Person:Edward Rutledge (3)

Edward Rutledge
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Edward Rutledge
Gender Male
Birth[3] 1721 Northern Ireland
Alt Birth[1][2] 1725 Northern Ireland
Marriage 1750 Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Armstrong
Death[1][2][4] 18 FEB 1787 Flagsprings, Augusta County, Virginia

Edward Rutledge was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Relation to other Rutledge family in Augusta County, VA

Edward Rutledge's parentage is unproven. He is apparently not related to another Rutledge family that was in Augusta County, Virginia during the mid-1700's. Although the other Rutledge family is listed in many records in Augusta County Court records, Edward Rutledge is not listed in any of that family's records. More research is necessary to determine Edward Rutledge's parents, most likely in Ireland. His family had a close relationship with the Armstrong, Kerr, Allison, McNeely and Erwin families of Augusta County.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Approximate location of Edward Rutledge's land, acquired from William Kerr, (just outside of Beverley Manor SW, 250 acres, 1753) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 520.--__ ____, 1753. William Kerr to Edward Rutlidge. Flag Spring on Middle River. Teste: John Hind, Andrew Kerr, John Pickens, Wm. Kerr.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 310.--5th June, 1784. Edward and Sarah Rutledge to their son. James Rutledge, £__, love, good will and affection; tract known as the Black Oak Spring.
  • Page 409.--15th December, 1786. Edward Rutledge and Sara to their son George Rutledge, place salled Flag Spring, part of 250 acres patented to William Kerr, 5th September, 1749. Delivered to David Stephenson, 20th July, 1790.

Will of Edward Rutledge

  • Page 551 - - 31st January, 1878 (s/b 1787). Edward Rutledge's will - - To wife, Sarah; to daughter, Rececka Rutledge; to son, James; to daughter, Rosanna; to son, George; to son-in-law, John Allison, for his sons John and James Allison; to 5 children, viz: Lucy Allison (wife of Jno. Allison, Jr.), Rebecca, James, Rosanna, and George Rutledge; to children, viz: Mary Erwin (wife of Wm. Erwin), Sarah McNeeley (wife of George McNeeley). Executors: William Allison, John Allison, Jr., David Stephenson. Teste: D. Stephenson, Gilbert Carr, Samuel Steel. Proved, 20th Febbuary, 1787, by Carr and Steele. D. Stephenson.
  • Page 10.--24th February, 1787. Edward Rutledge's estate appraised by Gilbert Carr, John Stuart, Robert Heslet.
  • Page 227.--Edward Rutledge's estate in account with David Stephenson, acting executor--Paid legatees, viz: Rebecca Rutledge, John Allison. Settled 20th April, 1790.
  • Page 229.--Specific legacies of above estate--To Sarah Rutledge; to James Rutledge; to Rosaana Rutledge; to books bequeathed to Lucy Allison, Rebecca, James, Rosanna, Geo Rutledge.

Records of Edward Rutledge in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA Court Judgements:

  • Page 388.--4th September, 1751. Vendue by George Anderson and Robert Patterson upon estate of James Crawford. To Wm. Bell. Mathew Armstrong, Thomas Story, Edward Ritledge, Robt. Craig, Saml. Mullene, John Patterson, Saml. Keer, Pat Crawford, James Henderson, Timothy Coll.
  • Page 353.--20th May, 1761. John Kerr and Lucie ( ) to John Allison, £2, 10 acres on east side Shanandoe betwixt land of said Ker and Allison, part of 400 acres; Andrew Ker's line. Teste: Andrew Russell, Edward Rutledge, William Ker. Delivered: John Allison, February, 1768.
  • Page 448.--10th September, 1761. John Bellfaught's estate sold at vendue--To Catrina Faught; to Henry Lynor; to Andrew Faught; to Peter Funk; to Caspar Faught; to Henry Colar; to Elizabeth Bruester; to James Waite; to Alex. Kile; to Geo. Trout; to Robt. Reyburn; to Jno. Hines, Geo. Martin, Peter Miller. Robt. Stevens, Edward Rutledge, James Cover, David Menerley. Cash paid Christian Clements for 1 year's board of the widow. Balance due the legatees to be equally divided between Andrew Faught, Casper Faught. and the wife.--Christian Clements. Recorded, 21st May, 1766.
  • Page 277.--20th September, 1763. Rebecca Dougherty's bond (with Edward Rutledge, Henry Campbell) as administratrix of Charles Dougherty.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1765 (D). - John Hopes (Hapes) vs. Daniel Harrison.--Chancery. Spa. issued September, 1763. Bill states that orator was some years ago employed as Deputy Sheriff under Robert McClenachan, and continued so for two years. Thomas Harrison, Daniel Harrison and John Cravens were his securities. As the end of orator's term drew near he became fearful that he would be behind in his accounts, and withdrew himself to Carolina, leaving his Sheriff's books and effects for the satisfaction of his bondsmen. His effects were immediately attached by Daniel Harrison, who was appointed Deputy Sheriff in orator's place. After some time orator returned to Virginia and sold a tract of land for £47, which he paid to his securities, expecting to have an account rendered to him by defendant, but orator waited a long time for an accounting, and then applied for one, but has never gotten one yet. Prayer for acconuting. Daniel Harrison's answer states that: Claims that orator is still in his debt. Account follows: Downes's fees--William Carrel, David Johnson, James Scott, John Dunbar, William Longin, Mathy Thomas, John Griffeth, John Megil. Adam Bracen Righ's book (boock)--Alen Sculps, Alen Jackson. John Bumgardner's book--Jonathan Duglis, Aorgin Jones, John Crage, Thos. Dwode, Ben Inman Gouge, John Harrison, Henry Netherentine, Samuel Lonard, Renell Macdannel, Jeremiah Orsburn, Jr., Samuel Pattron, James Rutledge, Samuel Samples, Edward Shankling, Hugh Duglis, Wm. Ewing, David Crage, John Griffeth, James Gray, Reuben Harrison, Samuel Henderson, Francis MacBred, Richard Marling, John Phillips, John Pattron, Valentine Seveor, Mathew Ship, John Walker, Thomas Holing, Mung Price, Hugh Camel, John Davis, Jacob Glashe, John Holmes, Joell Hornback, Thomas Loin (Lain), Peter Mate, John Orsburn, Josiah Parrent, Edward Rutledge, James Scot, Mathous Sulcer, Richard Tictum.
  • Page 331.--18th May, 1768. John Kerr and Lucy ( ) and William Kerr and Martha ( ) to James Laird, £50, 124 acres on Middle River of Shanando, 100 of which is part of 400 joining Beverley Manor and patented to said John 30th July, 1742, the other 24 acres patented to said William 2d June, 1760, joining the former tract; corner John Allison. Teste: Edward Rutledge, Alexander Walker, Wm. ( ) Mathers. Delivered: James Laird, February, 1770.
  • AUGUST, 1772 (C). Edward Rutledge and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Armstrong, vs. John Archer.--Debt. Writ, 2d September, 1771. Bond dated 2d January, 1768.
  • Page 234 - James Kerr, 130 acres, Middle River. Adjoining William Robertson, Edward Rutledge, Beverley line near Christian Creek. October 14, 1773. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 82].
  • Page 234 - William Kerr, 70 acres, Middle River. Adjoining Edward Rutledge, Hugh Allen, Samuel Hind. Oct. 13, 1773. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 83].
  • Page 530.--28th July, 1774. Thomas Story's will, well stricken in years--To wife, Mary; to son, Thomas; to son, James, 175 acres joining John Stuart and Samuel Hinds; to son, John, 150 acres joining John Givens and Pat. Crawford; to daughters, Rebecca, Martha, Sarah, Elinor, Elizabeth, Mary. Executors, wife Mary and son James. Teste: Edward Rutledge, William Kerr, Samuel Bell. Proved, 20th August, 1777, by Bell and Rutledge. James Story qualifies.
  • Page 422.--29th April, 1776. Thomas Armstrong's will--To wife, Ann; to son, William; to daughter, Sarah Rutledge; to son, Abel Armstrong, testator's home plantation and the new survey on north side Genning's Branch; to well-beloved son and daughter, Robert and Jane McKitrick; to well-beloved son and daughter, Edward and Jane Rutledge; to well-beloved son and daughter. Henry and Rosanna Murray. Executors, wife Ann and son William. Teste: Tames Trimble, Robert Armstrong, John Beard. Proved, 20th August, f776, by Trimble and Beard. Executors qualify.
  • Page 216.--20th August, 1785. Thomas Murray, of Green County, North Carolina, to John Allison. Jr. Teste: D. Stephenson, Edward Rutledge, James Agnew, Thomas Carel.

Information on Edward Rutledge


[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 15, Ed. 1, Tree #0881, Date of Import: Oct 1, 1998]


1725 Son, EDWARD RUTLEDGE, born in Northern Ireland. Father w

               THOMAS RUTLEDGE; mother's name unknow
               (?Source Microfilm Roll # 5, p. 18


1725 EDWARD RUTLEDGE, born in Northern Ireland. son of THOMAS RUTLEDGE

Before 1750 EDWARD RUTLEDGE came from Ireland to Pennsylvania, and then to Virginia.


               Daughter, Mary Rutledge born, Augusta Co, VA.  Later married  William ERWIN 

               Daughter, Lucy Rutledge born, Augusta Co, VA.  Later married  John ALLISON, Jr 

               Daughter, Rebeckah Rutledge born, Augusta Co, VA.  Later married  Charles 


               Daughter, Sarah Rutledge born, Augusta Co, VA.  Later married  George MCNEELY 

CA 1768 29 Jan Son James Enos Rutledge born, Augusta Co, VA. Later married Ellenor "Ellen"

               Daughter, Rosanna Rutlege born, Augusta Co, VA.  She died in  VA in 1799 

1770 20 May Son, GEORGE RUTLEDGE, born Augusta Co, VA. Later marri


1787 18 Feb EDWARD RUTLEDGE died, Flag Springs, Augusta C


1993 - Mrs. Gordon Turner, RR1, Box 162, Avon, IL 61415

      Research of Hellen Manley Johnson, Galesburg, IL (Descendant of George  and Mary 


      Rutledge through Mary Ann and James Quarles Palmer) 
      Research of Ramona Wickenkamp 


From IGI:

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name 
Edward RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-STS)    

Born:  1721  Place:  , , , No.Ireland 
Died:  18 Feb 1787  Place:  Flagsprings, Augusta, Virginia 
Buried:    Place:  Flagg Sprs., , Augusta Co., Virginia 
Married:  1750  Place:  , , Augusta Co., VA. 


Wife's Name 
Sarah ARMSTRONG (AFN:1MP0-Z4B)    

Born:  1735  Place:  , , Ulster Prov., Ireland 
Died:  1813  Place:  , Augustaco, Illinois 
Buried:    Place:  Flagg Sprs., , Augusta Co., Virginia 
Married:  1750  Place:  , , Augusta Co., VA. 

Father:  Thomas ARMSTRONG (AFN:1MP0-Z9C)    
Mother:  Mary (AFN:1MP0-Z34)   


1.  Sex  Name  
F  Rebecca RUTLEDGE (AFN:1X0P-74V)    

Born:  1745   Place:  Augusta, Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  20 Sep 1763   Place:   

2.  Sex  Name  
F  Mary RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-SW7)    

Born:  < 1751   Place:  <, , Augusta Co., VA.>  

3.  Sex  Name  

Born:  < 1753   Place:  <, , Augusta Co., Virginia>  

4.  Sex  Name  
F  Rebecka RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-SZM)    

Born:  < 1755   Place:  <, , Augusta Co., Virginia>  

5.  Sex  Name  
F  Sarah RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-T0S)    

Born:  < 1757   Place:  <, , Augusta Co., Virginia>  

6.  Sex  Name  
F  Rosanna RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-T11)    

Born:  1750   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  1799   Place:   

7.  Sex  Name  
M  James Enos RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-T4M)    

Born:  29 Jan 1768   Place:  , , Augusta Co., Virginia  
Died:    Place:  , Augusta Co, Virginia  

8.  Sex  Name  
M  George RUTLEDGE (AFN:1MP0-ZHL)    

Born:  30 May 1770   Place:  Flaggsprings, Fulton Co, Illinois  
Died:  30 Mar 1824   Place:  , Augusta Co, Virginia
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