Person:James Bell (64)

James Bell, of Long Glade
b.ABT 1733 Pennsylvania
d.bef. 21 October 1783 Augusta County, Virginia
m. abt. 1728
  1. Elizabeth BellEst 1728-1742 -
  2. Jean BellEst 1728-1742 -
  3. Margaret BellEst 1728-1742 -
  4. James Bell, of Long GladeABT 1733 - bef 1783
  5. William Bellest 1737-1743 -
  6. Mary Ann Bellabt 1744 -
m. Bet. 1752 - 1753
  1. William Bell1753 - 1781-1785
  2. Samuel BellEst 1755-1767 -
  3. John Bell1755 - 1842
  4. Nancy 'Agnes' Bell1757 - 1794
  5. Francis Bell1762 - 1834
  6. James Bell1763 - 1844
  7. Capt. David BellAbt 1764 - 1845
  8. Sarah Bell1766 -
  9. Rebecca Bell1770 - 1816
  10. Thomas BellAbt 1772 - 1854
Facts and Events
Name James Bell, of Long Glade
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1733 Pennsylvania
Marriage Bet. 1752 - 1753 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes Nancy Hogshead
Death[1] bef. 21 October 1783 Augusta County, Virginia

James Bell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Not to be confused with:

James Bell "of Cathey's River" (1710-1751)
James Bell (abt. 1732-bef. 1801), m. Mary Kent

Conflicting records with James Bell, (est. 1730-1795), needs additional research.

Will of James Bell

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

  • Page 361 - - 21st February, 1782. James Bell's will, of Long Glade - - To wife and children; to children, viz: John, James, Francis, David, Samuel, Thomas, Agnis, Sarah, Rebecca. Executrix, wife. Teste: Michael Hogshead, Isaac Carsen, William and John Hogshead. Proved, 21st October, 1783 by William and John Hogshead.

Records of James Bell in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 250.--17th October, 1769. John Young's bond (with John Handley, William and James Bell) as guardian (appointed) to James Young, orphan of James Young.
  • Page 192.----17th August, 1774. Charles Philips to John Crawford, on Buffelo Lick Branch, a branch of Cathey's River, part of tract patented to James Bell. deceased, 1st December, 1740, and devised to William and James Bell by will of James Bell. Delivered: Hugh Brown, August, 1779.

Information on James Bell

Family information from "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871" By Jos A. Waddell, pg. 289.

Name: James Bell
Given Name: James
Surname: Bell
Suffix: {LG}
Sex: M
"He is said to have been a school teacher, and also a surveyor and scrivener."
He was not the magistrate in Augusta Co., contrary to published accounts. (See BELL analysis.)
Staunton Spectator, 24 Mar 1874, p. 1
The Bells of Long Glade.
Mr. Editor -- When Death comes and robs us of the pet, the idol, the loved one of the household, on whom the aged father looks as the aid and support of his declining years, and fond and loving sisters cling to, as the object worthy of their pure unselfish love, truly do we realize the force of the language -- inscrutable are the ways of Providence. This cold wintry day, (13th inst.,) have we put away in Mossy Creek Church-yard, all that is mortal of James Alexander, the last surviving son of James Bell, Jr. The oldest boy, Thomas M., by whose side James sleeps, was laid there in 1863, from the result of a wound received in the battle of Chancellorsville. James received a most serious wound in the battle of Kernstown, as a member of the Stonewall brigade, to which his brother belonged. From this, he seemed to have recovered, became quite robust, and had a promise of long life. Eighteen months ago, there appeared a change, numerous physicians were consulted -- no two agreed as to the character of his disease, when on the evening of the 11th, he died, causing grief to an aged father, five fond sisters, and numerous relatives and friends, because he was much beloved, as he deserved to be.
"Where thou art gone, Adieus and farewells are a sound unknown,
And when I meet thee on that peaceful shore, The parting word shall pass my lips no more."
As the procession passed on towards the "Glade," we neared the old sto ne house, the first erected on that steam, in the far distant pa st, between 1730 and 1740, by James Bell, the great-grandfather of the deceased. He came, a young man, from the North of Ireland, at a time th t tried men's souls, and did his part as a good man and true, in opening up this country, and defending the lives of his family and neighbors from the Indians. They made a number of incursions through North river Gap, on the settlements then in their infancy, on Mossy Creek, the Glade, Naked Creek and Middle River. At one time when they approached his house, besides his own family, some of the neighbors had come in for protection, and destitute of arms, they escaped an attack, in providing themselves with sticks about the length of guns and pretended to load, marching around, with them at a shoulder. -- James Bell was a man of respectable education for that day, taught school, and acted as scrivener, preparing deeds and other papers for his neighbors. He married a Miss Hogsett, a sister of Michael, who lived where George Dunlap now does. He had five sons, John, Francis, William, David and Thomas. William was killed, perhaps, at the battle of Point Pleasant. John served through a great part of the Revolution. He built the Stone house in which Jacob Schrenkhise lives, was married three times, but had no children except by the last wife. The late James R. Bell, and his son, James Brownlee Bell, were son and grandson of John. Capt. David Bell left two sons, Jas. Bell, Sr., and John Bell, both living, and one daughter, the wife of Mr. Bethuel Herring, some years deceased. Francis Bell died without issue, in possession of the old paternal mansion, referred to. Thomas Bell left three sons, James Bell, Jr., father of James A., whose death we this day mourn, Alex. R. Bell and Capt. Sam'l Bell, and one daughter, the late Mrs. Ebenezer Christian.
Of this family of Bells of the Long Glade, it may be said, that in all they have expended in litigation, from the days of their ancestor to the present time, would not clothe a lawyer comfortably for one year. Honest, industrious, peaceable, respected, and ready as good citizens to do their whole duty in meeting any calls their country made upon them. Residing within the limits of what was known as the Mt. Solon magisterial district, before the war, which manifested its patriotism as no other district of the same extent did in the State, by a loss of over one hundred and fifty of its young men. -- This Bell family is entitled to the highest place on THE ROLL OF HONOR as having sent more of its sons into the Confederate army than any other the writer has any knowledge of. James Bell, Sr., sent six, three only survived. His brother John sent five and lost two. Jas. Bell, Jr. sent two -- lost one, the other badly wounded. Alex'r R. Bell sent three, lost one, and James R. Bell and son, J. Brownlee, were both sacrificed in the service of their country. Who will dare to say this family did not do its whole duty? Such facts as these, Mr. Editor, make up the history of the country, and it is the part of our Historical Society to preserve them.

_SDATE: 30 DEC 1700 in Ireland?
Death: BEF 21 OCT 1783 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
Will: 21 FEB 1782
To wife and children; to children, viz: John, James, Francis, David, Sa muel, Thomas, Agnis [sic], Sarah, Rebecca. Executrix, wife. Witness: M ichael Hogshead, Isaac Carsen, William and John Hogshead.
Proved, 21 Oct 1783, by William and John Hogshead
Marriage 1 Agnes "Nancy" Hogshead b: BEF 1732
Married: 1752/53 in Augusta Co., VA
William Bell b: 5 OCT 1753 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
John Bell b: 4 SEP 1755 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
Agnes [Agnis] Nancy Bell b: 31 OCT 1757 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
Francis Bell b: 1762 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
James Bell b: 9 SEP 1763 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
David Bell b: ABT 1764 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
Sarah "Sally" Bell b: 1 JAN 1766 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
Thomas Bell b: ABT 8 APR 1772 in Long Glade, Augusta Co., VA
Rebecca Bell
Samuel Bell b: BEF 1782

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