Person:Hester Warner (1)

Hester Warner
m. 22 Aug 1792
  1. Hester Warner1795 - Bef 1836
  2. William P. Warner1796 - 1853
  3. Margaret WarnerAbt 1798 -
  4. Nancy Warner1799 - 1846
  5. Sarah M. Warner1804 - 1884
  6. Jonas R. Warner1806 - Aft 1880
  7. Allen Warner1812 - 1882
m. 6 Nov 1814
  1. Elizabeth Lansdale
  2. Jacob Lansdale1818 - Aft 1880
m. 10 Nov 1822
  1. Charles Whittington, Jr.1826 - 1897
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Hester Warner
Alt Name /Hetty/ _____
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1795 Montgomery County, Kentucky
Marriage 6 Nov 1814 Bath County, Kentucky Performed by Rev. Charles Harper, Baptist James Lansdale
Alt Marriage 6 Nov 1814 ,Bath County, Kentuckyto James Lansdale
Marriage 10 Nov 1822 Bath County, Kentuckyto Charles Whittington, Sr.
Alt Marriage 10 Nov 1822 ,Bath County, Kentuckyto Charles Whittington, Sr.
Death? Bef 1836 Bath County, Kentucky
Burial? Warner Cemetery, Owingsville, Bath, Kentucky, United States
Reference Number? 5733

Subject: Warner Family of Bath County, KY Date:Sat, 1 Aug 1998 13:06:31, -0500 (MR ROBERT C STANCLIFF),

Aug. 1, 1998 Hi Darrell and William Warner:

Our current research into the Stanclift and Whittinton families of Bath County, KY seems to have revealed another daughter for Jacob and Elizabeth [Remy] Warner-

HESTER WARNER "Hetty" born about 1795, died before 1836, married 1. Bath County, KY Nov. 6, 1814, JAMES LANSDALE son of William Lansdale. "Hetty" was specifically listed as daughter of Jacob Warner in the marriage record, probably indicating the need for parental approval. James Lansdale and Hetty Warner were their own bondsmen on Nov. 1, 1814, the marriage was performed by Rev. Charles Harper, Baptist minister.

James Lansdale wrote a will on Nov. 15, 1819 which was submitted for probate the next month, in December 1819. He mentions a wife Easter and children Elizabeth and Jacob Lansdale. He specified father-in-law Jacob Warner and Dr. John Slavens as Executors on his estate. The will was witnessed by William Sudduth and Kinsey Lanham. This document was registered on page 219 of Will Records of Bath County 1811-1824. In the 1850 Bath County, KY Census, page 48, Jacob Warner age 81 and his grandson Jacob Lansdale age 32 were living in the household of Elizabeth Goodloe/Goodlow. Was she possibly another daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth [Remy] Warner?

Hetty termed in the record as Mrs. Hetty Lonsdale or Saundale married 2. Bath County, KY Nov. 10, 1822 CHARLES WHITTINGTON, bondsman Wm Sudduth, bond Dec. 9, 1821. Charles Whittington was the son of Thomas and Sarah [O'Conner] Whittington born about 1790, died Bath County, KY Nov. 6, 1844. Charles married again in 1836. Their son CHARLES WHITTINGTON JR. married Bath County, KY Sept. 1852 SUSANNAH STANCLIFT daughter of James and Sussanah [Smith] Moore Stanclift. Their first child, William Whittington, born Sept. 22, 1853, died Nov. 1, 1854, is buried in the Warner Cemetery. The mystery of why William Whittington was buried in the Warner Cemetery is now solved. He was a grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth [Remy] Warner.

It is of interest that Hetty's brother, Jonas Warner, named a son Lansdale Warner. Was it because of Hetty's first husband or was it because a daughter of Jonas had married a man named Lansdale?

A download of BATH COUNTY, KY DEATHS 1852-1859 indicated Martha Lansdale age 23, married, daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth Warner, died Bath County Mar. 8, 1854. What was her husband's name? Was it possibly Jacob Lansdale born 1818, son of James and Hetty [Warner] Lansdale Whittington? Jacob and Martha would have been first cousins.

MARGARET STANCLIFT daughter of James and Sussanah [Smith] Moore Stanclift was not only the sister-in-law of Charles Whittington Jr but he had also been her guardian for many years after her parents died. It may have been through this connection that Margaret met and married Allen Warner Jr who was probably a first cousin of Charles Whittington. Was Allen Warner's mother Vienna [Clayton] Warner related to Elizabeth Clayton, wife of Jonas Warner?

Warren Warner son of Jonas and Elizabeth [Clayton] Warner lived in the next house to his cousin, Charles Whittington Jr., in the 1870 BathCounty Census taken June 17, 1870, Marshall P.O. Dwelling 252, Family 252. George W. Hattin 34 was listed as head of household and listed as Farm Labor with no real or personal estate, he had Mary 33, James W. 10, George B M 6, Robert 5, Ephraim 3, in his family. Warren Warner on the other hand was listed as a Farmer $1000/500 which suggested that he owned the farm, so it seemed a bit strange that he was not head of household. Warren was age 46, Martha J. 35, Elizabeth 7, Louisa 4 and Sarah F. 2. All members of both families were born KY.

We hope some of this has been of interest and maybe even a few parts of it new information. We appreciate very much the research that you have shared on these Warner folks.

Sincerely, Sherry and Bob Stancliff, Cincinnati, OH

Subject: Re: Hester Warner Lansdale Whittington Date:Tue, 4 Aug 1998 14:16:59 EDT

Hi Darrell,

Did you get the disc I mailed you containing my Family Tree Maker data file? Were you able to read it o.k? James Lansdale wrote a will dated Nov 15, 1819. The will was probated in the December 1819 court. So somewhere in between those events is the most precise date I have ever been able to determine. THe marriage bond to Charles Whittington, Sr. was dated December 9, 1821. The actual marriage took place Nov 10, 1822. I got this info from Bob Stancliff. Do you know Bob?

Talk to you later. Pete Bailey

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