Person:George Crawford (29)

George Crawford
m. 1747
  1. Martha Crawford1748 - 1748
  2. Elizabeth "Betsey" Crawford1751 - 1816
  3. Margaret 'Peggy' Crawford1754 - 1776
  4. George Crawford1754 - bef 1824
  5. Martha Crawford1761 - BEF 1821
  6. John Crawford1763 - 1846
  7. Mary 'Polly' Crawford1765 - 1828
  8. William Crawford1767 - 1832
  9. James Crawford1767 - 1824
m. 1789
  1. Sarah 'Sally' Crawfordbef 1789 - bef 1807
  2. Mary 'Polly' CrawfordBEF 1795 -
  3. Martha 'Patsy' CrawfordABT 1798 - 1864
  4. Nancy Ann Crawford1801 - 1893
  5. Jane CrawfordABT 1802 - 1829
  6. Hannah CrawfordBef 1805 -
  7. Peggy CrawfordEst 1806-1812 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] George Crawford
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 1 Oct 1754 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage 1789 Augusta County, Virginiato Nancy Winters
Death[2] bef 25 Dec 1824 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Other[2] 25 Dec 1824 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesnamed in Decree concerning his estate
Will[2] Augusta, Virginia, United Statesdied intestate

George Crawford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on George Crawford

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    Vol. 1 - COUNTY COURT CHANCERY DECREES DECIDED. 1823, 1824, 1825 (I to N). - Henry Miller and Hannah, late Hannah Crawford, Peter Hanger, Jr., and Patsey, late ____ Crawford, vs. James Bourland, et al.--Daughters of George Crawford. George died intestate, leaving six children, viz, the two female plaintiffs, Polly Bourland, who married James Bourland; Nancy Miller, late Nancy Crawford, who married John Miller; Jane McCue, who married Franklin McCue, Peggy Crawford, minor. Bill for petition. Report of Commisisoners filed, 25th December, 1824. ...

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    ... The sons of Patrick and Sally Crawford were:

    I. George Crawford, to whom his father left the plantation on which he resided. He was born October 1, 1754, and married Nancy Winter. Mrs. Crawford's parents were William and Ann Boone Winter, the latter an aunt of Daniel Boone. Elizabeth Winter, a sister of Mrs. Crawford, married Abraham Lincoln, the grandfather of President Lincoln; and Hannah Winter, another sister, married Henry Miller, the founder of Miller's Iron Works, on Mossy creek, Augusta county. (See page 40). It may be mentioned that the grandfather of President Lincoln, then living in the part of Augusta county which is now Rockingham, attended a court-martial at Staunton, March 13, 1776, as captain of a militia company. His name was written "Abraham Linkhorn."

    All the children of George and Nancy Crawford were daughters, viz: 1. Nancy, wife of John Miller; 2. Hannah, wife of Harry Miller; 3. Sally, second wife of James Bell, died childless; 4. Jane, first wife of Franklin McCue; 5. Martha, wife of Peter Hanger; 6. Polly, wife of James Bourland ; 7. Rebecca, died unmarried; and 8. Margaret, wife of James Walker, died childless.
    [Note: the account above of Elizabeth Winter marrying Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of the President is disputed by other sources and records.]