Person:Francis Smith (36)

Francis Smith
b.abt 1735 Virginia
  • HFrancis Smithabt 1735 - 1817
  • WAnn Preston1739 - 1813
m. August 1761
  1. Elizabeth Smith1762 -
  2. Col. John Smith1765 - 1851
  3. Susanna Smith1775 - 1842
  4. Jane Smith1777 - 1811
  5. William Preston Smithabt 1780 - 1801
  6. Agatha Smithabt 1780 - 1844
Facts and Events
Name[1] Francis Smith
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1735 Virginia
Marriage August 1761 to Ann Preston
Death[1] 1817 Woodford, Kentucky, United States

Who are the parents of Francis Smith?

This page originally had Family:Francis Smith and Elizabeth Waddy (1) Osborn, 1990. 5 attached as the parents, but there was no source given. They have been removed pending proof.

Dorman, 19821, states the parents are Stephen Smith and Phebe Hawkins. Proof is also pending for them.

  • Francis Smith was a Gentleman Justice of Botetourt County, VA from the early years of the County. On 13 June 1770, he and the other Justices of Botetourt purchased 45 Acres of land on the east side of Millers Mill to build a town and Courthouse. (Botetourt County, VA Deed Book 1, p. 121). On 28 July 1768, he was given Power of Attorney of James Moore. (Botetourt Deed Book 1, p. 206) and on 12 March 1771, he purchased 100 Acres for the price of 40 lbs from ames Moore of the County of Newcastle, Province of Pennsylvania. (Bote. DB 1, p. 206). There are land transactions, one of which was 15 Apr 1782 when Francis and his wife Ann sold two tracts, one of 190 Acres and the other of 225 Acres, lying on Craigs Creek, branch of the James River and granted to sd. Francis Smith by letters of patent dated 1 Aug 1772. Witnesses to this transaction were: Alexanr. Breckenridge, John Preston, James Breckenridge, Thos. Preston, and Wm. Breckenridge. (Bote DB 3, p. 187).

The Minute Books in Boteourt bear his name frequently in the early years of the county. (Summers, Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800. Botetourt Court Minutes 1769-1800).

  • 1770- 13 Feb- William Preston, Gent., produced a commission from the President and Masters of William and Mary College under the Seal of the College appointing him Surveyor of this County.... William Preston, together with Francis Smith and Robert Brackenridge, his securities, entered into and acknowledged bond to his majesty in penalty of five hundred pounds.
  • On the same date, Francis Smith was appointed Surveyor of the Road from Ford on Catawba to Col. Breckinridge, and also was recommended as Justice of Peace.
  • 1770- 13 March- George Skillern, Francis Smith, and Stephen Trigg (among many others) were sworn in as Justices of the Peace.
  • In that same session of Court, Francis Smith produced certificates for 3,642 pounds of hemp (winter rotted made on his plantation).

1770- 13 Mar- Andrew Lewis, Robert Brackenridge, Is. Christian, John Howard, Francis Smith, and Stephen Trigg, or any five of them were ordered to agree with workmen to build a prison and courthouse at Miller's Mill.

  • On the same date, Francis Smith, John Armstrong, Joseph Cloyd, and Bryan McDonald were to view and lay off the nearest and best way from the first ford on Catawba to the headwaters thereof. Francis Smith was also appointed Captain of Militia in this same session of Court.
  • 9 May 1770- Francis Smith, Benjamin Smith and others were to point out the place where the courthouse and prison shall be built. They were to direct the Surveyor to lay off thirty half acre lots in the Town of Fincastle.
  • 1770- Jun 12- Francis Smith and Stephen Trigg, with others, were to sell lots in the Town of Fincastle.
  • On the same date, Francis Smith, John Armstrong and Bryon McDonald were to lay off the nearest way from the first ford on Catawba to the headwaters thereof.
  • 1770- 11 Oct- Francis Smith and other Gentlemen Justices sitting the Court, ordered Francis Smith and Stephen Trigg (among others named) were to lay off and alter prison bounds as to include a spring.
  • 1771- 12 Mar- Francis Smith produced in Court certificate from President and Masters of the College appointing him Deputy Surveyor.
  • 1771- 9 Apr - Francis Smith produced Hemp Certificate of 11,909 pounds.
  • 1771- 11 June- Francis Smith, Asst. Surveyor to Col. William Preston, entered 200 Acres on north side of Roan Oak opposite to mouth of Back Creek 6 June 1771, made with Robert Breckenridge.
  • There are numerous other entries in these records of him serving as a Justice and Surveyor. I will only include some of those here, omitting notices of him sitting as Justice of Court, and such.
  • 1773- 13 Jul- Francis Smith, Deputy Sheriff, on behalf of the Sheriff, enters protest of sufficiency of the prison.
  • 1774- 9 Feb- Francis Smith ptf agst Michael and John Bowyer, defts. Judgmt in favor of Deft.
  • 1776- 14 May- Francis Smith took oath of Sheriff.
  • 1779- 10 Dec- John Maxwell, formerly Sheriff, fees to be delivered to Francis Smith, a Deputy under him.

1780- 14 Dec- Francis Smith appointed Surveyor of the Road from James Dalzell's to Creek beyond Mrs. Breckenridge's and tithables who wrought on the same under James Robinson do attend work thereon.

  • 1782- 14 Feb- Administration of estate of Richard May dec'd was granted to Agness May... bond of ten thousand pounds with thomas Madison and Francis Smith sureties.
  • 1783- 11 Sep- Francis Smith was a Deputy Sheriff and mentioned in Court suits.
  • 1784- 12 Feb- Andrew Henry executed a bond to keep the peace for 12 months and particularly towards Francis Smith. Joseph Kyle and James Leatherdale were securities for Mr. Henry.
  • 1784- 8 June- David May was appointed Surveyor of the Road, succeeding Francis Smith.
  • 1786- 8 Nov- Francis Smith was allowed 3 pounds, 10 shillings, for beef furnished to the Militia of this State.
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    5. Ann PRESTON (John1) was born in 1739 in Ireland. She married Francis Smith in August 1761 in Augusta Co., VA. She died in 1813 in KY.
    Francis SMITH, son of Stephen Smith and Phebe Hawkins, was born circa 1735. He died in 1817 in Woodford Co., KY.
    Children of Ann Preston and Francis Smith were as follows:
    + 36. i. Elizabeth SMITH, born October 16, 1762; married James Blair.
    37. ii. John SMITH, born 1765; married Chinoe Hart.
    38. iii. Susanna SMITH was born in 1775 in Botetourt Co., VA. She married William Trigg in August, 1788 in Botetourt Co., VA. She died in 1842 in Sherwood, Woodford Co., KY.
    + 39. iv. Jane SMITH, born 1777 in Botetourt Co., VA; married George Madison.
    40. v. William Preston SMITH was born circa 1780. He died on July 14, 1801.
    + 41. vi. Agatha SMITH, born 1780 in Botetourt Co., VA; married Louis Marshall.

  2.   Botetourt County VA Personal Property Tax List 1784.

    Francis Smith in Capt. Robinsons's Co of Militia. 1 tithable, 4 slave over 16, 4 slaves under 16, 12 horses, 21 cattle.
    :William Smith in the same company. 1 tithable, 2 horses, 3 cattle.

  3.   Grant to Francis Preston and John Smith, 200 A, Kentucky County, VA, in VA Land Office Patents and Grants, Grant Book B, 1779-1780, pp. 231-232, 1 Dec 1779.

    Thomas Jefferson, Govenor of Va, in consideration of Military Service of George Elliott in the late war. There is granted to Francis Preston and John Smith, assignees of Francis Smith, assignee of George Elliott. Tract surveyed 25 May 1774, 200 Acres in County of Kentucky on the Ohio River, joining and below the mouth of Kentucky River and Ohio River, up the Kentucky River, crossing the little Kentucky.

  4.   Grant to John Smith, 1400 A, Kentucky County, VA, in VA Land Office Patents and Grants, Grant Book F, 1781-1782, pp. 319-320., 1 June 1782.

    Grant to John Smith, 1400A, Kentucky Co, VA on waters of Cain Run, adj. Richard Hagan and Azon Rees. John Smith is assignee of James Willey, Surveyed 23 Oct 1784. Corners Hagan's Settlement. 1,000 A was pre-emption Warrant 33, issued 19 Feb 1780. This is along John Grisham's line, Azor Rees line, corner sd. settlement.

  5.   William Preston in the American Revolution, in Journal of Back Country Struggles, p. 39, 1990.

    Francis Smith (Preston's brother in law) was on of the officers involved in the dispute regarding the gold taken by the Indians at a raid on the Cloyd residence in 1764.