Person:Henry Van Benschoten (1)

m. 23 Aug 1775
  1. Jemima Van Bunschoten1776 - 1828
  2. Henry Van Benschoten1778 - 1832
  3. Elias T. Van Bunschoten1783 - 1869
  4. Sarah Van Bunschoten1786 - 1803
  • HHenry Van Benschoten1778 - 1832
  • WMary Jackson1779 - 1841
m. 28 Mar 1801
  1. Phoebe Van Benschoten1803 - 1835
  2. Teunis Van Benschoten1805 - 1866
  3. Richard Van Benschoten1807 - 1872
  4. John H. Van Benschoten1809 - 1888
  5. Sarah Van Benschoten1811 - 1867
  6. Elias Henry Van Benschoten1814 - 1870
  7. Townsend J. Van Benschoten1816 - 1888
  8. Elizabeth Van Benschoten1820 - 1843
  9. Mary Van Benschoten1824 - 1892
Facts and Events
Name Henry Van Benschoten
Gender Male
Birth[1] 30 Aug 1778 Dutchess, New York, United States
Marriage 28 Mar 1801 Fishkill, Dutchess Co., New York, United Statesto Mary Jackson
Death[1] 25 Sep 1832 Beekman, Dutchess Co., New York, United States

From the book "Concerning the Van Bunschoten or Van Benschoten Family in America", pg 132: "What pre-eminently characterized Henry Van Bunschoten was his spiritual energy and life. Caught up by the enthusiasm and vigor of primitive Methodism he early forsook the staid faith of his fathers, the Dutch Reformed. Whether as cause or effect, I know not, but his marriage was into Methodism, for the Jacksons were great Methodists and their home a great preaching-place of that sect. He became what was syled a "local preacher" and was often called to attend sick and death-beds. His ministrations were truly in character; for he was a man of great sensitiveness; he lived the life of the spirit and exhorted and preached because of inward compulsion. His spiritual life it is said stood forth like a light in all that community." So much, much more is in the book.

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