Person:Frances Richardson (9)

Frances Richardson
  • HJohn BrowderAbt 1760 - 1818
  • WFrances RichardsonAbt 1769 - Abt 1838
m. Abt 1782
  1. Jane BrowderAbt 1793 - Abt 1855
  2. Julia Browder1795 - 1869
  3. Mary E. Browder1799 - 1886
  4. James Browder1801 - Abt 1848
  5. Darius BrowderAbt 1802 - Abt 1848
  6. Frances Browder1804 -
  7. Jeptha Browder1806 - 1864
  8. Elizabeth BrowderAbt 1808 - Abt 1860
Facts and Events
Name[1] Frances Richardson
Gender Female
Birth[1] Abt 1769 Cullpeper County, Virginia
Alt Birth? Abt 1769
Marriage Abt 1782 Chatham County, North Carolinato John Browder
Death[1] Abt 1838 Roane County, Tennessee

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 12, Ed. 1, Tree #3443, Date of Import: Apr 11, 1998]

   An attempt to determine the death date of Fanny was made by checking the tax rolls.  In 1830 Fanny was living next to John and Nancy on a 200 acre farm with 16 slaves.  Fanny was paying taxes on just five of these slaves.  This means the remaining slaves were living on her farm but were property of someone else.  While James, David and Darius do not show up on the 1830 census, they show up on the 1830 Roane County Poll Tax list as owning no land but paying a poll tax.  This means they were residents of the county residing in the household of someone else.  They, therefore, would not be named on the 1830 census.  It's possible they were living with Fanny or one of the other Browders.  James and Darius owned one slave each.  In 1832 Fanny is still paying taxes on 200 acres of land and five slaves (black polls).  For some reason she doesn't appear on the 1833 tax list at all.  Then she shows up again on the 1834 tax list as paying two black polls taxes.  This would indicate she no longer owned land.  She was still paying this tax in 1835, 1836 and 1837.  She is then dropped from the tax rolls.  On the 1840 Roane County census there is a woman 60-70 years old and one 70-80 years old.  On the 1830 census there is a woman in Nancy's household 60-70.  This is probably Nancy in the 1830 with Nancy being the older woman in the 1840 census.  It's possible that Fanny is the 60-70.  She was not living with Nancy in 1850.  Fanny probably died between 1840 and 1850. 
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