Person:Dorothea Crisler (1)

Dorothea Crisler
b.Est. 1740-1750 Madison, VA
m. abt. 1736
  1. Catherine Crislerest 1736-1747 - 1752
  2. Heinrich Henry Crisler1737 - 1811
  3. John George Crisler1738 - 1818
  4. Mary CrislerEst 1739-1743 -
  5. Dorothea CrislerEst 1740-1750 - 1797
  6. Adam Crisler1740 - 1822
  7. Andrew CrislerEst 1741-1749 - 1749
  8. Leonard CrislerEst 1741-1757 - 1824
  9. David Thoebald CrislerEst 1741-1757 - 1823
  10. Michael Crisler1752 - 1836
  11. Elizabeth Betsey Christler1758 - 1796
  12. Margaret Crisler1760 -
  1. Daniel Broyles1757 -
  2. Elizabeth Broyles1760 - abt 1845
  3. Abraham Broyles1762 - 1821
  4. Sarah Broyles1764 -
  5. Reuben Broyles1768 -
  6. Rosina Broyles1770 -
  7. Phoebe Broyles1773 -
  8. Leah Ann Broyles1775 -
  9. Maria Broyles1776 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Dorothea Crisler
Gender Female
Alt Birth? 1735 Washington County, Tennessee, USA
Birth[1] Est. 1740-1750 Madison, VA
Death? Sep 19, 1797 Washington County, Tennessee, USA

Information on Dorothy Crisler:

John Blankerbaker, in his Short Notes on Germanna, relates the following:

Nr. 620: (To correct an error in the last note, Anna Fishback Smith was the wife of Zacharias Smith, not Julius Crisler.  Please correct your copy.) The "Garr Genealogy" omitted Dorothy Crisler as a daughter of Theobald Crisler and Rosina Garr.  A recent note (from "Bob"), on the GERMANNA_COLONIES Mailing List at Rootsweb, gave the family of Dorothy, but failed to mention any source citations for the data.  I repeat the names and the dates of births from the Hebron Church Register for eight of the children:

Daniel, b. 15 Aug 1757 (Bob says 18 Aug), Elizabeth, b. 15 May 1760, Abraham, b. 24 Sep 1762, Sarah, b. 21 Jul 1764, Mary, b. 17 Jul 1766, Rosina, b. 23 Oct 1770, Phoebe, b. 30 Jul 1773, and Lea, b. 20 May 1775. Bob's note also added a Reuben with a birth year of 1768.  There is a four-year spacing between Mary and Rosina, into which Reuben might very well fit.  Aside from this observation, I am not aware of the evidence for Reuben who is said to have married a Rosina Broyles born in 1769. The baptismal records do not have the maiden name of Nicholas Broyles' wife Dorothy.  We can get some good clues from the sponsors.  Henry Crisler was a sponsor on four occasions.  His wife, Elizabeth, was a sponsor on three occasions.  That they were husband and wife (they are not identified as such in the list of sponsors) is suggested by the fact they never appear together.  What we have is the principal of alternation between a husband and wife.  Stephan Fisher and his wife Magdalena Gaar Fisher serve as sponsors a total of four times but never simultaneously.  By comparison to the family charts, we see that it is logical that Dorothy Broyles might have been the daughter of a Crisler and a Gaar. On eight occasions, once for each of the children above, John Wayland or his wife, Catherine Wayland, were sponsors.  Again, they never served simultaneously.  Catherine was the sister of Nicholas Broyles.  Seven times, Mary Zimmerman or William Zimmerman served as sponsors.  As soon as we see the name Zimmerman, we have to ask, "Is this the family known as Zimmerman or is the family known as Carpenter who sometimes, at the church, was called Zimmerman?"  These are really the Carpenters and the William Carpenter is the senior William.  His wife was Mary Wilhoit.  Under the assumption that Catherine Broyles married Adam Wilhoit, then Mary was Nicholas Broyles' cousin.  The choice of Mary or William Carpenter was a very conventional choice then.  I did not cover all of the sponsors but the ones I have given support the thesis that Dorothy was the daughter of a Crisler and a Gaar.

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