Person:Isaac Cummings (5)

Deacon Isaac Cummings
chr.17 Mar 1632/33 Mistley, Essex, England
m. ABT 1628
  1. Isaac Cummings1629 - 1629
  2. John Cummings1630 - 1700
  3. Deacon Isaac Cummings1632/33 - bef 1721
  4. Anne CUMMINGSabt 1635 - 1689
  5. Elizabeth Cummings1636 - 1679
  • HDeacon Isaac Cummings1632/33 - bef 1721
  • WMary AndrewsABT 1638 - BEF 1712
m. 27 Nov 1659
  1. Unknown Cummings1660 - 1660
  2. Unknown Cummings1661 - 1661
  3. Unknown Cummings1662 - 1662
  4. Isaac Cummings1664 - 1746
  5. John Cummings1666 - bef 1722
  6. Thomas Cummings1670 - bef 1749
  7. Mary CUMMINGS1671 - 1693
  8. Rebecca CUMMINGS1674 - AFT 1715
  9. Abigail CummingsAbt 1677 - 1725
  10. Stebbings CUMMINGS1680 - 1706
Facts and Events
Name Deacon Isaac Cummings
Gender Male
Christening[1] 17 Mar 1632/33 Mistley, Essex, England
Marriage 27 Nov 1659 Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Andrews
Will[2] 27 Apr 1712 Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1][2] bef 19 Jun 1721 Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesBefore date of probate.
Probate[2] 19 Jun 1721 Will proved.

The Cummings Memorial (p. 7) says that Isaac "testified in court against Elisabeth How, that a mare of his was strangely affected under Elisabeth's bad influence. His testimony was corroborated by that of Isaac, his son, and of Mary, his wife. Elisabeth How was condemned, and executed in July 1692."

This is elaborated in Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases, 1648-1706 (p. 239-240):

There was Likewise a cluster of Depositions, that one Isaac Cummings refusing to lend his Mare unto the Hus band of this How, the mare was within a Day or two taken in a strange condition. The Beast seemed much Abused; being Bruised, as if she had been Running over the Rocks, and marked where the Bridle went, as if burnt with a Red hot Bridle. Moreover, one using a Pipe of Tobacco for the Cure of the Beast, a blew Flame issued out of her, took hold of her Hair, and not only Spread and Burnt on her, but it also flew upwards towards the Roof of the Barn, and had like to have set the Barn on Fire. And the Mare dy'd very suddenly.
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    (Essex CCCXIII:309-11) The will of Isaac Cummins Senr. of Topsfield, Co. Essex, mentions son Isaac, son John, wife [who is dead], son Thomas, dau. Abigail Perly, dau. Rebecca Howlet, granddau. Lydia Cummins dau. of son Isaac. Made 27 Apr. 1712. Memd. My will is yt if my son Samuel live to come home again. Proved 19 June 1721. In presence of Jacob Towne, Joseph Towne, Jr. Jonath. Putnam.