Person:Jane Porter (16)

Jane 'Gean' Porter
m. Bef. 1730
  1. John Porter1730 - Bef 1804
  2. Jane 'Gean' Porter1731 - 1814
  3. Margaret PorterAbt 1733 - 1795
  4. Mary Porter1736 - 1814
  5. William Porter, Jr.abt 1740 - 1804
  • HSamuel Black1727 - 1782
  • WJane 'Gean' Porter1731 - 1814
m. 1749
  1. John Black1755 - 1849
  2. Jean Blackabt 1757 - 1833
  3. Margaret Black1763 - bef 1829
  4. Samuel S. Black1764 - Aft 1829
  5. Mary Black1765 - 1829
  6. William Black1767 - 1851
  7. Martha Ann? Black1768 - aft 1829
  8. Nancy Black1770 - 1829
  9. James M. Black1773 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name Jane 'Gean' Porter
Gender Female
Birth? 1731 Orange County, Virginia[year of birth per husband]
Marriage 1749 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesto Samuel Black
Death? 1814 Augusta County, Virginia


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Transcript:Will of William Porter, Rockbridge CountyVA, 1780
Source:Morton, 1920:522
William Porter Records in Chalkley's Chronicles


Source:Morton, 1920:522 provides a child list of for William Porter, probably based on Transcript:Will of WilliamPorter, Rockbridge CountyVA, 1780|Williams will of 1780]]. That list excludes child Jane. User:RBH has pointed out that this exclusion is in error, as daughter Jane Black is clearly identified in his will. User:RBH suggests that this error probably arose from a misreadng of the will, with Morton mistaking a reference to daughter "Gean" for a reference for wife "Gean". The full text of the will makes it clear that he had a daughter Gean (e.g., Jane) who married a Black.

User:RBH identifies Jane's husband as Samuel Black. Her comment was:

Samuel Black always called her Rebecca and says that in his will. He also says she was born in 1731 but that could have been a transcribing error. They were married in 1749. Also stated in Sam'l.Black's will. This information was taken from " The Family History of William Porter Jr. of Rockbridge County, Virginia 1740-1804" Mary E. Porter.

While there's no doubt, based on the transcription of William's will, that William's daughter Jane married a "Black", additional evidence would be needed to show that her husband was Samuel Black. The fact that Samuel Black's will identifies his wife as "Rebecca" would seem to contradict the idea that his wife was Jean Porter, and requires explanation. Perhaps Rebecca was his second wife, or perhaps Jane married a different Black. Additional data needed.

Given that this source apparently has her marring at Age 12, I think its very unlikely that Jane Porter's name was "Rebecca Jane" Also, the early use of a dual name "Rebecca Jane" seems unlikely. More likely, data about two separate persons has been conflated. Q 13:03, 28 August 2013 (EDT)

RBH says: Rebecca Jane Porter Black was born in 1731 and the 1737 date is in error. This would make her age 18 at her marriage date of 1749. Please see your own page of we relate concerning the family of Andrew Alexander and Katherine Thompson. It has the same information that I have as to Jane Porter and Samuel Black. Jane Alexander married John Black s/o Samuel and Jane Porter Black.

  1.   Somewhere in Chalkley's Chronicles William Porter and his wofe Gean Mackey are witnesses to some transaction. I remember seeing this but didn't make a note of it
    at the time. I have tried to find it again but it is not listed under their names.
    I have seen Gean Mackey b. 1711 in other family trees also.