Person:James McGavock (2)

James McGavock
  • HJames McGavock1728 - 1812
  • WMary Cloyd1740/41 - 1827
m. 20 February 1760
  1. Hugh McGavock1761 - 1844
  2. David McGavock1763 - 1838
  3. James McGavock1764 - 1838
  4. Randall McGavock1766 - 1844
  5. Mary McGavockaft 1770 -
  6. Betsie McGavockEst 1774-1782 -
  7. Joseph McGavockabt 1775 -
  8. Sarah McGavock1787 - 1853
Facts and Events
Name James McGavock
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1728 County Antrim, Ireland
Marriage 20 February 1760 to Mary Cloyd
Death[1] 22 May 1812 Max Meadows, Wythe County, Virginia

James McGavock was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 403.--18th March, 1757. Samuel McDowell and Mary to James McGavock, £60, 400 acres by patent dated 25th June, 1747, in Forks of James on branches of Cedar Creek. Delivered: McGaffock, February, 1760.
  • Page 393.--15th March, 1768. John Hall and Mary to James McGavock and John Maxwell, £50, 45 acres of Cedar Creek in Forks of James; corner William Hall, Jr., William Poage's line; corner David Cloyd. Delivered: Hugh Brawford, May, 1778.

Records of James McGavock in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1760--February __, James McGaffock. (Note: Bride's name not listed).
  • Page 230.--18th March, 1760. David Cloid's bond (with John Bowyer, James McGavock), as guardian (appointed) to Mary Cloyd, orphan of John Cloyd.
  • Page 118.--19th February, 1762. John Bowyer's bond (with James McDowell, Saml. McDowell, James McGavock) to indemnify Israel Christian as John's surety on bond as guardian for Martha Borden.
  • Page 279.--20th September, 1763. James and John Gilmore's bond (with James McGavock, Jno. Bowyer) as administrators of John Gilmore.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 377.--Processioners appointed as follows, viz (1764): William Robinson and James Robinson, from Heads of Roanoke to Fort Lewis. William Bryan and James Neilly, from Fort Lewis on Waters of Roan Oke. James Rowland and Joseph Montgomery, Thomas Ramsey and James Lawderdale, on Waters of Catawbo and James River on the South Side. James McGayvock, James Gilmore, John Poage, John Thompson, between Buffalo and James River.
  • Page 369.--21st November, 1764. Joseph Lapsley's bond (with James McGavock) as guardian (chosen) to Mary McBride, orphan of Thomas McBride.
  • Page 396.--22d May, 1765. Joseph Cloyd's bond (with James McGavock, Jas. Cloyd) as administrator of Saml. Flowers.
  • Page 364.--14th February, 1769. William McIlhenny to Alexander Stuart, £155, 197 acres purchased by Henry Bowen from Lilly Bowen, his mother, 6th September, 1765, and conveyed by Henry Bowen and Ann to William McIlhenny, 2d October, 1765. on James River; corner tract belonging to John Bowen, deceased, of which this 197 acres is a part. Teste: Samuel Walker, James McGavock, James McElhiney. Samuel McDowell.
  • Page 251.--4th March, 1769. John Buchanan and Margret to Michael Dougherty (Docherty), £10, 84 acres in Forks of James, part of 170 acres purchased by John Buchanan from John Moffet; corner Michael Docherty's land; corner James McGavock's land. Teste: James Crow, James Gilmore, Jonathan Smith. Delivered, October, 1777.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1769. - (324) Following recommended as Justices, viz: Mat. Harrison, Wm. Ingles, Wm. Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, Wm. Herbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Robert Doage, John Montgomery, Alexr. Thompson, James Craig, Waiter Crockett, Andrew Lockridge, Walter Cunningham and James McGavock. The following to be left off, reasons to be given by the Clerk and former order discharged, viz: John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, John Archer, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis, Alexr. Boyd.

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