Person:Gilbert Campbell (3)

Gilbert Campbell
b.est 1691-1701
d.bef. 26 February 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
m. BEF 1690
  1. Lady Mary Margaret Catherine Campbell1690 - ABT 1742
  2. Susannah Campbell1691-1709 -
  3. Alexander Campbell1691-1709 -
  4. Anne Campbell1691-1709 -
  5. Elizabeth CampbellEst 1691-1694 -
  6. Gilbert Campbellest 1691-1701 - bef 1750
  7. James Campbell1691-1709 -
  8. William Campbell1691-1709 -
  • HGilbert Campbellest 1691-1701 - bef 1750
  • WPrudence Osran1695-1707 -
m. bef. 1721
  1. Elizabeth Campbellbef 1721 -
  2. James Campbell1721 - 1745
  3. Sarah Campbellest 1722-1742 -
  4. Prudence CampbellBEF 1728 - BEF 1762
  5. Charles Campbell1742 -
  6. Lettice Campbellabt 1744 -
  7. George Campbellabt 1744 - bef 1800
Facts and Events
Name Gilbert Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? est 1691-1701
Marriage bef. 1721 to Prudence Osran
Death? bef. 26 February 1750 Augusta County, Virginia

Gilbert Campbell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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GenForum "Gilbert first appears of record in the Paxtang (or Paxton) area of Lancaster County VA where, in 1734, he is mentioned as owing 400 acres of land on the south side of Conodoguinet Creek, west of the Susquehanna River." [To be verified. [1]

Gilbert Campbell settled in Augusta County by 1742 when he secured a tract on Bordens Grant on Woods Creek, a tributary of tee North River which flows into the James further south at the "Forks of the James". His property lay south of the modern town of Lexington. Gilbert married Prudence Osran about 1720, based on the ages of their children.

Gilbert Campbell's land (Borden Tract SW, 389 acres, 1742) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.
Gilbert Campbell's land (Borden Tract SW, 389 acres, 1742) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.
Image:Campbell's on Bordens Grant.jpg

Source:Chalkley's Chronicles: Pages 184-89. 26-27 July 1742. Benjamin Borden of Orange County to Gilbert Campell [Campbell] of same. Lease and release; for ₤11.13.4 current money. 389 acres on waters of James River, part of 92,100 pattin 6 Nov. 1739... on the south west side of Woods Creek. by the side of James River... side of Woods Creek... to the mouth... Benja. Borden. Wit: Richd. Woods, Joseph Lapsley, William Woods. 26 Aug. 1742. Acknowledged by Benjamin Borden, Gent. [Orange County Deed Book 8, pg. 75].

Gilbert's father is commonly identified as Sir James Campbell 5th Baronet of Auchinbreck (1679 - ), and a member of the Campbells of Argyllshire. The location where Gilbert settles is near person:Richard Woods (1) on Woods Creek; Richard thought to be related to Person:Michael Woods (1), though the exact relationship is uncertain. But in anycase, Michael's wife is commonly identified as "Mary Campbell" daughter of Person:James Campbell (135), Gilbert Campbell's father 5th Baronet of Auchinbreck. That is to say Michael Woods and Gilbert Campbell are brotherinlaws.

Connections between the Campbells of the Valley of Virginia, and various branches of the Campbells of Argyl in Scotland, are commonly asserted in the genealogical literature. Some of these connections may be correct, but direct supporting evidence for this is lacking at the present time.

Will/Estate Records

  • Page 294.—29th August, 1750. Gilbert Campbell's will, of Forks of James River, plantationer—Wife, Prudence Campbell, alias Osran; son, George (infant) ; son, Charles (infant) ; daughter, Elizabeth Woods, alias Campbell; son, James; daughter, Prudence Hays; daughter, Sarah Campbell; daughter, Lattice Campbell. Executors, James Trimble, Thomas Stuart and Andrew Hays. Teste: James Thompson, Robert Allison, Alex. McMullen. Proved, 26th February, 1750, by Thompson and Allison, and probate granted to Andrew Hays. [2]
  • Page 308.--27th February, 1750-51. Andrew Hays' bond as executor of Gilbert Campbell, with sureties Charles Hayes, James Walker.
  • Page 372.--23d May, 1751. Gilbert Campbell's appraisement, by Alex. McMullan, Robert Allison, James Thompson, Andrew Hays.
  • Page 373.—23d May, 1751. - Appraisement of goods left by Gilbert Campbell to his wife, Prudence Campbell, alias Puran. (Note: apparently Gilbert's wife had re-married prior to this date. There was a "William Purrens" listed in a 1767 processioning list in Beverley Manor that appears to be a possible candidate as her second husband).
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 17, 1758. - (147) Lettice Campbell, aged 14, orphan of Gilbert Campbell, chose George Campbell her guardian.
  • Page 243.—17th May, 1758. George Campbell's bond (with Robert McElheny, Robt. Moore) as guardian (chosen) to Lettice Campbell, orphan of Gilbert Campbell.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 1, 1747. - (191) Rebecca Hays, Isabella Taylor, Sarah Paxton, Elizabeth Davis, Mary McClung, Agnes Gray, Esther Lyle, Agnis McClure, Catherine McNabb, Jane Hall, Prudence Campbell, Elizabeth McCroskie and Hannah Miller appeared and their husbands recognized that they appear at May Court to testify against Rebecca Buchanan, Jr., and Senr., Mary Ann Campbell and Ruth Buchanan. John Carmichael also recognized. (Note: Prudence Campbell was Gilbert's wife).
  • Page 367.--27th March. 1747. Benj. Borden, &c., to John Moore (sold in testator's lifetime); 504 acres, 1 R., 26 P., £12 current money Virginia, part of 92,100; corner to Joseph Lapsley's land; corner to Gilbert Campbell. Witnessed and acknowledged as above.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1747. - (193) Thos. Paxton, James McClung, Isaac Taylor, Gilbert Campbell, Wm. Hall and Andrew McNabb recognized that their wives, as above, appear as witnesses: William Lusk in behalf of Agnis Grey; Saml. Davis in behalf of his mother, Eleanor Davis; Moses McClure in behalf of his mother, Agness McClure; Andrew Hays in behalf of his mother, Rebecca Hays; Silas Hart in behalf of Esther Lyle. Acknowledged themselves as above. Wm. Henry also acknowledged as above.
  • Page 502.--18th May, 1748. £8.10.0. Benj. Borden to John Allison (sold in testator's lifetime, 291 acres, part of 92,100; white oak on southwest side of river; corner to Gilbert Campbell; corner to said Campbell and John Moore, Tested and acknowledged as above.
  • Page 129.--28th January, 1748-9. John and Mary McNabb (his wife) to Arthur McClure. Mille Creek; corner James Thompson; corner Robert Galloway. Teste: Andrew McNabb, Wm. Hall, Gilbert Campbell. Delivered to John Wilson, 30th April, 1751.
  • Page 185.--3d May, 1749. John Moore and Margaret, his wife, to Robert Moore. Woods Creek, a branch of James River; corner John Moore. Gilbert Campbell.
  • Page 240.--3d October, 1755. John ( ) Alison (Aliceson) and Jean ( ) to Joseph Walker, £100, 291 acres on North Branch James; cor. Gilbert Campbell; cor. said Campbell's and John Moore's lines. Teste: Andrew Uall, Wm. Buyers. Delivered: Thos. Stewart, February, 1758.


  1. This line of Campbells is commonly associated with the Michael Woods family, who came from Old Chester to the Valley of Virginia about 1734. The nominal patriarch of the Woods family (Person:Michael Woods (1)) settled with kinsmen on the east side of the Blue Ridge near Woods Gap (now Jarman Gap). Other kinsmen settled on Beverley Manor and Borden's Grant. There are numerous intermarriages between the Woods, Campbell, and Wallace families. These families are thought to have migrated together from Pennsylvania to the Blue Ridge.
    Michael can be shown to have come to the area from "Paxtunk" (believed to be "Paxtang", a small community on the north side of the Susquehanna.) One of his sons, Archibald, married the daughter of Person:John Gass (1), who had settled on the Conodoguinet, in modern Cumberland County (south side of the Susquenhanna), then part of Lancaster. Gilbert Campbell is presumably Archibald Woods kinsman, though the exact relationships between the Woods, Campbells, Wallace' and other related families, needs to be sorted out.
  2. "Note by DeliJim: it appears that Gilbert Campbell's wife Prudence may have been a second wife, as Gilbert had adult children and infants). Probably not the correct interpretation. "Infants" in the colonial Virginia legal system only meant that they were not adults. Could have been any where from what we would call an infant, to a child of 17. ~~~~