Person:Henry Short (2)

Henry Short abt 1613
m. Bef 1647
m. 9 Oct 1648
  1. Henry Short1651/52 - 1706
  2. Sarah Short1659/60 - 1710
Facts and Events
Name Henry Short
Gender Male
Birth? by abt 1613
Marriage Bef 1647 to Elizabeth Unknown
Marriage 9 Oct 1648 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah Glover
Death[1] 5 May 1673 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States


In his will, dated 13 February 1672[/3] and proved 19 June 1673, “Henry Short of Newbury” bequeathed to “my dearly beloved wife Sarah, an hundred pounds to be paid out of my stock …, also I give to my said wife eight pounds a year …, also I give to my said wife a third part of my household goods as of brass, pewter, bedding, &c., also during my wife’s widowhood she shall have two cows kept for her use by my heir … & she shall have the liberty to keep two swine & some fowls & also she shall have the new parlor for her own use …, also to have the use of the third part of the new cellar, and she shall have the use of the little garden for her own use & two rows of apple trees next the English grass, and she shall also have a horse to be at her command & one to attend her as she hath occasion, and also free egress & regress into the bakehouse for baking & washing, and all this is to quit her claim of any thirds to my housing or lands”; to “my daughter Sarah one hundred & fifty pounds …, further I give to my said daughter one-third part of my household goods …, also I give to her my ten acres of salt marsh land in Plum Island, with five pounds a year,” with various contingent instructions depending on her date of marriage, whether before or after her twentieth birthday; “I appoint my son Henry Short to be my true & lawful heir of my estate & do accordingly bequeath to him all my houses & lands with all my goods & chattels”; “if my son Henry die without issue what I have here given him shall fall to my daughter Sarah and her heirs [and] if she should also die without issue then I give it to my wife, & after her decease to my cousin Samuell Holt, provided he give to Robert Long’s children & to Nathan Parker Junior ten pounds apiece & if Samuel fail then to his brother Nicholas Holt”; “my wife & son Henry shall be joint executors”; “mine approved friends Mr. Joshua Moody, Richard Kent, Symon Tomson & Anthony Somerby to be overseers”; “the great Bible to my wife & my daughter Sarah I give the ten acres of salt marsh aforesaid in Plum Island presently after my decease” [EPR 2:345-47].

The inventory of the estate of “Henry Short of Newbury, deceased May 5, 1673, taken May 7, 1673,” totalled £1842 8s. (against which were debts of £68 2s.), of which £1250 was real estate: “housing, barns, orchards and lands,” £1250 [EPR 2:347-49].

  1. Henry Short sketch, in Great Migration Newsletter. (Boston, Massachusetts: Great Migration Study Project)

    MIGRATION: 1634 on the Mary & John (on 26 March 1634, “Henry Shorte” was enrolled at Southampton as a passenger for New England on the Mary & John [Drake’s Founders 71]).
    BIRTH: By 1613 (based on admission to freemanship on 3 September 1634 [MBCR 1:369]).
    DEATH: Newbury 5 May 1673 [EQC 5:261].
    MARRIAGE: (1) By 1647 Elizabeth _____. She died at Newbury on 22 March 1647[/8?].
    (2) Newbury 9 October 1648 Sarah Glover. She married (2) Newbury 6 February 1677[/8?] Robert Adams.

Mary and John (1634)
This Mary and John, to be distinguished from the 1630 voyage, sailed in early 1634. The passenger list is somewhat more certain by virtue of lists of oathtakers dated 24 and 26 Mar 1633/4, but it does not cover the entire list.
Sailed: late Mar 1633/4 from Southampton, England under Master Robert Sayres
Arrived: June? 1634 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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