottom -- costs maybe $2,000.” She pointed out flaws in the ring she was showing the reporter, who said he assumed it cost $2,000. He was wrong. “This is a $115 ring,” Jolie said. “It is an imitation I have made with the flaws deliberately put in. That's why it's a good one. People see a woman wearing this ring. Without flaws, $40,000, they won't believe. With flaws, $2,000, they'll believe. But it only cost her $115.”
    Zsa Zsa Gabor recalled last month that her mother “was brilliant, a survivor. She always said I was her favorite, but I think she loved all three equally. We always fought over who could be next to her. She was always so modern, we called her the American. “She was very proud of our careers and encouraged all of us. Eva went in summer stock once -- I don't know the play -- but in the last scene she came out in a beautiful white gown and a big white fur and there was Mother in the front row in exactly the same outfit.” Zsa Zsa laughed. “Eva got hysterical. She forgot her lines.”
    Jolie Gabor married a second time, briefly, and in 1957 she married Count Edmond de Szigethy, whom she had known in Budapest. When he arrived in New York in 1956 with $27 in his pocket, he spent $20 on flowers for Jolie -- or so the story goes. They were together until his death in 1989. “The last few years were not good for her,” Zsa Zsa said. “She lost her husband, whom she adored. We went every Sunday to visit and have luncheon with her. Even when she was sick, she always had to be dressed wonderfully.” She sighed. “I miss her advice. She never once said we should marry for money. Sometimes the newspapers would write that, but it wasn't true. She always wanted us to be happy, to marry someone we really loved."
    This has been a dreadful year for Zsa Zsa Gabor. After her mother died in April, her sister Magda died in June, of kidney failure. Eva died in 1995, of a respiratory illness. "It still hurts so much to talk about Mother," Zsa Zsa said. "When she was alive, we were all alive."

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    Jolie Gabor, the mother of the actresses Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor, died on Tuesday. She was 97. Mrs. Gabor was admitted to Eisenhower Medical Center here several days ago, said Dale C. Olson, her publicity agent. The family immigrated to the United States from Hungary in the 1930's. By the 1950's, Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor had achieved international celebrity while their mother was known as one of the movie world's social matrons. She owned jewelry stores in Palm Springs, Calif., and New York. She retired to Palm Springs. Eva Gabor died from a respiratory illness in 1995. Mrs. Gabor is survived by her other daughters, Zsa Zsa, of Bel Air, Calif., and Magda, of Palm Springs, and by a granddaughter.

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