Person:Isaac Carson (1)

Isaac Carson
d.bef. 19 August 1783 Augusta County, Virginia
m. est. 1760-1765
  1. Agnes Carsonest 1762-1767 - bef 1788
  2. Abraham Carson1771 - 1839
  3. Jane Carsonabt 1773 -
  4. Mary Carsonabt 1774 -
  5. Isaac Carsonest 1777-1779 -
  6. Rebecca Carsonest 1780-1782 -
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Carson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1732 Pennsylvania
Marriage est. 1760-1765 to Rebecca Hogshead
Death[2] bef. 19 August 1783 Augusta County, Virginia

Isaac Carson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 222.--15th October, 1765. Robert Young and Jean ( ) to Isaac Carson, £90, 265 acres on a branch of Middle River of Shanandoe conveyed by John Young to Robert, 16th May, 1759. Teste: James Henderson, John Burnsides, John Young, Jr. Delivered: John Francis, March, 1768.

Will of Isaac Carson

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

  • Page 354 - - 22nd March, 1776. Isaac Carson's will - - to wife, Rebecca, and children; to son, Abraham; to 3 daughters, Agnes, Jane, Mary; to child of which wife is now pregnant. Executors, Capt. George Moffett, Wm. Young. Teste: John Bleir, James Scott, Samuel Anderson. 19th August, 1783, Col. George Moffett deposes that 3, 4, days before Carson's death, Carson showed him above will and stated he wished it altered because it cut out two children, that he wished them to be made equal with the other. John Poage deposes ditto.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 22, 1783. - (117) Isaac Carson's will proved--executors refuse to execute the trust and Rebecca, the widow, qualified administratrix, c. t. a.
  • Vol. 2 - 23d August, 1783--Rebecca Carson, administrator of Isaac Carson.
  • Page 458.--29th September. 1783. Isaac Carson's estate appraised by Robert Gamble, John Gamble, John Blair.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 20, 1783. - (166) William Young appointed guardian ad litem of Abraham Carson, son and heir-at-law of Isaac Carson.
  • Page 118.--Isaac Carson's (Corson) estate in account with Wm. Young, executor--1787, paid; 1787, received from Mary, Jane, and Agnes Carson, Samuel Anderson (the less), Samuel Anderson (the big), John Vanskiver, Marcus Cupps, Jno. Gaurner, Geo. Hood, Rebeccah Hannah, relict to ye deceased. This balance in my hands ready to be divided amongst the legatees when it can be legally done, as the two youngest children, owing to the will not being renewed after them two were born, they are not mentioned, and this executor wishes equity to them to take place also.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 15, 1787. - (258) Indictment vs. Isaac Hanna, for unlawfully marrying his uncol's wife, Rebecca Carson, within 12 months.
  • Vol. 2 - 19th June, 1787--John Gardner, ditto (guardian) of Abraham Carson, ditto (orphan) of Isaac Carson.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 19, 1787. - (340) Abraham Carson, orphan of Isaac Carson, aged 16 years, chose John Gardner his guardian.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 311.--4th May, 1761. Margaret Anderson's will--Granddaughter, Margaret Anderson, alias Clendennin, and her daughter Hannah Anderson and her son John Clendennin. Executors, Jno. Francis and Jno. Poage. Teste: Jas. Bell, Isaac Carson, Mary Francis. Proved, 20th March, 1764, by Bell and Carson. Executors qualified, with James Bell, Michael Dickey.
  • Page 499.--20th March, 1764. Alex. Blair and Jean (Jany to John Blair his son, £10, 102 acres on Long Glade, part of 400 acres on which Alex. lives; corner James Blair's land, joining James Anderson. Teste: John Hogshead, Isaac Carson.
  • Page 52.--Patent to James Campbell, 16th March, 1771. Teste: William Young, Samuel Anderson, Isaac Carson.
  • Page 72.--19th January, 1776. James Anderson's will--To wife, Jean; to son, John, 5 shillings; to son, George, 5 shillings; to son, James, 5 shillings; to daughter, Agnis, 5 shillings; to daughter, Jane, 5 shillings; to son, Samuel, whole estate; to son Samuel's son, James, 200 acres, infant. Executors. George Moffett and John Young. Teste: John Blair, Isaac Carson. Peter Challe. Proved, 15th June, 1779, by Blair and Carson. Executors refused, administration granted Samuel.
  • Page 427.--15th March, 1776. Thomas Anderson's estate appraised by James Gambel. William Young, Isaac Carson--1 servant man named Peter Charles; James Anderson's (schoolmaster) note; reseved from Capt. Moffett cash, £5.1.4.
  • Page 287.--12th November, 1780. John Young's will (Junior), on Middle River--Going an Expedition in Service of my Country which may terminate in Death; to wife, Margret; to brother, William; to Margaret Henderson, £20, provided she behave well till free; to brother James Young's son, Andrew Young; to Robert King and his brother George; to John Stiffey; to Sarah Henderson (on good behavior till married); to brothers, James, Robert, William; to sister Rebeckah's son, Andrew McComb. Executors, wife and brother, William Young. Teste: Ro. Gamble, Isaac Carson, John Blair. Proved, 20th May, 1783, by Gamble and Blair, Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1784 (A). - Samuel Currie vs. Abraham Carson, infant, eldest son and heir of Isaac Carson, deceased.--Chancery writ, October, 1783. Isaac sold land to Samuel in 1765, but made no deed.
  • Page 455.--(See certificate of Jno. Poage, surveyor to Mr. William Young, 15th July, 1784. This belongs to the following deed.) Your brother, John Young, deceased. 16th November, 1784--James Young and Mary to William Young, £__, natural love and affection. See accompanying plat of Isaac Corsons and Samuel Curry's parts of same tract.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1784. - Edward Wilson vs. Dennis Burns.--Writ, 14th January, 1782. Middlebrook Headquarters, June 7, 1777. Dear friends--I have an opportunity to write to you where I am and how I am. We came from Tygars Valley here, as you no doubt have heard long ago, and had a very fatiguing march of it. But, thank God, I have had my health very well through all my fatigues. I have the good news to tell you that our army is very healthy and in good spirits and increases daily. The English never dare to come out from their breastworks. We are within four miles with our main army and our guards in sight of theirs. We have had no battles lately worth mentioning. I sent a watch up from Winchester by Dennis Burns, and a pair of silver shoe and knee buckles. Also one pair of sleeve buttons which I desired him to leave with you. I told him to sell the watch if he could get the opportunity. If he has sold her get the money and keep it until I return. If I never return, it is yours. You may sell the cow when you can this fall and pay Isaac Carson for keeping her and keep the rest. (I sent £3 in money by Dennis Burnes, which you have got, I suppose.) Also some clothes which I almost forgot to tell you of. I hope you will get them if you have not gotten them from him. You may show Isaac Carson this letter and give my compliments to all. From your well wisher (Signed) Edward Wilson. N. B.--Write all opportunities, and direct to the care of Captain Bowyer at Middlebrook, the Jerseys. To Mr. John Young, Middle River, Augusta, Virginia.
  • Page 67.--7th December, 1787. Agness Corson's (Carson) will--Estate falling to her by her father's will; to brother, Isaac, infant (?); to sister, Rebeckah, infant, under 18; to mother; to friends, Isaac Hannah, executor; to remaining brother and sisters. Teste: Geo. Moffett, Ro. Curry, Jno. Blair. Proved, 17th June, 1788, by Curry and Blair. Executor qualifies. (Note: this appears to be the will of Isaac's daughter Agness, names infant brother Isaac and infant sister Rebeckah, likely younger children of Isaac).
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE, 1796 (A to G). - Isaac Carson, infant, by Abraham Carson, next friend, vs. Alexander Curry. (Note: record refers to infant of Isaac, Sr.).
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  2. Chalkley, - Augusta County, Virginia Court Abstracts.