Person:Isaac Doty (1)

Isaac Doty
m. 6 Jan 1634/5
  1. Edward Dotybef 1637 - 1688/89
  2. John Doty1639 - 1701
  3. Thomas Doty1640/41 -
  4. Samuel Doty1642/43 - 1714/15
  5. Desire Dotyabt 1645 - 1730
  6. Elizabeth DotyAbt 1647 - 1742
  7. Isaac Doty1647/48 - 1728
  8. Joseph Doty1651 - Aft 1731
  9. Mary Doty1653 - 1728
m. abt 1673
  1. Isaac Doty1673 - aft 1718
  2. Joseph DotyAbt 1680 - Bet 1716
  3. Jacob Doty1682 -
  4. Solomon Doty1691 - 1761
  5. James Doty1693 - 1773
  6. Samuel Doty1695 - 1777
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Doty
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 8 Feb 1647/48 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Marriage abt 1673 Oyster Bay, Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York, United Statesto Elizabeth England
Death? 7 Jan 1728 Oyster Bay, New York

Quote from "The Doty-Doten Family in America" p 499: "Nowhere after Isaac Doty's settlement at Oyster Bay is his name ever written as Doten, nor does that spelling anywhere appear among his descendants. His name is given in the various documents quoted above as Doty, Dotey, Dottie and in other ways that imply the same pronunciation, and even as Doughty, but never with the termination 'en'. The frequency of the spelling Doughty is undoubtedly owing to the presence in the western part of the same county on Long Island of the very numerous and influential family of that name, descended from the Rev. Francis Doughty of Maspeth or Newtown, between whom and the Oyster Bay residents there must have been frequent intercourse. . . . But notwithstanding this occasional misspelling on the records of the town, the name Doty never seems to have been lost or given up by either Isaac Doty or his descendants. . . and of his children, but one (James) ever appears to have even occasionally used the name of doughty. And still nowhere among the living representatives of Isaac Doty was there any tradition or record tracing their ancestry to the Plymouth emigrant.

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