Person:James Buchanan (42)

James Buchanan
b.ABT 1700 Ireland
m. Bef. 1700
  1. Archibald BuchananBtw 1698-1727 -
  2. James BuchananABT 1700 - 1764
  3. Matthew BuchananBEF 1706 - 1707-1796
  4. Samuel BuchananABT 1710 - Bef 1783
  • HJames BuchananABT 1700 - 1764
  • WMartha Allisonabt 1706 - Abt 1742
m. 1722
  1. Alexander BuchananAbt 1726 -
  2. Archibald Buchanan1728 - 1806
  3. James Buchanan1732 - 1763
  4. Capt. John BuchananAbt 1732 - Aft 1806
  5. Rebecca Buchanan1734 -
  6. Janet Buchanan1738 - 1745
  7. William Buchanan1740 - Abt 1805
  8. Robert Buchanan1742 - 1809
  • HJames BuchananABT 1700 - 1764
  • WMary ResideBef 1724 - Aft 1749
m. Abt. 1742
  1. George Buchanan1747 - 1813
  2. Capt. David Buchanan1749 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name James Buchanan
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1700 Ireland
Marriage 1722 to Martha Allison
Marriage Abt. 1742 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Reside
Death[1] 1764 Augusta County, Virginia[Will Recorded 19 March 1765]


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Land Acquisition

James Buchanan's land (Borden Grant NE Section, 415 acres) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.  Land of John Buchanan, sold to James McKown/McCoun in 1755, is adjoining this tract to the south.
James Buchanan's land (Borden Grant NE Section, 415 acres) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Land of John Buchanan, sold to James McKown/McCoun in 1755, is adjoining this tract to the south.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 500.—14th November, 1757. Borden's executors to James Buchanan, £10, 415 acres, part of 92100; James McKown's cor., crossing Hay's Creek, the patent line. Teste: Wm. Caruthers, Samuel McCosky, Alexander Buchanan. Delivered: Wm. Buchanan, November, 1762.

Note: this land is adjoining land of John Buchanan, Jr., which some sources have mis-identified as the son of James Buchanan. John Buchanan, Jr. sold his tract to James McKoun/McCoun in 1755



This article is about the James Buchanan who settled on the northern end of Borden's Grant on Walkers Creek. Much of the following is based on extracts from Source:Blakemore, 1978, and Source:Trimble, 1992, as described in various family lineages on Verification of much of this information is needed.

Sometime before c1702 James family is believed to have emigrated from Ireland, settling in Old Chester County, PA. [2] James married Martha Allison, daughter of Alexander Allison about 1722. He and his fatherinlaw received 200 acre grants along the Octoraro Creek about 1726. James and his family later migrated to Borden's Grant by 1743. Here he settled on Walkers Creek in the northwestern portion of the grant, on the dividing line between Borden's Grant, and Beverly's Manor[3]

James wife, Martha Allison, is believed to have died soon after the move to Borden's Grant. James subsequently married Mary Resides [4]

James made out his will 9 Jun 1761, and it was probated 19 Mar 1765.

image:Buchanan's of Southwest Virginia.jpg

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOD:c1764as commonly stated; Will written 1760; See Notebook:James_Buchanan
POD:Augusta County VAWill indicates that he was of "Augusta County", See Notebook:James_Buchanan
Father:person:Alexander Buchanan (23)
Spouse 1:Martha Allison
Spouse 2:Mary ResidesLast name also given by some genealogists as "Resido", and "Rerides".


Children by Martha Allison
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
person:Archibald Buchanan (1) 1728 Pennsylvania, USA 1806, Davidson, Tennessee, United States [5]Felix Grundy Bucchanan Narrative says he went to KY
person: James Buchanan (43) 1732 1763 not identified in will. May have predeceased father, but 1763 DOD is unsupported. Felix Grundy Buchanan Narrative notes that he was Killed by Indians in TN, which seems unlikely at this early date
person:John Buchanan (75) 1732 Chester County, Pennsylvania after 1806 [5]
person:Rebecca Buchanan (5) 1734, Chester County, Pennsylvania [5]
person:Janet Buchanan ( ) 1738, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1745 Not identified in will; Not mentioned in Felix Grundy Buchanan Narrative
person:William Buchanan (52) 1740, Chester County, Pennsylvania: Abt. 1805, Augusta County, Virginia [5]
[[person:Robert Buchanan (16)] 1742 Chester County, Pennsylvania [5]
Children by Mary Resides
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
George Buchanan 1747, Augusta County, Virginia 05 May 1813, Mercer County, Kentucky [5]
David Buchanan 1749, Augusta County, Virginia [5]

Records of James Buchanan in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 379.--9th June, 1761. James Buchanan's will--To son Alexander Buchanan; to son Archibald Buchanan; to son John Buchanan; to sons Wm. and Robt. Buchanan; to wife Mary Buchanan; to sons Geo. and David Buchanan; to daughter Rebecky Buchanan. Executors, wife Mary and son Alexander. Teste: Daniel Nerrity, Jas. McCown, Wm. Scott. Proved, 19th March, 1765, by Daniel Harrison and Wm. Scott. Executors qualified, with Jno. Wallace, Jno. Buchanan. (Mary's mark ).
  • Page 115--David Buchanan, aged 56, deposes, same time and place (at Brownsburg, July, 1805), 415 acres were conveyed to his father, James Buchanan. (Note: this deposition was from David Buchanan, son of James Buchanan, which proves that this James Buchanan was conveyed the 415-acre tract in the Borden Tract).


  1. 1.0 1.1 Matthew Buchanan.FTW.

    Date of Import: Aug 8, 2003

  2. Brother Archibald and possibly a second brother Samuel, are said to have come with them as well.
  3. Extracts found on the web citing [[Source:Trimble, 1992|]] indicate that James settled on Hays Creek.
    James was a Justice of the Augusta County Court in 1757.
    On 14 Nov 1757 he bought 415 acres crossing Hays Creek on the Borden Patent line from the executors of Benjamin Borden for 10 pounds. ([[Source:Trimble, 1992|]] fide: XXXX)
    Court records for Augusta County show that the 415 acre tract which he took possession of in 1757 was located on Walkers Creek, not Hays.
    2d November, 1782. William Buchanan, of Augusta, Robert Buchanan and Margaret, of Montgomery, George Buchanan and Margaraet, of Washington, to David Buchanan, of Augusta. James Buchanan, father of grantors, died seised of a tract on Walker's Creek, 415 acres, and devised same to the grantors and grantee. Teste: James Weir, William Walker, Joseph Wear.' Source:Chalkley, 1912a:568
    The 1757 date cited in court records is the date James Buchanan obtained title to this property. Other Buchanans (Andrew, Archibald, Samuel, John, and William) in this immediate obtained title to their property anywhere between 1747 and 1770. These parcels are depicted on the well known Hildebrand Map of Borden's Grant. Hildebrand reviewed the early land transactions, and included only those parcels parcels oobtained from Benjamin Borden, Sr. Borden died in 1743, so any parcel shown on Hildebrand's map is presumed to have been settled on or before 1743. Hildebrand's Map shows the 415 acre tract settled by James Buchanan. This probably means that James came to the area before 1743. Hildebrand's depiction show the 415 acre parcel on upper Walkers Creek, not Hays Creek per the court records. There are some indications that what is now known as Walkers Creeks was originally known as Hays Creek, and that when the Walkers settled along its banks, the stream came to be called Walkers Creek. The Hays family, for the most part lived on a tributary of Walkers Creek, and this tributary eventually took the name "Hays". A number of Buchanans appear on Hildebrands map, including Andrew, Archibald, Samuel, John, James, and William. They all apparently settled in the area prior to 1743, and are concentrated in this same northwestern quadrant of Borden's Grant. They are prsumably closely related. A best guess of their relation is shown at Early Buchanan's of Borden's Grant
  4. he last name is given as "Resido" (MySource:Felix Grundy Buchanan Narrative, and occassionally as "Rerides". Source:Chalkley, 1912a cites a marriage record for James Buchanan of August 23, 1763. This is not the marriage to Mary Resides; she is believed to have had two sons, George and David, who are thought to have been born as early as 1747.
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