Person:Jacob Brake (1)

Johan Jacob Brake, of South Branch, Potomac River
m. about 1720
  1. Johan Jacob Brake, of South Branch, Potomac RiverABT 1725 - ABT 1808
m. Est. 1747-1750
  1. Magdalene Brake1751 -
  2. John Brake1754 - 1838
  3. Jacob BrakeAbt 1755 - 1831
  4. Elizabeth Brake1757 - 1812
  5. Isaac Brake1760 - 1834
  6. Abraham Brake1763 - 1830
  • HJohan Jacob Brake, of South Branch, Potomac RiverABT 1725 - ABT 1808
  • WMaria Catherine Stump1741 - Bef 1816
m. Bef. 1777
  1. Michael BrakeEst 1777 - 1861
Facts and Events
Name Johan Jacob Brake, of South Branch, Potomac River
Immigrant Name Jacob Brechtel
Baptismal Name[1] Johan Jacob Brechtel, Jr
Alt Name Jacob Brake, Sr
Gender Male
Birth[2] ABT 1725 Durlach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
Immigration[4] 1737 Pennsylvania
Marriage Est. 1747-1750 to Maria Elizabetha Kieffer
Alt Marriage about 1750 Frederick, Virginiato Maria Elizabetha Kieffer
Marriage Bef. 1777 Prob. Virginiato Maria Catherine Stump
Death[3] ABT 1808 Hardy, Virginia, United States

Jacob Brake (Brenk) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Jacob Brake in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 459.--16th March, 1771. Settlement of Henry Coffman's estate By bonds of, viz: James Sears and Michael Thorn, David Cradock, Christopher Yeasill and Philip Crites, Mary Tasher and Michael Thorn, Henry Coffman and Michael Stump, Elizabeth Tasher and Michael Thorn, Peter Shook and James Sears, Joseph Wilson, George Yeokim and Michael Thorn, John Rorebough and Martin Jobb, John Higgens and Ignetius Coombs, Danl. McNeil and John Westfall, Michael Moore and Geo. Yeokim, John Spelman and John Roreback, Job Wellton and Thos. Parsons, Thos. Parsons and Robert Cunningham. Jacob Bogard and Michael Harness, Martin Jobb and Adam Rydebogh. Elizabeth Tosher and Michael Thorn. By cash received at vendue as follows, viz: Richard Byrn, Jacob Break, John Our, Philip Crites, Lanie Hire, Leonard Knave, Charles Smith, Lewis Shriver, Jacob Rabuck, Richard Byrn, Michae1 Drum (Dunn?), James Willkie. Conrad Moore, Christale Tasher, Abigail Coffman, John Gradner. Debts due by Jacob Reiger. Debts due to. viz: Peter Haws, Cathrine Stump, Malldlin Break, Chas. Lynch. Cash paid as follows, viz: To Richard Brynns, James Willy, Madlin Coofman.
  • Page 107.--16th November, 1779. Recorded. Michael Mallow's sale bill--Sold to, viz: Michael Allgyre, Jacob Bragg, Peter Wineman, Jacob Carpenter, Joseph Bennett, Adam Mallow, Jacob Break, Richard Byrns, Martin Judy, Philip Harper, Jno. Rice; to Nicholas Boucher, Jno. Westfall, Peter Vineman, Jno. Higgins, Jacob Goodman, Jacob Heffenor, Christopher Hoofner, Gasper Bogart, Henry Rule, Abel Griffith, Peter Hald, Peter Segerfoot, widow Moser, Aaron Vanscoy, Thos. Bland, Zachary Retsworth, Sarah Harmon, Ludowick Waggoner, Thos. Wilmot, Adam Lock, Michael Peterson, Geo. Walker, Samuel Morrall, Zachary Retsroth, Henry Judy, Jacob Springstone, Jacob Caplinger, John Server, Eve Moser, Lawrence Causan (Cansen?), Robt. Craigard, Gabriel Cyle (Kile).
  • Vol. 1 - Vol. 1 - Simpson vs. Marshall--From Hardy Co--Bill filed 6th August, 1800. Involves title to lands in South Branch Manor belonging to Fairfax. Following are the tenants in the Manor, 15th August, 1793, viz: J.& P. Brenk, 261 acres. (Note: this is likely referring to this Jacob (and perhaps a sibling), listed among many others).
  1. Johan Jacob Brake, Jr., in Brake Family History.

    "Johan Jacob Brake (b. c. 1725/1730 Germany, d. 1808/1809 Moorefield, Hardy Co. WVA) married (1) c1750 Maria Elzabeth Kieffer/Cooper (b. 6 Oct 1730 Oberacker, Karlsruhe, Germany, d. c1763/1765 Hampshire Co., VA now Hardy Co., WVA, killed by Indians) dau. of Hans Jacob and Anna Maria (Dellinger) Kieffer, mar (2) before 1779 Catherine Stump (b. c1742; d. 31 Mar 1815/1816), dau. of Michael and Anna Catherine (Neff) Stump [Note: Many German immigrants changed their names to reflect the translated word in English, e.g. a kieffer in German means a cooper, a maker of barrels.]

  2. Brechtel - Film #1238229, in Evangelische Kirche Durlach (A. Durlach). Kirchenbuch, 1690-1962. (Karlsruhe: Verfilmt durch die Evangelische Landeskirche Baden, 197?).

    Marriage of Jacob Brechtel and first wife Eva Wegwese, 20 Aug 1715 and christenings of their three children (children of Johann Jacob Brechtel and Eva) - Johann Martin 6 Jan 1716, Regina Elizabeth 17 Feb 1718, Catharina 31 Dec 1719

  3. The Sale Bill of Jacob Brake, deceased, in Shuck, Larry G. (Larry Gorden). Hampshire & Hardy counties, (W) VA abstracts: Hampshire County wills (1780-1794), deeds (1757-1786); Hardy County wills (1786-1824), deeds (1786-1800). (Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson Press, c1996).

    An itemized sale bill of the personal property of Jacob Brake, deceased dated 10 Feb 1809 and signed by Geroge Simon (administrator) was submitted and "At a court held for Hardy County the 14th day of June 1809 this account of sales of the Estate of Jacob Brake dec'd was returned and ordered to be recorded."

  4. Some 18th Century Emigrants to America fro Durlach, Wuerttemberg-Baden, Germany, in Palatines to America (Columbus, Ohio). The Palatine immigrant. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Palatines to America, c1976-), Vol 8:3, pp. 98-104.

    page 99: "Name: Johann Jakob Brechtel Year: 1737 Age: 47 Place: Pennsylvania Family Members: Wife Source Publication Code: 8667.12 Primary Immigrant: Brechtel, Johann Jakob"

  5.   Johann Jacob Brechtel presumably married (2) Mary Margaret Unknown c. 1720 (in another church), they had daughted Margaret (about 1722) and then Johann Jacob Jr. - so a good estimate for his birth would be about 1725. These records are indexed on Family Seach Pilot Site (
  6.   Presumably Johann Jacob Jr accompanied his parents and siblings when they came in 1737, first to Pennsylavania and then to Virginia where Johann Jacob Sr. first appears in the records of Frederick County by 1749.