Person:Gabriel Jones (4)

Gabriel Jones
m. abt. 1720
  1. Elizabeth Jones1721 -
  2. Gabriel Jones1724 - 1806
  3. Rev. John Jones1725 - bef 1773
m. 16 October 1749
  1. Margaret Morton Jones1751 -
  2. Elizabeth Bates Jones1753 - bef 1800
  3. William Strother Jones1756 - 1788
  4. Anne Gabriel Jones1759 - 1760
  5. Anne Gabriel Jones1761 -
Facts and Events
Name Gabriel Jones
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 17 May 1724 Williamsburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Marriage 16 October 1749 Virginiato Margaret Madison Strother
Death[1][2] 6 October 1806 Rockingham County, Virginia

Gabriel Jones was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisition of Land in Virginia

Acquisition of Land from Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys:

  • Gabriel Jones of Elkwood, 21 Feb. 1747 - 5 Apr. 1747; 1,000 acres on Crooked Run, Cannon Run, Battle Mountain; adj. Anthony Scott, Capt. Green, George Fairfax, Esq., John Roberts. CC - Thomas Corbin, Jr. & Samuel Scott. Pilot John Roberts. Surv. for John Baylis by James Genn. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 5].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's (unless otherwise listed):

  • Page 35.--27th November, 1750, etc. Borden to Gabriel Jones, on Cautaper (prob. Catawba) Creek, now in possession of John McPharring, 190 acres of 2880 acres; patented to Benj., Sr., 9th March, 1740, being lowest lot on said Creek, and numbered 8.
  • Page 70.--29th August, 1751. Same (Christophel Francisco of Borough of Lancaster (by Stofleel Francisco), and Ludwick Francisco) to Gabriel Jones of Frederick, 244 acres, part of Jacob Stover's 5000 acres conveyed by Stover to Chrl., opposite Gr. Island of Shanandore, joining tract formerly Jolm Bumgardner's land.
  • Page 496.--25th August, (prob. 1753). Alex. Ritchie, blacksmith, and Mary to Gabriel Jones, of Frederick County, attorney, 1753, 400 acres, James River above Craig's Creek. Purchased of Alex. Douglass, heir-at-law of his brother, Roger Douglass, to whom it was patented. Teste: James Donalson (Donelson).
  • Page 140.--30th November, 1762. Samuel Lawrence to Gabriel Jones. £215, 400 acres on James River above mouth of Craig's Creek, which Lawrence lately purchased of said Jones; mortgage for £215. Delivered: Gabriel Jones, March, 1764.
  • Page 238.--22d June, 1763. James McCowen and Margarett ( ) to Gabriel Jones, £57.6, 380 acres on Catawpa of James River, whereon James now lives, purchased of Robert Poage. Teste: Daniel Smith, Felix Gilbert, Daniel Harrison.
  • Page 42 - Gabriel Jones, Felix Seymore, John McCulough, Henry Heath, Luke Collins, Thomas Lewis, 1,700 acres, on the mountain between the South Fork and South Branch of the Potomack. February 22, 1765. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 17].
  • Page 168.--23d November, 1766. John Kinkead to Gabriel Jones, £100, mortgage, 530 acres, part of 1,061 acres, one moiety of which John sold to John Kinkead. of Albemarle, the moiety hereby conveyed being whereon John now lives, on the Calfpasture. Teste: Andrew Lewis, Alex. Miller, M. A., Thos. Madison.
  • Page 55 - Gabriel Jones, 270 acres, Warm Spring Valley. December 4, 1766. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 21-22].
  • Page 55 - Gabriel Jones, 350 acres, Warm Spring Valley. December 4, 1766. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 22].
  • Page 55 - Gabriel Jones, 290 acres, Warm Spring Valley. December 4 1766. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 22].
  • Page 48.--22d August, 1767. John Dickenson and Martha to Gabriel Jones, £250, 546 acres on Falling Spring, a branch of Jackson's river, bought by John from John and David Stanleys, who bought it from Adam Dickenson to whom it was patented 1st June, 1750.
  • Page 297.--17th November, 1767. Benj. Estill to Gabriel Jones, surrender of mortgage of 20th May, 1767, by John Dickinson to Benj. Estill, 546 acres, also 250 acres. Gabriel has contracted with John for the purchase of said tracts for $250. Gabriel pays $100 to Benjamin and Benjamin conveys to Gabriel.
  • Page 158.--26th August, 1768. David ( ) Frazeir, eldest son and heir of William Frazier, deceased, and Barbara, ( ) to Gabriel Jones, attorney at law, £45, a certain island called the Great Island, 54 acres in Shanandore River, nearly opposite the plantation whereon Jones lives, patented to William Frazier, 20th June, 1753. Delivered: Jacob Kinney per order, 6th April, 1804.
  • Page 318.--22d March, 1769. Henry Long to Gabriel Jones, £50, 350 acres purchased by Henry from his brother Philip Long, descended to Philip as eldest son of his father Philip Long, on Shanandore River at upper end of Richard Maulding's 2000 acres tract, near Peaked Mountain, Sealer's line. Mortgage.
  • Page 423.--15th April, 1769. Bryce Russell to Gabriel Jones, mortgage,£80, 150 acres on Shanandore whereon Bryce now lives, purchased of Hugh Thompson. Teste: John Gabriel Jones.
  • Page 24.--3d June, 1769. James McDowell to Gabriel Jones, mortgage, two tracts in Borden's land, whereon James now lives: A containing 300 acres conveyed to James by John Bowyer and Magdalen, 20th September, 1763; B containing 60 acres conveyed to James by his brother Samuel, 4th October, 1765.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 307.--28th May, 1751. Gabriel Jones to Wm. Richey, 190 acres lately purchased by grantor from grantee and conveyed to him by Borden, 1750; conveyed by Borden; on Caturba Creek; John McFerring's corner.
  • Page 203.-'(undated, prob. bet. 22 Dec. 1752-21 Mar. 1753) - Gabriel Jones and Lewis Neil, of Frederick, executors of Wm. McMachen, late of same place, Gent., to William Beard, 400 acres on Cub Run of So. River Shanando, west side Peaked Mountain, patent to Wm., 12th January, 1746. Wm. died testate.
  • Page 162.--27th November, 1762. Gabriel Jones and Margaret to Samuel Lawrance, yeoman, £215, 400 acres on James River above mouth of Craig's Creek, purchased by Jones from Alexander Richey and he from Alexander Douglass, eldest son and heir-at-law of Roger Douglass, deceased, original patentee. Delivered: Samuel Lawrance, March Court, 1769.
  • Page 62.--19th August, 1766. Gabriel Jones and Margaret to James, George and Robert McAfee, £107.10, tract purchased by Gabriel of James McCown, and he from Robert Poage, on Catawpa, a branch of James River. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767.
  • Page 255.--30th November, 1768. Gabriel Jones to Samuel Lawrence, release of mortgage, 30th November, 1762.

Will / Estate Records of Gabriel Jones

In the name of God, Amen! I, Gabriel Jones, of the County of Rockingham in the State of Va., being in perfect health, do make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by --
First, I give & devise to my dear wife Margaret for & during her natural life, the plantation on which I live together with the several pieces or parcels of land I have deeds or patents for joining the home and plantation, & including the great island and one hundred acres. I have in the County of Bath; together with all my slaves, household goods and Stock of all kinds, & farming utensils, & whatever books she chooses to make use of; and father, I do hereby empower and will if she thinks proper, she may at any time or times sell and dispose of all the Said Slaves and any one or more of them except Frederick. The same power and authority I give her in regard to the household goods, Stock & utensils, to dispose of all or any part thereof, & the money arising from such sale or sales to be as common stock at her death, she having the use of the same till that period. Whereas my dear friend and Son in law John Harvie of Belvidere is indebted to me in the sum of six hundred pounds in Specie, by this bond dated 17th August 1790. I will and direct that no interest accreing before my death be demanded of him, and I give and bequeath to my daughter Hawkins, the wife of John Hawkins of Scott Co., in the State of Ky. the sum of three hundred pounds, and to her son Wood Hawkins, who I understand is intended for the profession of law, all my law books. I give to William Fleming of the County of Rockingham the sum of two hundred dollars in trust to be disposed of as by memorandum left for that purpose. My executors have nothing more to do in this bequest, than to pay the money ashe is to be accountable to no one.
I give and bequeath to Gabriel Lewis and Warner Lewis my Grandsons, all my right, title, interest, claim & demand that I now have, or may hereafter have, of and in a mortgage I have from their father John Lewis, of the Mansion house & lots of their late Grandfather Fielding Lewis, in the town of Fredericksburg & which John Lewis sold in part to Seth Barton, which mortgage is in the hands of General Minor who has brought suit in the County of Spotsylvania to foreclose the same and is now depending in the Supreme Court of Appeals, as I have lately been informed. My Negro man Frederick who attended me faithfully during the operation performed on my eye, and sickness near Richmond, had my promise soon after I got well that in consideration thereof, he should never serve any other master after mine & my wife's death; I therefore to comply with my said promise do after my wife's death will that he be free; and so long as he lives with her, and behaves well (of which she is to be the sole judge) to give him a suit of clothes annually, besides his working clothes.
I give and bequeath to my wife's nephew Andrew Lewis, son of my late friend & brother in law Thomas Lewis who had the misfourtune to lose his arm in his Country's Service an annuity of twelve pounds, or the interest of two hundred pounds upon the condition that he neither sell nor dispose thereof or any part thereof. This with what he has yearly coming in, will enable him to live in his old age independent and continue a good citizen which his natural and acquired abilities enable him to be. The principal of this annuity at his decease to go into the common stock. I give & bequeath to Mrs. Jane Douthatt, that formerly was Miss Jenny Price, the same that formerly lived with me, & Sister to the present registrat of the state, one hundred pounds in regard for her own merit, and the great respect I bear to the memory of her late Mother at whose house I lived during my sickness, & the operation on my eye. And whereas the bequest mentioned to my Grandsons Gabriel Lewis and Warner Lewis, their receiving the free benefit thereof depends in a great measure upon the determination of the Court of Appeals. If that should be in their favor, then & in that case they are receive no benefit or advantage from any bequest, devisee or legacy I do now, or may hereafter make to my other Grandchildren, but in case they should be so unfortunate as to have it determined against them, then and in that case I will an equal share with my other Grandchildren.
I direct my personal estate to be inventories but not appraised, and that no security be taken of my executors. I owe no debts. If there be any they must be very trifling. I cannot recollect at this moment so much as a dollar. All the rest & residue of my estate real & personal of what nature or kind soever not above disposed of after my wife's decease, I direct to be sold & the money arising thereby, to be equally divided, share and share alike to my Grandchildren, this not to extend to my Great Grandchildren, nor to my Grandson William Strother Jones to whom I had in a former Will left the bulk of my estate. Dire necessity compelled me to make the alteration I have and the best I can say of him is, & God knows it is bad enough) that he is an idle dissipated young man, and is now left to live upon the wreck of a miserable fortune left by his father, which I had given him, now almost spent by his extravagance, & the very imprudent conduct of his father in law Dr. Buckner.
I give and bequeath to my daughters Harivie & Hawkins (my daughter Lewis being dead) mourning rings of the value of five guineas each, having on their marriage given them thier portions --I constitute & appoint my wife & my friend James Allen of the county of Shenandoah attorney at law my executrix and executor, & I do hereby give & bequeath unto the said James Allen the sum of one hundred pounds to be discounted out of his bond to me, in case I should die before the same is paid off. If the same should be paid before that period then to be paid out of my estate, provided the said James Allen shall take upon himself the execution of the same this sum I give for his trouble and occasional advice about the execution of my said will.
All expenses and disbursement he may pay or be out of pocket to be refunded to him, and be accountable only for his own actions.
In testimony that this writing is my last will and testament, all wrote with my own hand, this first day of Dec. 1800.
I set my hand and affix my seal.
(signed) Gabriel Jones (seal)
Endorsed Gabriel Jones' Will 1st Dec. 1800 all wrote with my own hand, tho' at different times. "G.J."
  • Vol. 2 - Margaret Jones, Executrix of Gabriel Jones, vs. Mathews' Heirs--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Sampson Mathews (now deceased) mortgaged to Gabriel Jones land in Bath County, 2,080 acres, 18th August 1791. It is charged that after the mortgage, Sampson conveyed a part of the land to John Fowler and Samuel Blackburn, and the remainder to Jacob Kenny and Samuel Clark, in trust to pay Sampson's debts. Sampson died testate (will in Augusta) leaving widow, Catherine, daughter, Jane, wife of Saml. Clarke, daughter, Ann, wife of Alexander Nelson, and son, Sampson Mathews. Gabriel Jones died in 1806 testate (will in Rockingham).

Records of Gabriel Jones in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - December 9, 1745. - (2) William Russell, James Porteus, Gabriel Jones, John Quinn, and Thomas Chew qualified Attorneys.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1746. - (24) John Nicholas, Depy. Atty. having refused to officiate Gabriel Jones recommended.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 16, 1746. - (36) Alexander vs. McClure--Plt. produced deft's. bill with endorsement, which was read out by James Patton without the Court's orders--Gabriel Jones ordered to indict him--and suit is dismissed.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1746. - (47) Gabriel Jones qualified Attorney.
  • Page 104.--18th June, 1746. Robert McKay, Josh Hite, Robert Green, and Robert Green, executor and heir-at-law of Wm. Duff, deceased, to William Linwell, £62.10.0 current money Virginia; 1,500 acres, part of 7,009 acres patented to grantors 26th March, 1739. Witnesses, Gabriel Jones, Jno. Madison. Acknowledged, 19th June, 1746.
  • Page 115.--18th June, 1746. Hite, McKay, Robert Green, sole heir and executor of Wm. Duff, to Robert Craven, £40.4.0 current money Virginia; 670 acres on north side Linville's Creek, part of 7,009 acres patented 26th March, 1739. Witnesses, Thomas Chew, Gabriel Jones. Thos. Slaughter. Acknowledged by all, 19th June, 1746.
  • Page 143.--15th August, 1746. William Linwell and Elenor, his wife, to George Bowman, of County Frederick, £100 Pennsylvania currency; 500 acres purchased of Jost Hite & Co. on Linwell's Creek; line of Joseph Bryan (in his possession) ; Wm. Linwell's mark ( ); Elinor Linwell's mark ( ). Witnesses, Gabriel Jones and Benj. Johnston. Acknowledged, 20th August, 1746.
  • Page 143.--15th August, 1746. William Linwell and Elenor, his wife, to George Bowman, of County Frederick, £100 Pennsylvania currency; 500 acres purchased of Jost Hite & Co. on Linwell's Creek; line of Joseph Bryan (in his possession) ; Wm. Linwell's mark ( ); Elinor Linwell's mark ( ). Witnesses, Gabriel Jones and Benj. Johnston. Acknowledged, 20th August, 1746.
  • Vol. 1 - August 21, 1746. - (83) Gabriel Jones adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor in interrupting Richard Wainscut in giving his evidence.
  • Page 243.--3d October, 1746. Same parties as above (Jost Hite, Ro. McCay, and Robert Green to John, James and Moses Green), £100; 708 acres patented to grantors, 26th March, 1739; on side of Limestone Hill, near easternmost branch of Linwell's Cerek. Teste: W. Russell, G. Jones, Wm. Green Proved, 21st May, 1747, by Russell and Jones.
  • Page 165.--14th November, 1746. Thomas Linwell and Hannah, his wife, to Jacob Christman, of Frederick County, £100 currency; 500 acres. part of 1,500 acres purchased of Jost Hite on Linwell's Creek. Witnesses, Wat Ellice, G. Jones. Acknowledged, 20th November, 1746.
  • Page 234.--11th February, 1746-7. Robert McCay to John James and Moses Green, £100; 500 acres on Linwell's Creek being lot No. 5, part of tract of 7,009 acres patented, 26th March, 1736, to Jost Hite & Co. and conveyed to Robert by Hite & Co., 24th June, 1744. Teste: W. Russell, James Porteus, Jno. Newport, Gab Jones. Proved, 21st May, 1747, by all but Newport.
  • Page 255.--11th February, 1746-7. Robert McCay to James Robinson. £40; 400 acres on Linwell's Creek, whereon the said Robinson lives being lot No. 1, part of 7,009 acres, &c.; mouth of Linwell's Creek and North River. Teste: G. Jones, Peter Scholl, Thomas T. Milseph (Milsaps). Proved by all, 21st May, 1747.
  • Page 35.--22d May, 1747. Abraham Drake, Sr., qualifies administrator of Abraham Drake, with sureties Peter Scholl and Gabriel Jones.
  • Page 278.--19th August, 1747. Henry Downs, Gent., of Orange County, to Henry Downs, Jr., of Augusta, £60.8.4; 300 acres on South River Shanando, part of tract Henry, Jr., now lives on; patented to Alexander Thompson for 400 acres, 30th July, 1742. Teste: John Harvie, Jno. Ruddle, Jr.; G. Jones. Acknowledged, 19th August, 1747.
  • Page 448.--6th October, 1747. £30. John Nealands, of Frederick County, to John Hite, of Frederick, 330 acres on a branch of Goose Creek.-- John ( ) Nealands. Teste: James Rutledge, W. Cocks, Robert Calvert, Gab. Jones. Proved, 19th November, 1747, by Rutledge and Jones.
  • Page 393.--5th November, 1747. £8.10.0 current money Virginia. Robert Green, of Orange, to John Patton, Jr., of Augusta, 210 acres on the southermost branch of the south branch of Potomac, part of 2,643 acres patented to Rob. Green, 12th January, 1746; corner to a tract sold to Roger Dyer. Teste: James Porteus and Gabriel Jones, Wm. Russell. Proved by all, 18th November, 1747.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 20, 1747. - (332) John Bruce for forging hand of John Gillison; Joseph Milligan, for adultery with Martha Milligan, and Martha for adultery with Joseph; Gabriel Jones, for swearing one oath; Ro. Bratton, for swearing one oath; Courthouse and Prison not sufficient.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY AND AUGUST, 1748. - Gabriel Jones vs. David Evans.--Recites statute against removing without notice, enacted at Williamsburg, 1661. David Evans transported Richard Crunk from his plantation in Frederick County to Craig's Creek in Augusta on the road to Carolina, where the said Richard Cronk is since gone.
  • Page 177.--May, 1759. Alexander and John Buchanan, agreement. In 1755 they jointly purchased a tract of land from Humberstone Lyon for £50, of which Buchanan paid £38 and £12 by Sayers, but deed made to Sayers; contract by Sayers to convey to Buchanan one-half interest and appoint Gabriel Jones, his attorney to make conveyance in case of death or absence of Sayers.
  • Page 424.--2d February, 1752. Elizabeth Hodge's will--(Executors live at great distance, Gabriel Jones). Lands now in law with Asahel Hodge to be recovered; two youngest sons, Jonathan and Jacob; children, David (eldest); Elizabeth, Ruemia, Rachel, Hannah; eldest son, David, to be apprenticed to Thos. Rees, blacksmith; second son, Jonathan, to be apprenticed to Andrew Bird to learn trade of weaver; youngest son, Jacob, to be bound to Samuel Newman to do laboring work; daughter, Rachel, to be bound to Momas Looker; daughter, Hannah, to be bound to Wm. Draper. Teste: Wm. Draper, Edward Davis, Andrew Bird, Samuel Newman. Proved, 17th June, 1752, by witnesses, except Davis. Gabriel Jones refuses to execute, and administration granted Peter Scholl and Samuel Newman, with surety Thomas Looker. (Note: possible relationship? May need additional research).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 24, 1752. Page (347) James Mays vs. Charles Whitaker } Deft. having informed the Court that the plt. had employed both the attornies practising at this court, has Gabriel Jones assigned him.
  • Page 43.--5th January, 1754. William Burk's will--Sons, John and William, tract purchased of John and Lewis Neal; son, Thomas, tract purchased of George Hayl, and entry adjoining called Long Meadow, 400 acres; daughter, Catherine Burk, alias McCommus; daughter, Judea Burk (infant), tract at mouth of Naked Creek. Judea is to be under care of Mrs Matteson. Thomas is to be under care of Mr. John Matteson. Testator's (?) Thomas' (?) interest in estate of David McCommus. Son William to learn trade of blacksmith. Sister Bridget Burk, living out of this Colony. Executors, John Matterson and Gabriel Jones. Teste: Nicholas Null, Thos. Smith, Daniel Remy. Proved, 16th May, 1754, by all witnesses.
  • Page 81.--22d November, 1754. Burr Harrison's bond as Assistant Surveyor, with sureties Gabriel Jones, Francis Tyler, W. Russell.
  • Page 116.--22d August, 1755. Alexander Wright's bond as administrator of Wm. Wright, with sureties John Harvie, Gabriel Jones. Teste: John Semple.
  • Vol. 1 - Package marked "Old Copies of Records."--Record of Christian, qui tam, vs. Bell--1756. Gabriel Jones was attorney for plaintiff. Defendants did not appear. Clerk makes off the record and sends to Jones. On back is this (in writing of Clerk): "Dr. Gab. look over the fees John brings and also this record. Should ye Jud. be also as well vs. Def. as ( ) or have I done it right long plages me so I know not what I am doing." Under above (in Jones's handwriting) is this, viz: "I think ye Judgm't ought to be agt. the Deft. only -- consequently the sher. had no occasion and his doing it was not ex officio but non officio, if I may be allowed to make Latin that knows no more of it than Mother McClenaghan does polite writing, or her -- modesty. What ye D____ do you imagine I can look over your d____ old notes, when I am preparing for the grave. I have 3 parts finished my ( ) and am going over to make up ye loss by assisting to make a Christian ____. Pray God make it a good one. You see I ( ) like a parson."
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 17, 1757. - (42) Gabriel Jones, with five others, added to tithables.
  • Page 237.--22nd May, 1761. John Bowyer's bond (with Gabriel Jones), as guardian to Luke Bowyer, orphan of Michael Bowyer (chosen).
  • Page 270.--8th May, 1762. John Heterick and Susannah ( ) to Peter Tresler, £10, 134 acres on Stony Run on north side Shanando River, part of 285 acres patented to John 2d June, 1760; cor. Jacob Man and land of said Hetrick. Delivered: Gabriel Jones, November Court, 1778.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 21, 1763. - (2) James Ewing vs. John Jones } Israel Christian, Gabriel Jones, Peter Hog, John Madison, John Bowyer and Daniel Smith--special bail.
  • Page 484.--Report of privy examination of Margaret, wife of James McCown, deed 21st-22d June, 1763, to Gabriel Jones, taken 6th July, 1763.
  • Page 352.--22d June, 1764. Felix Gilbert's bond (with Gabriel Jones), as administrator of John Loumer.
  • Page 386.--1st February, 1765. John McNeill's will, late Major in Virginia Regiment--All estate to be sold and proceeds put in hands of friend, Mr. Andrew Sproul, of Gosport, merchant, to and for the sole use and benefit of my father if he should be living at the time of my death; if dead, then to be given to brother Hector McNeill, on condition that he get his discharge from the Army within 12 months; if Hector refuse, then to be given to Aunt Henrietta McNeill. To Miss Jenny McClenachan, her choice of the horses he bought from her brother when they came from Carolina; also an antient family white stone ring, set in gold, which I hope she will wear as a memorial of the great esteem and affection I have long had for her. To good friends. Colonel Andrew Lewis and George Weedon--to former, best set of pistols; to latter, his sword. Hopes the following will accept and wear, for the sake of him who has long esteemed them, a plain mourning golden ring, viz: Thos. Lewis, Jno. Madison, Gabriel Jones, my cousin, Annabella McNeill, and Mr. Andrew Sproul. Executor, Col. Andrew Lewis. Teste: Gabriel Jones, Felix Gilbert, Jno. Madison. Proved, 19th March, 1765, by Jones and Madison. Executor qualifies, with Jno. Madison.
  • Page 352.-- October, 1765. John ( ) Roseman and Gabriel Jones to George Patterson, £150. Bond conditioned, whereas John Patterson, late of Augusta, deceased, father of George Patterson, was seised of 380 acres which he sold to Joseph Kenedy, but never made title, and Joseph sold to John Koseman for £45.10, and either mistake or design the said Kennedy conveyed to John Roseman, 19th August, 1752. though the title was in Patterson and devolved upon the above named Geo. Patterson as eldest son of John, and George has conveyed to John Roseman; if John and Gabriel keep said George safe of law suits, troubles, &c., then to be void.
  • Vol. 1 - JANUARY 28, 1766. Page (148) Daniel McAnare misbehaved by appearing in Court drunk and giving Gabriel Jones, gent., Dcputy Attorney for the King, the lie, and likewise insulting the Court.
  • Page 451.--21st May, 1766. Felix Gilbert's bond (with Gabriel Jones) as administrator of Geo. Bowman.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1766. - Page (226) Ordered that Gabriel Jones prosecute John Graham on the recognizance this day entered into.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (D). - David Cloyd vs. James Montgomery.--Account as follows: 1764--Mr. James Montgomery, debtor, March 24--to cash of mine retaken from the Indians and delivered to you by Lieut. (Francis) Smith, £137, 18, 0. Credit, 1764--April 21. By cash received from John Neilly, Michael Cloyd, Andrew Neely and Francis Smith, £19, 0, 0; B. G. Samuel McFerrin, Philip Watkins, Benj. Hawkins, James Montgomery, Jr., Wm. Montgomery, Jr., John Crockett, John McRoberts, Wm. McMullin, Wm. Robinson, John Fowler, Samuel Robinson, Joshua McCormack, John Clark, John Artus, Saml. McNabb, Saml. Gatliff, Jeremiah Puckett and Lanty Armstrong, each £4, 18, 6. Balance due, £31, 18, 0. Sworn to by David Cloyd, 24th April, 1765. Case agreed by attorneys as follows: "We agree that a party of Indians made an eruption into the Colony, attacked the plaintiff's house, rifled it and bore off upwards of £200 in gold and silver, several household goods and negroes. We agree that a party of the Militia pursued the enemy and overtook them on John's Creek, a branch of James River, at the distance of 30 or 35 miles, and attacked and killed one of the number. We agree that upon searching the Indians's budget a quantity of gold, some dollars and pieces of small silver, were found, which, upon being weighed, amounted to the sum of £137, 18, 0. We agree that the money found in the budget of the Indians consisted of the same coin which the plaintiff was known to have in his house when plundered by the Indians. We agree that after the money was recoverd from the Indians a dispute arose among the Militia to whom of right the money belonged whether it should be delivered to the plaintiff, who was deemed to have been the owner of it before it fell into the hands of the Indians, or whether the Militia were entitled to it in having recovered it from them, upon which dispute that sum of money was lodged in the hands of the defendant, to be by him kept till that point should be settled. We agree that the plaintiff made an offer of 30 shillings to each of the men who has assisted in the pursuit of the enemy. We agree that a part of the Company of Militia made an offer to the plaintiff of delivering up his negroes and household goods if he would allow them the money. We agree that the defendant paid the sum of money out of his hands to the Militia, and that several of them returned their dividends to the plaintiff amounting to £106, 17, 2. We agree that the plaintiff paid to several of the captors who returned him their dividends the sum of 30/, the premium by him before offered for their service. We agree that if the law, &c. (Signed) Gabrill Jones, for plaintiff; Peter Hog, for defendant." Hung jury and case agreed. Submitted August, 1766.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1767 (C). Hutchinson vs. Boyd.--Mr. Gabriel Jones, Augusta Court House. Sir: I humbly beg your advice in a matter of consequence, and that is one of my neighbors named Robert Boyd has abused my wife and my mother-in-law in a most scandalous manner and publicly reported that they were both perjured. I shall beg, if you be pleased, to take the affair in hands and execute as far as the law directs in such a case, and beg that you will let me have an answer by Mr. Smith, the Sheriff, for I shall be down the fall Court, and you shall be paid to your full satisfaction. From your most humble servant (Signed), Willhn Hutchinson. P. S.--My mother's name, Margaret Marrow (Morrow?); my wife's name, Ann.
  • Page 513.--22d August, 1767. Peter Hog, attorney at law, to Gabriel Jones, gentleman, £150, on Paage's (Poage's ?) Run, between Thomas and John Poage and Daniel Denniston, being part of tract formerly in possession of Robert Poage and by him granted to John Poage, 1750, and by John conveyed to Peter, 1761, whereon said Peter Hog now dwells, containing 350 acres. Mortgage.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1768 (E). - Gabriel Jones vs. Mr. William Hughes, Adjutant, &c.--Account. Letter, Alexander Love to Lieutenant William Hughes, Winchester, Va.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1768 (E). - Dr., Mr. William Hughes, Adjutant, etc. February, 1759, to fee ads. Lord Fairfax, 15/. May, 1764, to a retainer, £1, 1, 6; to fee ads. your boys' mother, £0, 15, 0; to Dr. Johnson's account, £1, 17, 6. Credit by Alexander Love. (Signed) Gabriel Jones.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE, 1769 (D). Turk vs. Tees.--Letter of Thomas Turk to Gabriel Jones, 25th July, 1768, says Wm. Creag, son to Alexander Creag, deceased, used to drive a wagon for Samson Mathews.
  • Page 528.--23d August, 1770. James Burnsides to William McCanlos, £42, 224 acres conveyed to James by Robert Scot on the Newfoundland Creek; corner John Botkin; corner land in possession of Carlile. Teste: Jno. Gabriel Jones, John Hays, John Botkin.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 24, 1771. - (224) Gabriel Jones, Felix Gilbert and Daniel Smith inform the Court that smallpox in the natural way is come in their neighborhood within two or three miles of their plantations--Leave is given to Dr. John McDonald and every other doctor to inoculate the said families or any other in any or what part of the County any person that chooses to be inoculated.
  • Page 291.--20th May, 1772. Patent has issued for 500 acres on Jackson's River in Augusta County, in which is included the Great Warm Spring jointly to John Lewis, son of Thomas Lewis, and to John Lewis son of Andrew Lewis. Waiver of survivorship. Teste: Gabriel Jones, John Harvie, Thomas Lewis, Peachy R. Gilmer.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1773 (B). - John Anderson vs. S. Mathews, Mathew and James Lockhart.--Chancery writ, 29th June, 1769. James Lockhart was Sampson Mathews's father-in-law, in 1765. Orator became joint security with Mathews on bond of James Lockhart and Randall Lockhart for collection of public levy in 1765; sometime after securities asked G. Jones and P. Hog to liquidate the account of the Lockharts, when a considerable defalcation was found. Patrick Lockhart was son to James. James Allen was son-in-law of John Anderson. Robert Bratton, aged 60 years, 20th May, 1772. Silas Hart, aged 50 years and upwards, 20th May, 1772. Randall Lockhart was son to James. William Crow, aged 30 years and upwards, 22d August, 1772. James Allen's deposition taken in Botetourt, 1771. Hugh Allen was James's brother.
  • Page 89.--18th May, 1773. Thomas Lewis and Daniel Smith's bond (with Gabriel Jones) as administrator of Thomas Jackson, Clerk.
  • Page 351.--5th June, 1774. Elizabeth Armentrout's will, widow--To son, Philip; to children living, being six in number; to grandsons, Henry Armentrout and John Armentrout, sons of her son John, deceased. Executors, son Phillip and friend, Charles Rush. Son Henry Armentrout and Frederick Harris are indebted to her. Teste: Gabriel Jones, John Rush, and (a German). Proved, 20th June, 1775, by Jones and Rush. Charles Rush refuses to execute. Philip qualifies (bond signed Elizabeth Arnentrout) with Valentine Cloninger, Frederick Armentrout.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1776. - (110) John Madison qualified Clerk. Gabriel Jones and Peter Hog qualified Attorneys. John and Wm. Christian qualified Deputy Sheriffs. (Note: possibly a son?)
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 18, 1776. - (140) County levy: To Thomas Rhoads, jailor. Sheriff forbidden to pay salary to Gabriel Jones, Deputy Attorney, until he gives his reason for not attending this Court and declares whether he intends to serve in that capacity or not.
  • Page 70 - Thomas Lewis, 90 acres, N.W. side of Shenandoah River. Adjoining his own land, the late Anthony Lewis, Shanklins, Gabriel Jones. February 12, 1786. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 121].
  • Vol. 2 - Coalter vs. Beverley--O. S. 70; N. S. 24. Memorandum books of Thomas Lewis, which Gabriel Jones deposes, are genuine. They come down to about 6th January, 1790. He died on 30th January, 1790, of a cancer with which he had long been afflicted. William Lewis deposes that William Bowyer purchased from Wm. Long, Jr., 32 acres, part of a larger tract, that had been leased by Wm. Beverley to Col. John Lewis and by him given to his daughter Margaret, mother of said Wm. Long. Numerous letters of Thomas Lewis. Numerous letters of Robert Beverley (he speaks (1772) of "at the ensuing Fair").
  • Vol. 2 - JUDGMENTS, APRIL, 1791 (I to Z). - Gabrill Jones, assignee Gabrill Madison, assignee John Madison vs. John Bowyer, Samuel McDowell, surviving obligors of Thomas Bowyer, James McDowell, John Bowyer, and Samuel McDowell--Rockbridge, Debt, 17th March, 1790. Bond dated 1761. (John, Thomas and Michael Bowyer are brothers.)
  • Vol. 2 - DISTRICT COURT. SEPTEMBER, 1793 (G to Z). - Gabriel Jones vs. John Andrews, Smith Tandy--Ejectment, 5th January,1793. Served on Tandy at his house, in Amherst, 22d March, 1793. Jacob Shaffet was son-in-law of John Andrews.
  • Page 167.--26th January, 1795. James Brand's will, Sr.--To wife, Ann, home plantation on South River bounded by Gabriel Jones, Jacob Bear, 200 acres; to son, James; to son, George; to son, David; to sons, John and Thomas, lands in Kentucky; to son, Richard Brand, my phisical books; to daughter, Sarah Breize; daughter, Margaret. Executors, wife Ann and son James. Teste: Joseph Bell, George Andrews, Elizabeth Andrews. Proved, 16th June, 1795, by George and Elizabeth Andrews.
  • Vol. 2 - Colston vs. Greenwell, &c.--O. S. 54; N. S. 18--Bill, 3d August, 1795. In 1767 a grant issued from Fairfax to Philip Martin for Patterson's Creek Manor in Hampshire County which was conveyed to Rawleigh Colston in 1794. Lot No. 6 is tenanted by Thomas Greenwell, Isaac Good, Nicholas Sinzer, George Ellyfritz, George Hill and Rodham James. Gabriel Jones, aged 73, deposes November, 1796. He was attorney for Fairfax from 1746, when he came to this country. Sarah Park, aged 50 years, deposes November, 1796, in Hampshire that 28 years ago she moved with her husband, Richard Boyce, to Patterson's Creek Manor. Previously she had known John Gilmore and his family, who lived in the neighborhood with her on Opcckon Creek in Frederick County and who had moved to Patterson's Manor Creek before Sarah. Gilmore had at least five daughters, viz: Eleanor, Margaret, Nancy, Betsey and Polly. Gilmore died two or three years after he obtained a lease. Eleanor married William Howel. Two or three years after her father's death Margaret died and afterwards the daughter named Polly called herself Margaret. Eleanor is dead at date of deposition. John Vandever, aged 40, deposes as above; he is son of William Vandever. William Vandever, aged over 70 years, deposes as above; he has lived in the Manor 26 years. Gilmore obtained his lease about 14th May, 1771, when Eleanor was about 17-18 years old and Margaret about 16-17. Benjamin Rutherford, aged 18, deposes in Winchester, 6th November, 1796. He moved to the Manor about four years before Braddock's defeat. Isaac Free had already settled there with others. Answer of George Hill says in 1740 Fairfax issued a proclamation inviting persons to settle in the Manor and Isaac Free was one of the first. He sold to John Gilmore, now deceased. (Note: record verifies birthdate of Gabriel Jones in 1724).
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1799 (D to I). - Gabriel Jones vs. John Makall--Ejectment in Rockingham. Served 30th July, 1798. Court order, 7th September, 1798, returned, "dead."
  • Vol. 2 - John Miller and John Cartmill vs. Hogg--O. S. 42; N. S. 14--Bill 12th May, 1804. James Hogg was eldest son and heir of Peter Hogg. Peter Hogg and ____ Bullett were joint owners of a large tract in Kenawha (formerly Greenbrier) called the Pocotalico tract. Peter died before 1787 intestate as to this tract. Copy of Peter Hog's will dated 5th October, 1773, codicil dated 10th November, 1777, proved in Rockingham 22d April, 1782. Loving wife, Elizabeth. Son James, 5,000 acres on the Ohio, part of 9,000 acres, this day conveyed to Gabriel Jones in trust for his children. Son Peter, 4,000 acres, part of above 9,000. Daughters Ann and Elizabeth. Sons to be sent to Edinborough under care of Peter's brother, Walter Hog, for education. Peter's father was James Hog of Edinborough. Codicil states that another son, Thomas, has been born. Mentions order of Council dated ____, 1773, for 3,100 acres allotted to Peter under Dinwiddie's proclamation; also 237 acres which Gen. Washington allowed Peter for the share of Duncan Furguson, his servant, enlisted as a drummer in his Company of the 1st Va. Regt. Sons are all infants at date of codicil. In 1786-1787 John Miller kept a store at Lewisburg.
  • Vol. 2 - Margaret Jones, Executrix of Gabriel Jones, vs. Mathews' Heirs--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Sampson Mathews (now deceased) mortgaged to Gabriel Jones land in Bath County, 2,080 acres, 18th August 1791. It is charged that after the mortgage, Sampson conveyed a part of the land to John Fowler and Samuel Blackburn, and the remainder to Jacob Kenny and Samuel Clark, in trust to pay Sampson's debts. Sampson died testate (will in Augusta) leaving widow, Catherine, daughter, Jane, wife of Saml. Clarke, daughter, Ann, wife of Alexander Nelson, and son, Sampson Mathews. Gabriel Jones died in 1806 testate (will in Rockingham).
  • Vol. 2 - Richard Rains' Declaration, August 17th, 1832: Aged 76 on September 18th, 1831; enlisted in 1775 in Culpeper under Capt. Gabriel Jones; served under Capt. John Kemp who succeeded Jones, who died shortly after declarant enlisted; Col. Gibson's Regiment; Peter Stubblefield was First Lieutenant; Robert Fitzhugh, or Purtue, was Second Lieutenant; Thirteenth Virginia Regiment, Brigade of Gen. Scott; Major Hamilton was one of the officers; his discharge was signed by General Russell who commanded in place of Gen. Scott, who was absent.

Information on Gabriel Jones

From "Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: Some Pioneers to old Augusta County", by John Houston Harrison, pg. 148:

The first "King's Attorney" of Augusta to become a resident of the county was Gabriel Jones. He succeeded John Nicholas in this office, May 1746, at the age of twenty-two. At this time he was living in Frederick, where he had succeeded Porteus in March, 1744. He was born near Williamsburg, the son of John and Elizabeth Jones, of North Wales. After his father's death his mother returned to England and resided in London where Gabriel was educated. On the completion of his schooling he returned to Virginia and settled in Frederick County. In 1751, he purchased a part of the original Jacob Stover tract on the South Fork, in present Rockingham, some eight or ten miles southeast of "Thomas Harrison's. To this point he removed by 1753. He was highly regarded by Lord Fairfax, who in his will, dated November 6, 1777, named him one of his three executors. He proved this will May 5, 1782. Gabriel Jones, Thomas Lewis and John Madison married Strother sisters. Each were members of the House of Burgesses at different times. All lived in the same neighborhood, and when Rockingham was formed became citizens of the new county. Jones was immediately appointed its first prosecuting attorney. He and Lewis were members of the State Convention for the adoption of the Federal Constitution. His son served as a Captain in the Revolution. Attorney Jones died in 1806. The old road from his home to "Thomas Harrison's" is still known as "Lawyer's Road".


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