Person:Hannah Pratt (35)

Hannah Pratt
m. 24 Dec 1798
  1. James Pratt1801 - 1862
  2. George Pratt1803 - 1803
  3. John Pratt1803 - 1803
  4. Hannah Pratt1804 - 1857
  5. John Pratt1806 - 1886
  6. George Pratt1808 - 1810
  7. Thomas Pratt1810 - 1877
  8. Joseph Pratt1812 - 1856
  9. Daniel Pratt1815 -
  10. Ann Pratt1817 - 1818
  11. William Pratt1821 -
m. 20 May 1827
  1. Maria Moles1828 - 1907
  2. George Moles1831 - 1904
  3. Eliza Moles1833 - 1897
  4. Hannah Moles1836 - 1837
  5. Thomas Moles1838 - 1895
  6. Betsy Moles1842 - 1920
  7. Hannah Ann Moles1848 - 1928
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Pratt
Gender Female
Christening[1] 16 Sep 1804 Willian, Hertfordshire, England
Marriage 20 May 1827 Willian, Hertfordshire, EnglandAll Saints
to William Moles
Census[2] 6 Jun 1841 Willian, Hertfordshire, England
Census[3] 30 Mar 1851 Willian, Hertfordshire, England
Burial[5] 23 Jul 1857 Willian, Hertfordshire, England


Hannah Pratt was baptised on 16th September 1804 at Willian in Hertfordshire, daughter of Elizabeth Pratt, formerly Copps, and her husband John Pratt, a labourer. Hannah had one older surviving sibling, although her parents had also had twins who had died as babies the year before Hannah was born. Hannah's parents went on to have another seven children after Hannah, although two of those died young. Of the seven children who survived infancy, Hannah was the only girl. All were baptised at Willian.

In 1824 Hannah witnessed her older brother James's marriage at Willian. In 1826, when Hannah was 22 years old, her father John died, aged 56.


Less than a year after her father's death, Hannah was married to William Moles. He had not been born at Willian, but his family had moved to Willian before he was three years old. Hannah and William were very similar in age and therefore had probably known each other since childhood. The Pratt and Moles families clearly knew each other well; William's sister Ann married Hannah's brother John in 1829 (when Hannah was one of the witnesses), then William's sister Mary married Hannah's brother Joseph in 1833.

William and Hannah stayed in Willian, having seven children (five girls and two boys) baptised there between 1828 and 1848, although one of their daughters, Hannah, died aged one. William worked as an agricultural labourer, and Hannah was a straw plaiter. Hannah's mother died in Willian in 1839.

Hannah died in 1857, and was buried on 23rd July 1857 at Willian where she had lived her whole life. At the time of her death, the couple's surviving children ranged in age from 28 down to just eight years old. She had lived to see at least four grandchildren born in her lifetime, although some of them had died young. William outlived her by 24 years.

  1. Church of England. Willian Parish Registers.

    Baptized Anno D[omi]ni 1804 / Hannah Pratt, Daughter of John & Elisabeth Pratt, Sep[tember] 16

    This baptism has been linked to the Hannah Pratt who married William Moles on the basis of the 1851 census suggesting Hannah was born in Willian in about 1804, and the fact that after her marriage Hannah Moles was one of the witnesses to the marriage of John Pratt, brother of the Hannah Pratt baptised in 1804.

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    Address: Willian, Hertfordshire
    Thomas Moles, male, 60 [1776-81], Lab[ourer], not born in county
    Thomas Moles jun[io]r, male, 13 [1827/8], Lab[ourer], born in county
    Mary Ann Moles, female, 59 [1781/2], not born in county
    Eliza Moles, female, 15 [1821-6], born in county
    ~ next house ~
    W[illia]m Moles, male, 35 [1801-6], Lab[ourer], not born in county
    George Moles, male, 10 [1830/1], Lab[ourer], born in county
    Eliza Moles, female, 8 [1832/3], born in county
    Thomas Moles, male, 3 [1837/8], born in county
    Hanah Moles, female, 35 [1801-6], born in county
    Maria Moles, female, 13 [1827/8], born in county
    W[illia]m Pratt, male, 20 [1816-21], Lab[ourer], born in county

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    Address: Village, Willian, Hertfordshire
    William Moles, head, married, male, 47 [1803/4], Ag[ricultural] Lab[oure]r, b. Stotfold, Bedfordshire
    Hanah Moles, wife, married, female, 46 [1804/5], Platting, b. Willian, Hertfordshire
    Elizar Moles, daughter, unmarried, female, 18 [1832/3], Platting, b. Willian, Hertfordshire
    Betsy Moles, daughter, unmarried, female, 9 [1841/2], Platting, b. Willian, Hertfordshire
    Hannah Moles, daughter, female, 2 [1848/9], b. Willian, Hertfordshire
    Thomas Moles, son, unmarried, male, 12 [1838/9], b. Willian, Hertfordshire

  4.   Deaths index, in General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration. (London: General Register Office).

    d. Hannah MOULES [apparently mistranscribed as MONKS on modern re-index], September Quarter 1857, Hitchin Registration District, Volume 3a, page 155, aged 52 [1804/5]

  5. Burials register, in Church of England. Willian Parish Registers.

    No. 249
    When buried: 23 Jul 1857
    Name: Hannah Moules
    Abode: Willian
    Age: 52 [1804/5]