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Gasper 'Casper' Mefford
Facts and Events
Name Gasper 'Casper' Mefford
Alt Name Gasper Mifford
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 August 1741 Oberdorfelden, Hessen, Germany
Marriage 31 March 1763 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvaniato Mary Seigler.
Death[1] November 1805 Rockingham County, Virginia

Gasper "Casper" Mefford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Marriage Record

From the Journal of Henry M. Muhlenberg, pg 613, year 1763.
“March 30, Wednesday, Christopher Beyer, reported that Henrich Hoffman had passed away at Paul Cover’s last night, between eleven and twelve, born at Itlinger, Palatinate, Germany. I preached Psalms 39-5-9, as my funeral text.”
“Further I married Casper Meffert, unmarried, of New Hannover and Maria Seigler, unmarried, of Northern Liberties. They were married by authority of a license from the Governor, dated 31 Mar. 1763. I received seven shillings and gave them a marriage certificate.”
[Citation: Robinson, Marguerite E., "Mefferds and Their Kin", pg. 21].

Will of Casper Mefford

Will of Casper Mefford
Augusta County Court records by Lyman Chalkly, pg. 199.
Casper, alias Gasper Mefford, made his will 28 Nov. 1805 and died 6 Dec. 1805, Rockingham Co. Va., leaving a widow, Mary and children; George, Ben, Cate, John, Casper and Magdalene Hannah, widow of Thomas Hannah.
“Mary, my wife, to have the home plantation as long as she shall live. Benjamin, my son, shall live with her on the plantation. And after my wife’s decease, my daughter Caty Kile is to have my black woman, Rachel. Magdalene, widow of Thomas Hannah, is to have my black woman Hannah, if she lives. As for my son John, it is my wish that his son George have his part. And as for my son Casper, he shall have $1.”
Another son mentioned but not by name. John had a son George and George had a son George.
[Citation: Robinson, Marguerite E., "Mefferds and Their Kin", pg. 22].

Records in Rockingham County, VA

Deed: For Casper Meffert from Henry and Jane Reburn of Rockingham co. Va. 24 Dec. 1778. 100 acres on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. See Chalkley’s History of Augusta, Co.Va.

Surveys and Land Owners of Rockingham Co. Va.
Survey 41 acres of land of Rockingham Co. for Casper Mefford. Assignee of Robert Pollard, Exchange warrant No. 1425, dated 28th day of 1793, Bounded as follows: Beginning at a pine and small white oak in Henry Mace’s corner and running to a line to the corner of Whitmore and Samuel Miller’s line and back to Henry Mace’s corner and line.

Survey 85 acres of land in Rockingham Co. Va. For Thomas Hannah, assignee of Casper Mifford, assignee of Robert Pollard, exchange warrant for 400 acres of land, N520, dated 29 May 1783, and bounded as follows: Beginning at a chestnut, corner of Henry Mace’s line and 396 poles west and --- in Henry Mace’s line and 66 poles to a branch west and --- in Henry Mace’s line and 66 poles to a branch of Dry Run and back to Henry Mace’s corner (Thomas Hannah was Casper Mifford’s son-in-law. He married Magdalene Mefford.)

Rockingham Co. Court Records, for Rockingham Co. Va.
4 Aug. 1770, in the 4th year of our commonwealth of Virginia came Casper Meffert, complaining of assault and battery by Joseph Thompson, that he was beaten by clubs and staves, that the said Thompson did beat and wound him so that his life was despaired of. Casper Meffert does ask for damaged and up to £200, through his Lawyer, Gabriel Jones. He was awarded damages and court costs. (Thompson was a land agent.)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - 1796 (A to M). - Casper Mefford vs. Mathias Amon, Mathias Dout, Adam Bowlas, Jacob Kronck, Jacob Scott, Robert Mallory, Jacob Whitmore, James Beard, Martin Whitmer, Jacob Willberger, John Willberger, Adam Howe, Joseph Sevely, Daniel Williams, Joseph Long, John Kiblinger, Mathias Willberger, Michael Earmin, John Wideck, John Slasher, Peter Hoe, Jacob Koe, Valentine Softly, John Baker--Petition for road in Rockingham, 1793, from Mathias Amon's Mills crossing, North River, at Coal's Ford, near Jacob Scott's, thence to Rockfish Road, near Peter Kiblinger's. John Carthrae, John Kiblinger, William Trorabaugh, Alexander Fisher, affidavit viewers. Road passes through lands of Mathias Ockeltree, Thomas Hannah, John Baker, Casper Mefford, Jacob Scott, James Beard, Samuel Baker, Valentine Softly.
  • Vol. 2 - Austin vs. Carthrae--O. S. 262; N. S. 92--Orator is Richard Austin of Rockingham. On 28th November, 1805, Casper, alias Gasper Mifford, made his will in Rockingham and died, leaving a widow called Mary and children, viz: George, Ben, Cate (wife of Jacob Kile), John, Casper and Leancy, alias Magdalene, widow of Thos. Hana. Mary, the widow, died April, 1816, testate. John Mefford had a son George. George Mefford had a son George. Patent, 31st July, 1800, to Casper Mifford, 41 acres in Rockingham. Patent, 5th April, 1749, to Joshua Hickman for 100 acres on North River of Shenando. On April 6, 1816, George and Benj. Meffert, Catherine Kile and George Meffert, son of John Meffert, are non-residents of Virginia. Deed, 16th January, 1815, by Magdalena Hanah, daughter of Gasper Mefford and widow of late Thomas Hana, to Richard Austin of Rockingham, all her interest in her father's estate. Will of Gasper Mefford dated 28th November, 1805. Wife, Mary; son, Benjamin; daughters, Leoney, Caty Ryle; son John's son, George. Recorded in Rockingham, December, 1805. Deed, 24th August, 1778, by Henry Reburn and Jane of Rockingham to Casper Meffort of Rockingham, 100 acres on North River of Shennandoe below the Fork where Reburn now lives, granted to Joshua Hickman, 5th April, 1748, and conveyed to Henry by George Crawford, 18th November, 1760. Letter addressed to Ensign George Eskridge, Staunton: Dear Sir: Winchester, 28th April, 1813. Congratulations upon appointment and acceptance. Signed by Thomas Parker, Colo., 12th Infantry. Thos. Hannah, aged 28, deposes, in Rockingham, 2d June, 1817, is grandson of Gasper Mefford.
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    4th Generation – Casper, son of Andreas Meffert, and Magdalene Haas.
    Casper, b. 27 Aug. 1741. Oberdorfelden, Hessen, Germany, d. 6 Dec. 1805, Rockingham Co. VA.
    mar 31 Mar. 1763, in Philadelphia, PA
    Mary Seigler, b. 1745, d. 16 Apr. 1816, Rockingham Co. VA.

    John, b. 8 Oct. 1764, Fredericks Co. MD. D. 18 Apr. 1842, Logan Co. Ky.
    mar. Mary Lemon, dau of George Lemon, In VA.
    Casper, b. 1765, Fredericks Co. MD. D. Clark’s Co. Ohio. Also served in war of 1781, from VA.
    mar. in VA. Katherine Jones.
    Magdalene, b. 1 May 1766, Frederickstown, Md. (Evangelical Lutheran church record.)
    mar. in VA. Thomas Hannah d. 18 Mar. 1833, Rockingham Co. VA. admn. bond.
    Catherine, b. 1769, Fredericks Co. MD.
    mar. in Rockingham Co. Jacob Kyle.
    George, b. 1771, Fredericks Co. Md. Went to Scott Co. VA (Chancery Court records of Augusta Co. VA) 1816.
    mar. Sarah.
    Benjamin, b. 1779, Rockingham Co. VA.
    mar. 25 Apr 1802, Nancy Saxton.
    Went to Woodford Co. Ky. d. Frankfort Ky., after 1850
    Anna Maria, b. 6 Mar. 1786, Rockingham Co. VA (Old Frieden’s church record)
    no further record.