Person:Henry Rice (6)

Henry Rice
  1. Henry RiceABT 1580 - 1621
m. Nov 1605
  1. Edward Rice1608 -
  2. Henry Rice1609/10 -
  3. Elizabeth Rice1612 - 1690
  4. Mary Rice1615 -
  5. Ann Rice1617/8 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Henry Rice
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1580 Stanstead, Suffolk, England
Marriage Nov 1605 Stanstead, Suffolk, Englandto Elizabeth Frost
Burial[2] Nov 1621 Stanstead, Suffolk, England

What relation to emigrating Sudbury Edmund Rice (1638)?

Two theories currently exist for his relationship to the emigrating founder of Sudbury, MA, Edmund Rice:

  1. He was an older brother of Edmund. (Mary Lovering Holman theorizes this as one possibility (see S2 below).
  2. He was the father of Edmund, but by a marriage previous to that of Elizabeth Frost. (MLH as well as Source:An interim tracing of the ancestry of Valerie Daly King (1956, p 27) also think this is more probable. (Warning: many LDS IGI records claim erroneously this parentage for Edmund.)

What is clear is that Edmund's mother could not have been Elizabeth Frost, as proven by MLH (S2 below):

  • Record of Henry Rice's marriage to Elizabeth Frost in November 1605 at Stanstead.
  • Record of the baptism of Edmund's first child on 23 August 1619 at Stanstead.

The probability that Henry was father of Edmund is circumstantially based on the following:

  • their presence together in Stanstead, with no other Rice's before or after them in this location;
  • the naming of Edmund's first son as Henry.

The location of Henry or Edmund Rice's origins have not been located.

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    (Cites parish register Stanstead, Suffolk, England.)