Person:James Campbell (173)

James Cambell
Facts and Events
Name James Cambell
Gender Male
Death? 1777 Kanawha, West Virginia, United States


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Known James

Person:James Campbell (121) c1718 patrick (11)Elizabeth Taylor
Person:James Campbell (123)1759 1844 Janet AllisonRobert (53)Ann/Nancy
Person:James Campbell (136)1722-42 Gilbert (3)Prudence Osran
Person:James Campbell (173) 1777 Prudence OsranDied in Kanawha County in 1777
Person:James Campbell (175) Margaret DonagheClearly related to Robert Campbell=ELizabeth Donaghe
Person:James Campbell (174)RobertElizabeth Donaghe
Person:James Campbell (177)


From Source:Chalkley's Chronicles

2:68 Person:James Campbell (173) John Levecy and ____, his wife, only daughter and issue of James Campbell, vs. John Morris--O. S. 24; N. S. 8--Bill filed 7th October,

1800). In February, 1773, James Campbell, father of oratrix, went into the County now of Kenhawa County and made an improvement on the Kenhawa, sowing a large quantity of apple seed. The same year John Morris cleared a tract opposite James on a creek called Napper's Creek, which he sold to a person of the same name. The Indian War of 1774 prevented James from making any further improvements, and in 1775 John claimed James' improvement. James died intestate previous to 1779 and John got a patent from the Commissioners and has sold a part to William Droddy, who has sold to John Reynoids. Peter Shoemaker deposes, 18th January, 1804, in Adams County, Ohio. In February, 1773, he started from Muddy Creek in Greenbrier County for the Kenawha in company with James Campbell, James Pauley, and Walter Kelly, and went as far as Gauley River, where Walter Kelly turned back. The others went on to what is now the mouth of Campbell's Creek, where Campbell made a tomahawk improvement. John and William Morris were brothers. The Indians shot deponent at Powell's Valley. Deposition of John Jones, a settler, as to Walter Kelley, Knapper (Napper), Thomas Alsberry, William Feamster. Thomas Alsberry says he forted (fought?) with John Morris all during the Indian War. They were greatly harassed by the Indians. About Conrad Yoacum. George Lee (See?) deposes in Kenawha, that he came to the country in 1774. John Morris was then with him as a soldier under Mathew Arbuckle. Curtis Alderson testifies in Botetourt, 20th May, 1802. In 1713 John Alderson, Joseph Carroll, William Morris, John Herd and deponent set out from Shenandoah County for New River below the falls, in search of vacant land, and went down as far as James Burnsides's on Greenbrier, when they were joined by Archd. Taylor, Philip Cooper and Walter Kelly, and all together arrived at New River 6th April, and made improvements and set out to return home, and at Gauley they met James Campbell, Peter Shoemaker and James Polly; William Morris and deponent went back with them. James Campbell died in fall of 1777.

2:69 PErson:James Campbell (173) William Baxter vs. James Campbell, Sr., and John Swearingen--Bill

filed in Ohio County, 6th March, 1797--O. S. 32; N. S. 11. In 1773 William West and John Sappington came into Ohio County (now Brooke) and made settlement on Harman's Run and resided there until 1774, when they were driven away by the Indians. They returned in 1775 and found James Campbell's tenant in possession. Long before Orator's settlement, Nathaniel Tomlinstone had made a settlement on Harman's Run, which claim Campbell bought. Tomlinson made settlement in 1772 and Campbell bought in 1773. Philip Beale deposes, 27th April, 1798, at house of Col. Richard Brown in Holyday's Cove, in Brooke County, was acquainted with the land in 1772-1773. In 1773 William West and Joshua McQueen were living on the land in a cabin. James Campbell's son, John, purchased of Tomlinson. In 1773 deponent assisted James Campbell in raising a cabin. George Brown and a party of men came before it was completed and compelled them to desist. Richard Wells deposes at same time and place to same effect. John Alexander deposes at same time and place to same effect. Richard Elson deposes at same time and place to same effect. Following deposition taken at home of John Sappingon in Madison County, 27th April, 1798. Cap. John Sappington, a Justice of Peace and lately a representative for Madison County. George Brown, a minister of the Methodist Society. Joshua McQueen deposes at same time and place to same effect. William West deposes at same time and place to same effect. James Campbell, Jr., son of James, Senr., represented James, Sr. John Toland deposes in Ohio County that in 1773 John Campbell bought the land from Tomlinson, and deponent was surety for purchase price. Margaret Langford, daughter of James Campbell, deposes in Ohio County. Richard Boyce deposes in Washington County, Penna., 15th January, 1799, that in 1775 James Kerns employed him to plow on the land. James Kerns deposes in Washington County, Penna., 1799, that in 1775 he was tenant for James Campbell. William Griffith deposes in 1799 that James Campbell, Senr., is about 80. James Campbell, Jr., deposes in Brooke County, 31st May, 1798, that in 1773, spring, he and his brother John came to Ohio County. John bought the land from Tomlinson and improved it, and was drowned. In the fall Joshua McQueen came. Campbell had the land surveyed by Benjamin Johnstone after the death of Col. Wm. Crawford. John Greathouse

deposes 25th January, 1799.
Possibly Person:James Campbell (173) of the Kanawha, as thisi s about the same place and time, but that James is said to have had only a single child, an unamed daughter.
HomepagesBefore a year had passed after the destruction of Kelly's settlement, William Morris and his sons had arrived, during the spring and summer of 1774,and were engaged in completing their cabins almost in sight of the fatal spot. . . . On 20 Aug 1782, William Morris, assignee of Leonard Morris, who was assignee of Joshua Morris, who was assignee of Thomas Alsbury, who was assignee of Walter Kelly, who was assignee of James Campbell, entered 400 acres of land by virtue of a certificate from the Commissioners, etc., at the south of Campbells Creek on the Great Kanawha. On 21 Aug 1782, William Morris entered 400 acres of land by virtue of a certificate from the Commisioners, etc., assigned him by William Morris, Senior, who was assignee of James Kelly, to include the improvement at the mouth of Kelly's Creek on the Great Kanawha River.